April 16, 2024


Seele is the first five-star character obtainable through the promotional banner on Honkai Star Rail . He is a character that belongs to the Quantum Element and the Hunting path, therefore he has a single target Main DPS role .

This character stands out for his great Speed ​​(which is also boosted by using his Basic Ability) and the best thing is that he has a talent that allows him to have another turn to attack after defeating an enemy with any of his abilities, which often Despite being a one-way character specialized in attacking a single enemy, it also makes her a good character to clear enemies in battles with many monsters.

The downside is that this effect cannot stack and have another turn if it kills another enemy in the additional, but if after that we execute its Ultimate Ability and kill another monster, we can chain up to 4 attacks in a row.

In this post we will see a complete analysis of this character and of course his best Builds , Cones of Light, Artifacts, Ornaments and others. Let’s go there!


These are the Attributes or Stats that Seele will have at the maximum level:

  • HP: 931
  • ATK: 640
  • DEF: 363
  • SPD: 115

Regarding his Attributes, he has a somewhat low amount of HP (but it is normal for characters in this lane) and he also falters a bit in his Defense. However, he does possess a good amount of Base Attack and stands out a lot for his high Speed ​​from him.


These are all of Seele’s Skills. The numbers/percentages are what she has at the lowest level:


Deal 50% Quantum Damage to a single enemy of your choice.


  • Basic Skill Point Consumption: 1

When using this Basic Ability, Seele’s Speed ​​will increase by 25% for 2 turns and he will hit a single enemy, dealing Quantum Damage equal to 110% of Seele’s ATK.


  • Energy Cost: 120

Seele enters an empowered state and deals a powerful blow to a single enemy, dealing 255% of its ATK as Quantum Damage.


When Seele defeats an enemy using his Basic Attack, Basic Ability, or Ultimate, he will gain an extra turn and enter an empowered state that increases the damage of all Seele’s attacks by 40% for one turn.

This talent cannot be executed consecutively , even if we kill another character in the additional turn we will not get another, unless at the end of the turn and the additional attack we make a combo with the last one and kill another enemy.


When using this talent Seele will become invisible for 20 seconds, which will allow us to run away from enemies without being chased or hit by surprise. After using this talent, when Seele attacks an enemy to start a fight, she will directly enter the field in an empowered mode.


We can unlock them in the Strokes upon reaching a certain Ascension Level.

  • Ascension Level 2 – Nightshade
    • If Seele’s Health is at half or less, she will be less likely to be attacked by an enemy.
  • Ascension Level 4 – Agitating Waves
    • Using a Basic Attack will speed up Seele’s next action by 20%.
  • Ascension Level 6 – Laceration
    • When Seele is in an empowered state, his Quantum Resistance penetration from enemies will be increased by 20%.


These are the improvements that the character obtains through the Eidolon:

  • E1 – Full Cut : If Seele deals damage to an enemy that has their HP at 80% or less, the CRIT Chance will increase by 15%.
  • E2 – Dance of the Butterfly : Allows the increase in Speed ​​conferred by the Basic Skill to be stacked up to two times.
  • E3 – Confusion : +2 levels to Basic Skill and Talent.
  • E4 – Ephemeral Spirit : Seele will recover 15 Elemental Energy every time he kills an enemy.
  • E5 – Sharp Shards : +2 levels to Ultimate Ability and +1 to Basic Attack.
  • E6 – Destructive Chaos : When hitting an enemy with the ult they will enter the Rogue Butterfly state for one turn, each time the enemy is attacked they will take additional damage equal to 15% of the damage of Seele’s ult (but if the enemy dies from the damage of this effect activated by another character, Seele will not get another extra turn). If Seele is defeated, Rogue Butterfly’s effect will be dispelled if any enemies are affected by it.

In general, his Eidolons are quite good, although in my opinion the best ones are E4, which will allow us to have the ult much earlier and be able to chain it after Seele’s turn to try to get more additional attacks and E2, which will allow us to increase Speed . of Seele by 50% when using the Basic Ability twice.


