April 21, 2024


Asta is the first character of the Way of Harmony that we will have in Honkai Star Rail , we will get it when we make a roll for the first time in the game’s Gachapón; Despite getting it so early, he’s a pretty useful character even if he can’t compare to the potential of other characters in the same lane like Bronya.

This character has three main functions: increase the speed of the party so that their turns are advanced, gain cooldown stacks by using their Basic Ability to provide a bonus ATK % for the party based on the number of stacks they have and with this same ability, cause breaks to the stamina bars of the enemies.

So despite being a character that provides quite basic bonuses, it can be quite useful for us, so below we will see a complete analysis of this character and of course its best Builds, Cones of Light, Artifacts, Ornaments and others . Let’s go there!


These are the Attributes or Stats that Asta will have at the maximum level:

  • HP: 1023
  • ATK: 511
  • DEF: 463
  • SPD: 106

It has quite balanced statistics that aren’t bad at all but they aren’t anything to write home about either, it stands out a bit in its amount of SPD and in turn falters a bit in the amount of Base ATK it has, just like that.


These are all of Asta’s Skills. The numbers/percentages are what you have at the lowest level:


Deal 50% Fire Damage to a single enemy of your choice.


  • Basic Skill Point Consumption: 1

When using this Basic Skill we will attack a total of five times dealing Fire Damage, each projectile will deal 25% Fire Damage based on Asta’s ATK. The first hit will be directed at the enemy that we have selected and the rest of the hits will be distributed randomly between the enemy chosen as the target and the adjacent troops that are near it.


  • Energy Cost: 120

Increases the Speed ​​of all team members by 36 points for 2 turns.


Asta gains a cooldown stack each time he hits a different enemy, he will also gain an additional stack if said enemy is vulnerable to Fire Release.

Each stack Asta gains will give the party a +7% ATK bonus , this bonus can stack a maximum of five times. After his second turn, Asta will lose 3 cooldown stacks at the start of each turn.


If we hit an enemy with this Technique before starting a fight, upon entering it we will inflict 50% of Asta’s ATK as Fire Damage to all enemies in the fight.


We can unlock them in the Strokes upon reaching a certain Ascension Level.

  • Ascension Level 2 – Sparks
    • When attacking an enemy with a Basic Attack we will have an 80% chance to inflict the Burn status for 3 turns, at the beginning of each turn the enemy will receive a hit that will inflict Fire Damage over time equal to 50% of the basic ATK of Pole.
  • Ascension Level 4 – Ignite
    • When Asta is present on the battlefield, he deals 18% Bonus Fire Damage to all allies.
  • Ascension Level 6 – Constellation
    • Each cooldown stack Asta possesses will increase his DEF by 6%.


These are the improvements that the character obtains through the Eidolon:

  • E1 – Stellar Song Without Lyrics : Increases the number of hits of the Basic Skill by one (meaning it now hits six times).
  • E2 – The Moon Understands Its Cycles : Every time we use the Ultimate Ability, Asta will not consume any recharge stack on his next turn.
  • E3 – Ecliptic Meteor Change : +2 levels to Basic Skill and Talent.
  • E4 – Manifestation of the Aurora : If Asta has at least two cooldown stacks, his Energy Recovery is increased by 15%.
  • E5 – Mystery of the Deep Space Objects : +2 levels to Ultimate Ability and +1 to Basic Attack.
  • E6 – Dream Under the Milky Way : Asta will now only lose 2 cooldown stacks each turn instead of three.

The truth is that it does not have very spectacular Eidolons, but it is true that it will help us improve Asta’s performance as a buffer character , since what all these Eidolons have in common (except those that raise the Trace level) is that they all they’re meant to help Asta maintain as many cooldown stacks as possible to maintain the Attack buff she brings to the party, so not too bad.


The Speed ​​and ATK% bonuses that Asta give are based on his level of Traces and are not based on his parameters, so his build will be oriented to increase his damage as Support DPS , artifacts that allow him to exert Weakness Breaks and we will also look for a little recharge in one of our artifacts or Cone of Light to be able to have the ulti always recharged.


The Battle Is Not Over on Honkai Star Rail

These are the best Light Cones for Antler sorted from best to worst (they all come highly recommended anyway) and trying to add both 5-star and 4-star options. Here we will list the effects in Level 1 Overlay.

