April 14, 2024


The One Who Waits  (The One Who Waits, in English as it sounds better, right?) is nothing more and nothing less than the Final Boss (or Final Boss) of Cult of the Lamb and I must say from the outset that it is by far the most difficult boss in the game (as it should be, come on).

It really didn’t seem like such a complicated boss to me, it’s heavier than anything else because it’s a battle with many phases and quite long, but if you’re patient and you learn the combat mechanics well… well, you shouldn’t have too many problems. Of course, in the last part of the last phase the battle is horrible and it is quite easy to die if we do not go with enough life.


    To finally face “The One Who Waits” the first requirement will be to defeat all the Heretics: Leshy , Heket , Kallamar and Shamura . This will unlock the door that leads to the teleport to the boss, but this won’t be enough to go into this battle.

    And it is that in addition to this they will ask us to have a herd of 20 Adepts to access the battle. If you have defeated all the Heretics, surely you are not very far off the mark, in case you need more, you will only have to go on crusades to collect more Adepts (I recommend that you do not sacrifice the elders to make it easier to reach the objective) .

    Another very useful tip is to buy Adepts from the spider NPC that is in the area of ​​the portals of the Crusades (which at this point you should have unlocked yes or yes), we can acquire an Adept every day for 50 coins , which is not almost nothing at the end.


    Before starting the battle we will enter a kind of room in the clouds in which we will have to choose a weapon and a spell among those that have appeared randomly. Here, to everyone’s liking, I usually prefer heavy weapons (not the heaviest hammer, that’s too slow) and Spells, the one that came in handy for me is the typical one in which we launch projectiles that chase the enemies. Note that the Fleeces are not taken into account in this battle.

    We will have a dialogue and we will have to select an option between «Refuse» or «Accept» (it will ask us to kneel), you click on Refuse .

    The combat consists of 4 phases and in each of them we have to defeat a different boss:


    Baal in Cult of the Lamb

    First we will have to defeat the two escorts of “He Who Waits”. Let’s start by looking at Baal’s attacks, which will be the first to face.

    • Melee Combo : A combo of 3 melee hits that we must avoid with a simple dash .
    • Summon Sync Pairs : From time to time he will summon those cloaked dwarves that we’ve seen many times already. It is better to ignore them and focus mainly on the boss.
    • Teleport : Many times it will do a mini-teleport, it doesn’t do damage or anything like that, but just so you have it in mind.
    • Red Arrows : The most annoying attack and it will change slightly. In the end, it consists of dodging the red arrows that will emerge from the ground marked with the typical red peephole.

    After dodging him we hit him once or twice and so on until we defeat him. When we do, a red heart will appear on the bottom of the screen that we can save for later or consume it if we have received damage (if they have taken half a heart, be very careful not to catch it so as not to waste it). A blue heart may also appear.

    AIM (PHASE 2)

    Aim in Cult of the Lamb

    Aim is the boss’s second bodyguard. These are his attacks:

    • Ball Circles : When you see balls appear on his feet, move away quickly and dash as he will start throwing several in your direction.
    • Red Arrows : It also has Red Arrow attacks, you know how they work.
    • Teleport .

    Same strategy of dodging an attack, try to hit him once or twice, walk away and repeat. Keep in mind that Aim will sometimes be tired for a while , at which point we can take the opportunity to give him some free thrashing. They will give us a heart again by defeating him.


    Now we will have to face the One Who Waits. He has quite a lot of life, but he is not too dangerous. He will perform attacks very similar to Baal and Aim’s only slightly higher, but quite easy to dodge as well.

    It will also have the teleport mechanic, making it so that between attacks it gives us quite a short time to hit it, but you’ll have to try. Remember that the curses are quite key here, but it would not hurt to save some for the next phase, which is the one that can really give you headaches.

    We will not mention his attacks because in the end they are like the ones you have already seen. What we will mention is that when he is below 50% or so of life there will be a moment when he is very tired (you will have to give him everything) and after this he will make an attack in which he will put himself in the center of the screen and will create a kind of ball barrier that will rotate and the idea is that you rotate with it to avoid damage. The thing is that after a short time this attack will become much more complex to dodge; At that moment, jump out of the “circle” and go, it will end after a ratio and the battle will continue.


    He Who Waits in God Mode

    Here you will have to defeat some eyes that will swarm around the screen throwing balls and that little by little will be more and more annoying with their attacks. Theirs is to do what they always do, wait for them to finish attacking while you dodge them and after that hit them as much as you can.

    As you attack the eyes, you will lower the life of the One Who Waits and you will end up rendering them useless, which makes it convenient for you to focus on one, defeat it, go to the next one… the typical thing. It will activate them again because this phase will be repeated.

    The downside is that He Who Waits will pester us with Attacks more and more often as you lower his health, further complicating the battle. His attacks will be balls, he has a bit of everything:

    • Expansive Balls : The typical balls that end up expanding into many balls in a circle.
    • Ball Walls : Walls of balls that occupy the entire screen from side to side that will move around the screen.
    • Massive Ball Launch : It will do it when it is close to its death, it will launch lots of balls, it is very difficult to dodge.

    There will come a point where he will attack while the eyes will bother us. Be very careful when that happens. I already anticipate that you should come with quite a high life or you will probably die in this phase.

    When he has about 10% of his Life left you will have to directly hit the One Who Waits, at which point he will be very weak and will no longer do anything to you.

    When you defeat him you will have some dialogues and you will have to select the option to Forgive or Assassinate. I recommend that you hit ” Forgive ” because it’s pretty cool what will happen, but anyway later I’ll make a guide detailing all the possible endings.

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