April 15, 2024


Despite the fact that Stardew Valley is an Indie Video Game that is promoted a lot as a very… «relax» game, something that is totally like that, since in that sense it is similar to Minecraft , since you are the one who sets the goals, It’s not like the game tells you what to do.

Why do I always go off the rails so much? Anyway… the fact is that despite that, it is true that the game has cloth and cloth of content to offer and at first it is normal that we may feel overwhelmed by the immensity of things to do. In that sense, I already tell you that the key is not to get too overwhelmed and go at your own pace.

For this reason, after a few hours of vice (the game gives for tons of silly hours), I have decided to create a list with several tips for those who are starting out in a title as brutal as this. Things that surely would have been good for me to know before starting to play and that at least in my case I had to learn them the hard way (by making mistakes).


The backpack from Pierre’s shop is without a doubt the first big investment you should make in Stardew Valley because it spreads too much.

This backpack will allow us to carry one more row of objects on us and believe me, having only one is very little and you will soon notice the horror of being able to carry so few objects on you.

When you buy the first one you can buy another even more expensive one to be able to have a total of three rows, this one is not so urgent, but of course it is also very worth it, so you are thinking of saving to acquire it, although this time leave it for a little later.


Probably the biggest advice I can give you is that in Stardew Valley there are tons of different objects and many of them have a use.

Pay special attention to all those objects in which it says “resource” since you will have to use them constantly and therefore you should keep them all. In this case, not just one unit, but all of them.

Regarding the other objects, it is best to keep at least one of each in a trunk, you can make them without major problems. This is important as there is nothing worse than needing an item and not having it at hand. Many will have to be delivered to the civic center, others will be ingredients for recipes or construction, and others will help you improve friendship with neighbors.


I already created a post a long time ago in which I described the main differences between the different types of farm and for this reason I would recommend that you visit it to make the best decision.

In it I also commented that I stayed with the Wild Farm because it seemed more entertaining to me that enemies appeared in the Farm (that would add difficulty to the game), but this more than an addition has become a nuisance.

Now that I understand everything related to Stardew Valley better, I think that without a doubt I would have chosen the Mining Farm and therefore it is the one that I am going to recommend. But I insist, the best thing is that you read the post that I have linked a little above and see for yourself which one can best suit you.


If you want to get money fast, the best thing is Fishing, with it you can get decent amounts of money even when you are at the beginning of the game. Something that will obviously increase as you go up your skill. Fishing will always come in handy when you want to generate extra money, in that sense it is very effective.

But speaking of more sustainable money in the long term, what spreads the most and by far is what you must already imagine, which after all is the pillar theme of Stardew Valley: Agriculture.

Crops give a lot of money, but they also require a monetary investment and a lot of time (from which you will get a huge benefit). A benefit that increases even more as soon as you have the Canner and that will increase even more when you have the Barrel, with which you can make Juices and Wines.

Then there are the animals of Livestock (it is mixed with Agriculture) that will also generate many products with which we can create artisan products.

In the end, that is what gives the most money, Artisan products , so it is almost mandatory to choose the crop skill at level 5 and the Artisan skill at level 10, so we will earn 40% with this type of product.


Probably the most important building in the game, I already talked about it and what decision you should make regarding the choice of this or Merchandise ( below Merchandise ).

You will have to deliver objects of all kinds and related to all the abilities of Stardew Valley and by doing so you will get rewards. Both things a little… meh, like unlocking new areas from which to get more benefit, such as the desert or an area full of ores.

It is very important to try to complete it, whenever you have a new object of the many that they ask for, take it.


Frankly, all the skills are very useful and the key in the end lies in having them all well mastered, if you want to get the most out of the game. There’s a little bit of everything:

  • Agriculture : In which livestock is included. It is the most profitable of all in the long term if you want to tame a good fortune, it consists of obtaining fruits, vegetables and animal products. It is also the most complicated to climb, it requires a lot of perseverance.
  • Collection : It consists of collecting the things that mother nature gives us, in each season different things related to this will appear and frankly it is not that they give a lot of money, but it all adds up, hey. It also includes obtaining Wood from trees and collecting Pitch from the various trees in the game. Oaks, Pines and Maples.
  • Fishing : Fishing consists of fishing (don’t tell me?), the fish give a good amount of money (it also depends on which ones) and one or the other will appear depending on the area, the time, the season and the weather. We can also find treasures with objects of all kinds (I got a very good weapon and even a diamond with this method) and set Crab Traps, which is an ideal way to generate money on a daily basis. Not in extremely high quantities, but it helps, it spreads more to put them on the beach.
  • Mining : Mining is extremely useful since it will allow us to make lots of things with the Copper, Iron, Gold and Iridium that we will obtain in the mines, in addition to the stones and coal, which we will always need. We will also find many precious minerals that we can sell or deliver to the museum as well as geodes that we can process in Clint’s blacksmith shop.
  • Combat : The name already says it, an especially useful skill and closely linked to mining, since the mines are full of enemies. It will improve as we defeat enemies and by doing so we will be able to improve our effectiveness against them as well as acquire better weapons. It is vital in the mine and you will notice it when you have it a little low and you get very low in the mine. Luckily you will be uploading it almost unintentionally while you upload mining.


Something I discovered VERY late and would have appreciated knowing earlier. Very often you will come across some kind of worms coming out of the ground, this is known as an “Artifact Place”.

When you find one you have to dig there since very interesting things can appear, among which are the books and various artifacts. It is also the best method to obtain Clay , a resource that you will have to use very often and that is quite scarce without this method.


Another important factor that is also true that it is better that you leave it for a slightly more advanced stage of the game… but that of course it is not good that you leave it aside .

Improving your friendship with your neighbors will allow you to obtain various objects, unique recipes, and quite curious things, such as being able to have blue chickens. To increase your friendship, you simply have to give things to people, everyone likes different things, but there are things that almost everyone likes. Beware that if you give them things they hate, it will backfire on you.

What I do is always give away mayonnaise , since almost everyone likes it except for a few that I already have signed up and who are not worthy of my friendship because mayonnaise is brutal hahaha.

In the game you can even have a partner (only with those marked as single) and even get married and have children. One day I will write about these things.


Yes, watering is something horrible but luckily there are things that will free you from such a diabolical task:

  • The Rain : The Rain is a blessing in Stardew Valley as it will take care of watering for us. There is nothing better than a rainy day, especially at the beginning of the game.
  • The Sprinklers : You will unlock this a bit later, but as soon as you do (you can have better versions every time) you should put them in a hurry because they are incredible. You know what they do, they water for you, it’s great and you won’t depend on the Rain anymore.

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