April 15, 2024


Alola ‘s Marowak is here again to give war again, a Pokémon that already gave a lot to talk about in its day in terms of competition in the seventh generation (Sun and Moon) and with reason, since it is a bad beast.

It has its faults, like all Pokémon (except Arceus hahaha); but if you know how to use it and when, you will find yourself with one of the Pokémon that can deal more damage without taking into account the doped legendary in turn.

Oh well; Let’s not rush things and let’s see little by little everything that this Pokémon and the Strategy that I consider to be the most optimal can offer.


His stats add up to a total of 425 points , well below the 500 that I consider to be the minimum appropriate value… anyway, you’ll see that this is not quite the case a little later.

  • Health: 60.
  • Attack: 80.
  • Defense: 110.
  • Special Attack: 50.
  • Special Defense: 80.
  • Speed: 45.

Pretty bad right? I imagine you’re surprised that I started this post by saying that he’s a really good offensive player and only has 80 Attack, but we’ll make up for this with the “Thick Bone” item. For the rest… Defensively it’s not bad, it resists very well on the physical side and not so well but not bad on the special side either; pretty low health, yes.

And as for Speed, well, damn slow… which is why we’re going to make him a Wall Breaker set (they’re usually slow and hit very little). But remember that being slow has its good point, in Rare Space this Pokémon would be a monster.


Ghost Fire has both upsides and downsides, but it comes out ahead on the upsides:

  • They can’t burn us.
  • We can avoid the Quick Turn movement so that the Traps do not take away from us.
  • He is immune to Fighting and Normal.
  • It is resistant to Grass, Ice, Psychic, Steel, Fairy and Poison.
  • It is weak to Dark, Ghost, Water, Earth and Rock.

That they can’t always burn us is very cool and I feel more like a physical attacker; as well as the issue of preventing Quick Turn due to being a Ghost Type. We also have two immunities to Type Fight and Normal, which are going to come in handy.

In terms of resistances it is very good, but let’s talk about the weaknesses because they are quite dangerous:

  • Sinister : It is always a bad weakness for Pursuit and Disarm (which are quite common).
  • Ghost : It is common to have a Ghost in the team and more so with Dragapult so present, that it will destroy us on top of it since it far exceeds us in Speed.
  • Water : One of the most common Types, you’ll have to watch out for Pokemon like Barraskewda , Gyarados , Kingdra …
  • Earth : One of the worst weaknesses you can have; watch out for Pokémon like Excadrill , Hippowdon and others.
  • Rock : Perhaps the worst of all weaknesses, especially in singles where Rock Trap is day to day. You will also have to watch out with Tyranitar (which is also Sinister on top).


Tremendous abilities of Mawowak de Alola, the pity is that we can’t carry more than one at a time hahaha.


A very good ability for Defensive Pokémon and that is very widespread in Corsola de Galar . We will have a 30% chance of canceling the attack we receive from the enemy for 4 turns, which logically is usually the one that spreads the most against us, so it’s pretty cool.


A tremendous ability, but it works better on Pokémon that attack on the Special side, as happens with Raichu . We will gain immunity to Electric Type and also “absorb the attacks that are launched”, so in doubles it comes in handy to protect Pokémon weak to this type of attack. Doing so will also increase our Special Attack.


His hidden ability and for me the best choice for Marowak Alola. We will avoid all knockback damage with attacks that have it; It comes in luxury to be able to hit with Igneous Rush without taking damage in the process.


We are going to enhance the damage above all, which I already tell you will not be little:

  • IVs : All perfect (0 in Vel if we will go to Trick Space).
  • EVs : All on Attack and Speed ​​(or Health if you’re going with Trick Space), the rest on Defense.
  • Nature : Steadfast (+ Attack, – Special Attack).
  • Ability : Rock Head (Lightning rod if we don’t have immunity to Electric on the team).
  • Object : Thick Bone.

The Thick Bone will double our Attack, so together with Nature and EVs… you can already imagine the barbarity of hits that Marowak Alola will give, it’s crazy.


Best moves for this Strategy:

  • Fire Rush : STAB Fire, Physical, 120 power, 100% accuracy and normally has 33% knockback damage, but not with Rock Head. A blow that will destroy a lot of Pokémon that knocks down Ferrothorn  (Watch out because you will take damage for being a contact attack by the Ferrothorn ability) and practically any Steel. Remember that Fire is effective against Ice, Grass, Steel and Bug.
  • Poltergeist:  STAB Ghost, 110 power, 90% accuracy, and only works if the enemy has an item equipped (99.9% of the time, come on). One of the new movements of the Sword and Shield DLC that is great for us because it is a blow. Remember that Ghost is effective against Ghost and Psychic. Tremendous blow against other very common walls: Corsola de Galar and Dusclops.
  • Huesomerang : Earth, 50 power, 90% accuracy and hits 2 times so it will come in handy against Substitutes, Focus Band, Mimikyu ‘s Disguise … It also has another advantage over Earthquake and that is that it does not reduce its damage by half on Field of Grass, which is now very common with Rillaboom . It also has brutal coverage against Electric, Fire, Rock and Poison (also Steel but better to throw Igneous Envite). Also tremendous against Toxapex , but watch out for Bunker.
  • Sword Dance : Boost that will increase our attack by 2 levels, so you can imagine the party after the boost.

We will hit very hard, but keep in mind that except in Rare Space we are very slow and therefore it will be quite easy for them to kill us, especially since we have no recovery. That’s why he works better as a Wall Breaker than as an offense (he lacks Speed), but in Trick Space he trembles before him… who also has a heart attack coverage.

Sword Dance would be the movement that we could change, here I leave you alternatives in case you do not want to depend on a Boost:

  • Trap Rocks : To set the trap and damage the Pokémon that enter. It is a good Pokémon to put it, the truth.
  • Protection : Essential if you are going to go to doubles or vcc.
  • Electric Punch : Good coverage move that would help us against Flying ( Togekiss ) and Water ( Milotic ).
  • Wisp Fire : To burn physical threats.
  • Fire Punch : Less damaging than Igneous Slam, but if we go with Lightning Rod and don’t want recoil damage, it’s the best option.

You see that we have tremendous options, everything will depend on what you prefer.

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