April 21, 2024


This time we bring you the first post on how to defeat one of the Paralyzed Shadows in Honkai Star Rail , the Paralyzed Shadow – Quantum Form . Defeating this enemy will give us the necessary materials to promote Quantum-type characters like Seele.

Paralyzed Shadows are more or less the equivalent of World Bosses in Genshin Impact , only in this game we will encounter these bosses in a paralyzed form; To be able to fight against her, we will first have to spend 30 points of Pathfinder Power.

In this fight we will face a Void Crusher, who will be the main enemy of the battle and will have two Void Reavers by his side as minions. With that being said, let’s take a look at where the enemy is, his weaknesses, and the best characters to take on him.


To have access to the Paralyzed Shadow – Quantum Form or any other type of Paralyzed Shadow, we will have to have reached at least level 30 of Pathfinder and have promoted the world to equilibrium level 2 .

Paralyzed Shadow Location - Quantum Form in Genshin Impact

We will find this enemy inside the Herta Space Station , specifically in the south of the base area.


These are all the attacks that the Void Crusher can perform:

  • Spiral Arrow : The enemy targets one of our allies and begins to charge a powerful arrow that will hit on the Void Crusher’s next turn.
  • End of the Arc : A powerful attack that will happen after using Spiral Arrow, to avoid it we will have to break his strength bar and inflict a weakness break on him before his next turn; this attack will deal a large amount of Quantum Damage to an ally and there is a high chance that they will be affected by Entanglement (which will cause the ally to delay their turn, take additional Quantum Damage when it arrives, and not be unable to use their talent while this state lasts)
  • Unreal Projection : This attack will create a cube that deals Quantum Damage, the enemy will project it onto an ally’s head and crush them.
  • Mastery of the Force : The Void Crusher approaches a character to kick them for Quantum Damage.
  • War Destruction : The enemy approaches an ally to breach the battlefield surface which will hit the ally in question and any characters adjacent to it, thus dealing some Quantum Damage.

And these are the attacks that the Void Reavers can perform:

  • Hunting Knife : Delivers two slashes that deal a small amount of Imaginary Damage to a single character.
  • Whirlpool Leap : The enemy performs a spinning attack with their blades that will deal a small amount of Imaginary Damage in a small area affecting 2-3 characters.


The Void Crusher has a weakness to the following elements :

  • Physical.
  • Wind.
  • Imaginary.

While Void Reavers are vulnerable to these elements:

  • Physical.
  • Ray.
Road stripper on Honkai Star Rail

These are the characters that we recommend the most according to their routes :

  • 1 Abundance/Conservation : To survive the battle.
    • Gepard : It will also be necessary to have a healer or a shielder in our team, if we prefer to create shields for allies we can take Gepard who can create shields for the whole team with his ulti.
    • March Seven : It is the cheap option to Gepard, it can create shields for a single ally with its Basic Ability.
    • Bailu : Provides very powerful cures and can revive a member of the group if they fall in combat; In addition, being of the Lightning Element, it will be able to contribute to lowering the enemy’s firmness bar.
    • Natasha : The free alternative to Bailu to bring healing to the group, it also belongs to an element to which enemies are vulnerable and can help lower the strength bar with Basic Attacks when we don’t need healing.
  • 1 Hunt : To deal a lot of damage to the boss.
    • Dan Heng : The main enemy also has a weakness for the Wind Element, so it will be very useful to have Dan Heng in our team both to help break his stamina bar and to inflict quite high damage on him, since being of the Hunting path is specialized in dealing high Wind Elemental Damage to a single enemy with his Ultimate Ability and his Basic Ability.
  • 1 Physical Destruction : To damage both the boss and additional enemies.
    • Pathfinder : Since all the enemies in this fight have a weakness for Physical Damage, the best option for this fight will be to take a character that deals this type of damage in an area to affect all enemies at once. For this reason, Pathfinder himself will be one of the best options for this fight (also, he is a character that all players have and for being free he deals quite decent damage).
    • Clara : If you are lucky enough to have Clara among your characters, you can substitute the Physical Pathfinder in your team for her; both characters share both the element and the path and their Basic Abilities attack multiple enemies. Of course, Clara has mechanics that allow her to counterattack and mitigate part of the damage received.
  • 1 Nihility/Harmony :
    • Welt : Since we will already be well served with characters that do damage, we could put a character from the Nihility or Harmony path to apply debuffs to the enemies or buffs to the group. By element, the one that will come best for sabotaging enemies will be Welt, which inflicts Imaginary Damage and specializes in slowing down enemies to delay their turns.
    • Bronya : If instead of nerfing the enemy we prefer to take a character that gives us positive effects for the team, we can take Bronya who inflicts Wind Damage to the enemies, increases the Attack and Critical Damage of the entire group and is also capable of eliminating the negative effects that afflict our companions.

Equipment Suggestions :

  • Pathfinder, Dan Heng, Bronya and Natasha.
  • Clara, Dan Heng, Asta and Bailu.
  • Trazacaminos, Dan Heng, Welt and Siete de Marzo.
  • Clara, Dan Heng, Bronya and Gepard.


These are the possible rewards for defeating Paralyzed Shadow – Quantum Form:

  • 150 EXP Pathfinder.
  • credits.
  • Void Forged Iron : Ascension Material for Quantum-type characters.

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