  • The Battle Is Not Over  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +10% Energy Recovery. When casting the ult we will recover a Basic Ability point (this effect can be activated after using the Ultimate Ability 2 times) and when the user of this cone uses his Basic Ability, it will increase the damage of the next ally that acts by 30% for 1 turn.
  • Sculpt the Moon and Weave the Clouds ⭐⭐⭐⭐: At the start of the battle and at the beginning of the turn of the bearer of this Cone of Light, one of the following random effects will be activated to buff the group (these effects are not cumulative and will change each time the turn of the user of this Cone of Light arrives):
    • +10% ATK.
    • +12% CRIT Damage.
    • +6% energy recovery.
  • Image in Memory ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +28% to the wearer’s Rupture effect. After attacking, the user of this Cone of Light recovers an additional 4 energy points (can only be activated 1 time per turn).
  • The Past and Future ⭐⭐⭐⭐: Increases the damage dealt by the next attacking character (except the character with this cone equipped) by 16% when the user of this Cone of Light executes their Basic Ability.
  • Planetary Encounter ⭐⭐⭐⭐: When a character deals Elemental Damage of the same type as the bearer of this Cone of Light, the damage dealt is increased by 12%.


We will start with the Artifacts and Ornaments. These are the statistics that we recommend for each piece in order to maximize its damage.

  • Torso : CRIT Chance / CRIT Damage.
  • Legs : ATK % / SPD
  • Plane Sphere : Fire Damage.
  • Union Rope : Energy Recovery.


  • Prob. CRIT.
  • CRIT Damage
  • ATK %.
  • Break effect.

Your best Artifact Set would be the following:

Meteor Trail Thief on Honkai Star Rail

Meteor Trail Thief

  • 2 pieces: Rupture Effect +16%.
  • 4 pieces: The wearer’s Rupture Effect of this artifact set is increased by 16%. When its user manages to inflict a break on an enemy, it will recover 3 energy points.

And now your best Set of Ornaments:

Fleet of the Eternals

  • 2 pieces: The VPs Max. of the bearer are increased by 8%. If the wearer’s Speed ​​of this set is 120 or higher, the ATK% of all team members will be increased by 8%.

The HP increase will only serve her own survivability, but the second part of this set is more interesting for the ATK% increase that she will bring to the group to improve her role as a buff.

Live Wonwak

  • 2 pieces: Increases the user’s energy regeneration by 5%. If this character’s Speed ​​is 120 points or higher, the action of the wearer of this set at the start of the battle will be advanced by 40%.

We are interested in the energy regeneration to charge Asta’s ult more easily and the fact of speeding up his turn in battle will also be very useful, since this way we can increase the ATK% of the group members before they attack.


We will give some examples of equipment and recommended routes , but in the end what you should do is take into account the enemy’s weaknesses when building.

Composition Single Target

Seele on Honkai Star Rail
  • 1 Hunt: Seele or Dan Heng.
  • 1 Nihility: Sampo or Pela .
  • 1 Harmony: Antler.
  • 1 Conservation/1 Abundance: Bailu or Fire Pathfinder.

Multi-Target Composition

Asta will fit well in either of these two comps, but for this second comp we would need to either slot the Way of Nihility character or an Erudite character like Herta or Himeko to have area damage and be able to inflict multiple Eva Breaks . weakness at the same time.

We can also swap out the Hunt slot for a Destruction slot which also has good damage and tends to have AoE attacks, so we could include Physical Pathfinder in the team ( as long as you don’t need Fire Pathfinder in the Conservation slot) or Hook that also takes advantage of the Fire Damage bonus that Asta gives.

Although if you have Selee as a Hunt you can also use her for multi-targeting, since she deals quite high Quantum Damage and her talent allows her to have another turn immediately when eliminating an enemy, which will allow her to have many turns if we sneak the last one. after the additional attack.


These are the Character and Trait Ascension Materials that Asta needs:

  • Guard Pin.
  • Harmonic Melody.
  • Chitin Endoderma (Paralyzed Shadow – Form of Flames).
  • Final Path of the Destroyer ( Doomsday Beast ).
  • Footprints of Fate (for the highest level).

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