In the case of Seele we will focus on creating a build that boosts both her damage and her Speed, since the latter is very relevant to her.


At Night on Honkai Star Rail

These are the best Light Cones for Seele sorted from best to worst (they all come highly recommended anyway) and trying to add both 5-star and 4-star options. Here we will list the effects in Level 1 Overlay.

  • At Night ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +18% Critical Chance. For every 10 points of Speed ​​that its wielder has once the 100 border is exceeded, the damage of the Basic Attack and Basic Ability will increase by 6% while the Critical Damage of the Ultimate Ability will increase by 12% (this effect is can stack 6 times max).
  • Star Cruiser ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +8% Critical Chance and the effect is doubled if we attack an enemy that has half its Life or less. Each time its wearer kills an enemy, its Attack will increase by 20% for 2 turns.
  • Sleep Like a Log ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +38% Critical Damage. If a Basic Attack or Basic Ability does not critically hit, the next turn the chance to critically hit will be increased by 36% (this effect can only be activated once every three turns).
  • Only Silence Remains ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +16% to Attack. If there are only 2 or fewer enemies on the battlefield, the Critical Chance is increased by 12%.
  • Return to Darkness ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +12% Critical Chance. After landing a critical hit there is a 16% chance to nullify a positive effect the enemy has (this effect can only be activated once per attack).


We will start with the Artifacts and Ornaments. These are the statistics that we recommend for each piece in order to maximize its damage.

  • Torso : CRIT Chance / CRIT Damage.
  • Legs : Speed.
  • Plane Sphere : Quantum Damage.
  • Binding Rope : CRIT Chance / CRIT Damage (the one you don’t choose on the Torso to balance well).


  • Critical Chance.
  • Critical damage.
  • Speed.
  • ATK %.
  • Break effect.

Your best Artifact Set would be the following:

Shining Stars Genie on Honkai Star Rail

Shining Star Genie

  • 2 pieces: +10% Quantum Damage.
  • 4 pieces: When the bearer of this artifact set attacks an enemy, ignore 10% of their Defense, if said enemy has a weakness for Quantum Element , an additional 10% of their Defense will be ignored.

And now your best Set of Ornaments:

Celestial Differentiator

  • 2 pieces: +8% Critical Chance. If the character’s Critical Chance reaches or exceeds 80%, their Basic Attack and Basic Ability damage is increased by 20%.

It is very important to reach 80% Critical Chance with this set of ornaments, otherwise we will lose the 20% additional damage for Basic Ability and Normal Attack.

Fleet of the Eternals

  • 2 pieces: +12% ATK and +12% bonus ATK if character has 120 or more Speed.

Another alternative in case we don’t get to build Seele with the necessary amount of CRIT Chance to run the other set. Since Seele has a very high Spd parameter, he won’t have any trouble getting the +12% extra ATK that this set of ornaments provides.


Pole on Honkai Star Rail

We will give some examples of equipment and recommended routes , but in the end what you should do is take into account the enemy’s weaknesses when building.

Composition Single Target

  • 1 Hunt: Seele.
  • 1 Nihility: Welt or Pela.
  • 1 Harmony: Bronya or Asta.
  • 1 Conservation/1 Abundance: Gepard, Fire Pathfinder, Bailu, or Natasha.

Multi-Target Composition

In this case we would have to replace the character slot of the Path of Nihility or the Path of Harmony slot with an Erudite character like Herta or Himeko to have area damage and be able to inflict several Weakness Breaks at the same time .


These are the Character and Trait Ascension Materials that Seele needs:

  • Thief’s Instinct.
  • Arrow of the Beast Hunter.
  • Voidforged Iron ( Paralyzed Shadow – Quantum Form ).
  • Lament of the Guardian ( Cocolia, Mother of Falsehoods ).
  • Footprints of Fate (for the highest level).

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