April 21, 2024


The Amber Prototype is a four-star catalyst in Genshin Impact that we can get for free if we have the necessary materials to forge it at the blacksmith; For this we will need a Northern Catalyst Prototype, fifty pieces of crystal and fifty pieces of white iron.

This catalyst provides a fairly decent amount of Life % that will increase the healing potential of the characters to whom we equip it (as long as they increase their healing based on Life, of course, which is the most common), it also helps to recharge energy after rolling the ult and will even increase the amount of healing that the character provides thanks to his passive a bit.

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Therefore, it will be a very decent option to equip it on any character that provides cures and uses this type of weapon, as generally this type of character does not have particularly relevant damage, the utilities provided by this catalyst will suffice to improve their role. .


These are the stats of the Amber Prototype:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 42
  • Base Attack Level 90: 510

The Base Attack is something that is not especially important in this catalyst, but it also has a medium amount within those in the four-star game; it shares the same Attack Base with the Favonius Codex, the Marauders’ Symphonies , the Wandering Star , and the Fruit of Completion .

  • Health % Level 1: 9%
  • Health % Level 90: 41.35%

As a secondary stat, it gives us 41.35% Life% when raising it to level 90, a fairly generous amount for a four-star weapon that will be very useful for those characters who scale their healing with this parameter.

The passive effect of the Amber Prototype is as follows:

  • When the bearer of this catalyst uses an Ultimate Ability, they will recover 4 Elemental Energy (6 points on R5) every 2 seconds for 6 seconds, during this time, the entire team will be healed for 4% of their Max Health amount (6% in R5).

On the one hand, with this catalyst we will get 12 points of Elemental Energy returned to us when rolling the ulti, something that will come in handy for those characters who have an ulti with a high Elemental Energy cost; if for example you decide to refine it to R5, we would get a total of 18 Elemental Energy back.

On the other hand, this catalyst allows any character that carries it to become a healer , since using any ulti will heal a total of 12% of the maximum health of each character in the party (18% in R5).


Generally, we’ll be looking for a catalyst user who has the healer role whose heals scale with Health % to take advantage of the catalyst’s secondary stat and who needs help recharging their ult; So the candidates are the following:

Baizhu in Genshin Impact

The Amber Prototype is quite similar to Baizhu ‘s best weapon , the Jadefallen Twinkle , in that its secondary stat also provides a large amount of Health % and also helps to recover some of the Elemental Energy spent, only the Amber Prototype is a bit lower in those parameters.

Both Baizhu’s Elemental and ult heals scale with Health %, which is why this catalyst will come in handy. He is also very interested in the fact that he returns part of the Elemental Energy spent, since his ulti has a cost of 80 Elemental Energy points and will not only be necessary for his heals and shields for the team, but also for the buff he brings to certain Elemental Reactions with Dendro thanks to one of his passive talents.

Sangonomiya Kokomi in Genshin Impact

In the case of Sangonomiya Kokomi, the Life % that this catalyst offers her is even more interesting for her, since in addition to scaling the healing of her elemental and her ult, it also scales the damage of Normal Attacks, Charged Attacks, and from the Elemental Ability jellyfish during her Ultimate Ability based on her Max Health.

Furthermore, Kokomi is another of those characters that despite having a lower ult cost than Baizhu’s (70 points of Elemental Energy cost Kokomi’s ult) it takes a lot of work to recharge it, so we will also take advantage of the passive of the catalyst that helps us to reload part of the ulti.

Barbara in Genshin Impact

Barbara doesn’t scale her damage based on her Health % but she does scale the heals from both her Elemental and Ultimate based on her Health %, so she’ll be another character who can make good use of this catalyst.

He is another character who has an ult of 80 Elemental Energy and can also have trouble recharging it, so he will also take advantage of the passive that allows him to recover Elemental Energy.

Other characters that we could equip it to would be:

  • Mona : Although she is not a healer, this catalyst allows her to recover 18% of the Life of each of her teammates if we have R5, so we can equip it in Permafrost compositions so that it heals us enough to survive when Mona rolls his last

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