April 14, 2024
Some secrets in Sumeru (Part 3)

Genshin Impact: Some secrets in Sumeru (Part 3)

As promised, we are back for a third part of Sumeru’s hits! On the program, 5 additional successes!

  • ” Melody of Night and Dawn “
  • “ What a day, what a wonderful day! »
  • “ Monstro-ecological investigation in Sumeru ”
  • “ Careful while playing ”
  • ” The Call of the Nameless City “

Melody of night and dawn

In the Vanarana area of ​​old, find the 7 Abyss Mages Pyro. You then hear a voice asking you to go to the stone Archon Dendro, in other words, the statue of the seven in the area, in order to fight the enemy.

What a day, what a wonderful day!

Collect the 9 empty chests to get a treasure map. 

We advise you to follow the order of the images since the chests are all in the same area and seem to be arranged on the same “road”.

You will find, in your bag, a treasure map indicating the location of a precious chest.

Under this chest, you will find notes allowing you to find a second precious chest and obtain the achievement!

Monstro-ecological investigation in Sumeru

This achievement follows the quest “ Brief encounter with a rare bird ”. Go to the place indicated on the map. Santon is waiting for you there. He will tell you where to find three creatures to hunt, so listen carefully to what he tells you!

You now need to hunt the 3 animals. To do this, drop food and change the time so that it is dark at the first location.

For Spinocrocs, go to the second location.

The King of the Pack Beasts can be found near the Chasm, go through the Dendro Artifact Dungeon to easily access it.

Remember to return to Santon to recover the achievement.

Be careful while playing

Play with the 12 Aranaras to validate the achievement. They will offer you mini-games that are quite simple to perform. 

The call of the nameless city

You must have completed the ”  Vimana Agama  ” quest which gives you the first scroll.

For the last three scrolls, you will have to do 2 challenges, one racing and the other fighting.

You will get the remaining scroll through fishing in this location. Be patient, it may take several tries!

Once you have the 4 scrolls, go to the cave near the Ruins Golem and light the torches in the correct order. Success is yours, don’t forget the chest!

The final word !

I hope this little guide has been useful to you! Stay tuned, Sumeru still has many secrets in store for us!

Good luck in your hunt for achievements.

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