April 16, 2024
Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact version 3.1

Everything you need to know about Genshin Impact version 3.1

Warning, this article contains huge spoilers on version 3.1!
The 3.1 announcement live is over and with it, some interesting new features!

Here is a summary of what we learned:

New Zone: The Desert

Sand, dunes, pyramids and villages on the rock, this is what awaits you in 3.1. You will be able to travel the great expanses of sand of the Sumeru desert and discover the mysteries it contains.

Many new puzzles will be waiting for you whether in the glow of the sun or locked in the pyramids of the area!

New bosses

Two new mini-bosses will join the world of Teyvat. These are two machines that might be familiar to you if you’ve ever explored Sumeru or visited Inazuma.

A new Semi-Perpetual Matrix and a fearsome Ruin Dragon will grant you resources needed to level up future characters!

New monsters

In addition to bosses, the desert brings its share of monsters. Machines resembling the miniature version of the new matrix or even fighting crocodiles can be killed during your exploration. New Eremite mercenaries will also emerge to block your way!

New animals

Sumeru’s wildlife extends with desert beasts of burden, desert foxes, scorpions, vultures and other creatures inhabiting the sand dunes.

New character: Candace

Protector of Aaru Village, Candace will be the newest 4-star Hydro character in this update.

She wields the spear and uses her shield to absorb damage with her elemental skill. His elemental rampage will infuse your character with the Hydro element.

New character: Cyno

Awaited since its appearance in the “Work” trailer two years ago, Cyno will finally be able to join your team!

He is a 5 star Electro wielding spear. Thanks to his elemental rampage, the damage from his normal and charged attacks will be converted into Electro damage while his elemental skill allows you to do a quick attack dealing Electro damage.

New character: Nilou

A 5-star hydro swordsman, we have already been able to meet Nilou during Chapter III – Act 2 of the Archon quest.

His elemental skill deals Hydro damage to nearby enemies while his elemental unleash will deal Hydro blows to enemies in an area of ​​effect.

New Archon Quest

Find Nahida, Dehya and our other new friends from Sumeru in the continuation of the archon quest. What does this adventure have in store for us? And above all, what are Scaramouche and Dottore up to?

From 3.1, Chapter 3 – Act 3 & 4 will be available!

New Story Quests

Nilou and Cyno will both get a Story quest, available when their respective banners are accessible! 

Find out more about the General and the dancer during these quests!

New weapons

Two new 5-star weapons will arrive as banners. It is a spear and a sword. It is therefore a safe bet that these two weapons are, respectively, made for Cyno and Nilou.

 Additionally: a sword, a claymore and a catalyst will join the list of new 4-star weapons.

The statistics of these weapons are, for the moment, not known.

New banners

Announced during the live, here are the banners that will be waiting for you during this new version.

Cyno and Venti will be obtainable in the first part of version 3.1 in the company of Candace as 4 stars.

Then, Nilou accompanied by Albedo will take over until the end of the period.

New Major Event: Of Ballads and Brews

Obtain a brand new 4-star spear during this event that brings us back to Mondstadt and allows us to find many known characters. In addition to these, we will be able to meet the character “Mika” who has come to bring a message to the Order of Favonius!

As often, this event will take place in several stages:
• boar hunt
• monster battle test
• trade simulation: answer customer requests and deliver wine
• treasure hunt

New Event: Wind Chaser

Enter dungeons to collect the coins found there. Use the mechanics to help you move forward and progress through the dungeon. Fight enemies on your way and invite friends to experience the event together!

New Event: Star-Seeker’s Sojourn

During this event, explore the open world using a specific gadget to find future stars in a defined area.

New Event: Hyakunin Ikki

For its third edition, this event uses a formula that had pleased the most combative.

Make teams of two characters, use the bonuses and eliminate the most enemies before having to change duo.

The most eventful!

First of all, on the occasion of the two years of the game, the bonuses of the primary crystals in the shop will be reset!

Ten wishes will then be offered to you through a login event. Don’t miss it!

And, finally, ten additional wishes will be sent to you in the in-game messages accompanied by a new companion who can accompany you on a walk in the form of a small bird as well as a modified format of the Klee bombs which will allow you to make confetti fly!

HoYoLAB event!

A new edition of the “Endless Journey” event will take place on HoYoLAB. Share your memories and stories here for a chance to win a reward! 


Sumeru’s new melodies will soon be available in a new album!

Exclusive announcements!

New game system

Among the surprises of the live, HoYoverse announced the arrival in 3.3 of a new game system: trading cards.

We will soon be able to play cards on Genshin Impact! Invite characters and NPCs to compete against you or prefer to beat your friends in the spirit of fun of the game!

More details should be coming soon!

animation project

If, like many, the story of Genshin Impact interests you, you will probably be happy to learn that HoYoverse has just announced a collaboration with Ufotable  which is a Japanese animation studio.

If you missed the project’s introductory trailer, here’s something to catch up on:

New Promo Codes

New promo codes presented live are available during this day. Feel free to use them in-game! (They are, a priori, available until 09/17 at 5:00 a.m.)

  • 3B6RYY7AHX9D
  • 2BP9HY6BYFR5

New trailer

Finally, HoYoverse offered us a new trailer for version 3.1.

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