April 15, 2024


Most of the Events we play in the first part of  Deltarune  take place in the  Dark World , a place that seems to be connected to the Light World (the one of all life, where Kris lives) in some way, but It seems to be a great secret that few know in the World of Deltarune.

But, if the Theory that I want to comment on today is born from somewhere, it is in the famous scene that we see just as we leave the door of the Dark World with Susie. We will appear in a classroom full of references to everything we have seen in the Dark World.


Certainly… it could be, personally I wouldn’t like it at all, really. But there is no denying that there are plenty of indications that the Dark World is indeed just an invention of Kris and Susie .

I am going to analyze first everything we can see after “leaving the Dark World”, but first a photo of the classroom.

Deltarune is Fiction
  • The Clock : We can see the clock in the room where we need Susie to be able to press 3 buttons at the same time, the time also fits quite well since in the Dark World it marks 12 and when leaving it it marks 6.
  • The Chalk Piles : They are that kind of dark chalk piles that we see at the beginning of the whole, when we handle only Kris.
  • The Cat’s Teddy : It is clearly Seam, the merchant cat.
  • Cards and Puzzle Pieces : Items that we usually see in the Dark World of Deltarune.
  • The purple carpet : Due to its color it could represent the “Fields of Hopes and Dreams” area.
  • The Chess Board : It is very reminiscent of that area where we walk exactly along a corridor that alternates black and red squares, in addition, we even see that there is a red piece at the end of the board that surely represents the cookie monster.
  • The Cupboard : This cupboard seems to be a representation of the castle, with its several floors, the letters… etc.


There are too many things that add up not to take this Theory into account and I say it a little reluctantly, because I am hoping that this ends up being disproved and that it has another explanation.

Everything seen in the Dark World of Deltarune seems to be a simple  role-playing game  that Kris and Susie have played to hang out and get out of class and there are several things that support this statement:

  • That apparently no one knows about the Dark World, is quite suspicious.
  • Ralsei himself is clearly another element that only supports this Theory, since it is about Asriel and technically he has his life and should not be in the Dark World. It is believed that the appearance of Ralsei is the work of Kris, who decides to add the brother he misses so much to his imaginary world since he hardly sees him lately and he was his only true friend.
  • Susie’s attitude also fits quite well, since she takes on the role of the typical player who decides to massacre with everything she sees. Surely this is due to the fact that at first Susie does not take Kris’s game seriously, until little by little she becomes more and more immersed in it.
  • Our inventory disappears, a pile of “stuff” appears in its place, and the weapon Kris carries ends up turning into everyday objects like pencils.

There are other points that give this Theory a little more strength, and by the way, there is something that is spinning in my head about Lancer and Sans .

Lancer… it gives a lot to think about, that a character so similar to Sans also appears and that this is a product of Kris’s imagination, especially considering that we are supposed to have just met Sans right after the events of the Dark World… it’s quite rare. It is as if Kris already knew Sans  and therefore has been able to create a character so similar to him.

Sans has always been the subject of countless Theories in Undertale  and it seems that in Deltarune the tradition is going to be followed.


The  Egg  is the only thing that gives me hope to think that this Theory is not true, since it fits too much.

You see, there is a somewhat hidden place where we can get a peculiar object: An egg. And why is this egg so peculiar? Well, because it is the only object that we obtain in the Dark World and that we will not lose when we leave it.

This should be enough to consider that the Dark World is real, since the egg thing would not make any sense then. We can even use the egg in Asgore ‘s empty fridge and it magically doubles.

And in principle, that egg should not be the one that Temmie has, since at no time do we see Kris or Susie taking it from him, she is still in class with Alphys . And anyway… that wouldn’t explain why this one doubles either.

It is quite curious how so many things add up and only a small detail such as the egg destroys the entire Theory, but even if this Theory is false… How do you explain the enormous number of references in that room? They can’t just be there and why not… What if the Dark World is the work of fiction by Kris and Susie but it is also a reality in its own way? What if they have unbelievably created an existing world? It could be so many things!

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