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Jing Yuan is a character who comes to revolutionize the Path of Lore in Honkai Star Rail . These types of characters were a bit weak until this good man arrived, since in this one we only had characters like Herta who, although she will hit many times with the additional attacks, did very little damage, or Himeko , who despite having decent damage, it would give you an additional attack once a year.

He has a rather peculiar kit of abilities, since when this character enters combat, he summons an ally called the Golden Knight. This invocation will be in charge of carrying out Jing Yuan’s additional attacks and will have its own turn, only that the number of times it hits the enemies will be affected by the abilities that Jing Yuan uses before this knight’s turn arrives.

Otherwise, both his Basic Ability and his Ultimate Ability deal good area of ​​Lightning Damage to all enemies on the battlefield. With that said, let’s go with his complete analysis and with his best Build , Artifacts, Ornaments and that kind of thing.


These are the Attributes or Stats that Jing Yuan will have at the maximum level:

  • HP: 1164
  • ATK: 698
  • DEF: 485
  • SPD: 99

His overall stats are good across the board and fairly balanced (DEF is the only stat that might fall a bit short). The most noteworthy thing is her ATK but it doesn’t reach the highest level in this type of character, since Himeko gets a good deal out of it in this area.


These are all of Jing Yuan’s Skills. The numbers/percentages are what you have at the lowest level:


Deal 50% Lightning Damage to a single enemy of your choice.


  • Basic Skill Point Consumption: 1

Jing Yuan will perform a Lightning Damage area attack with damage proportional to 50% of its ATK that will hit all enemies on the field; in addition, he will increase the number of hits the Divine Knight lands by 2.


  • Energy Cost: 130

Another Electro Damage area attack that affects all enemies on the battlefield, but this will deal 3 extra hits to the Divine Knight instead of 2 and the damage will be much higher, since it will be proportional to 120% of the Jing Yuan’s ATK.


At the start of the battle, this Talent will summon the Divine Knight on the battlefield, it initially has 60 SPD and will deal 3 hits per action; hits generated by this ally will be considered as extra attacks , they will deal 33% Jing Yuan’s ATK-based Lightning Damage to a random enemy and 25% Jing Yuan’s ATK-based Lightning Damage to adjacent enemies the opponent the Divine Knight has hit.

This ally can perform a maximum of 10 hits each turn, initially it will only perform three but we can increase it using Jing Yuan’s Skills. Each extra hit the Divine Knight makes will increase his SPD by 10 points, but when he makes additional attacks from him, he will lose the accumulation of extra hits and SPD.

If Jing Yuan is killed in combat, the Divine Knight will also retreat, and if Jing Yuan is affected by effects that prevent him from attacking, the Divine Knight will also be unable to take actions.


This Technique will cause the Divine Knight to have 3 extra hits when attacking on his first turn at the start of the battle.


We can unlock them in the Strokes upon reaching a certain Ascension Level.

  • Ascension Level 2 – Formbreaker
    • If in the next turn of the Divine Knight he deals 6 hits or more in his additional attack, he will receive a +25% bonus to his CRIT Damage for that turn.
  • Ascension Level 4 – I have a Plan
    • Jing Yuan recovers 15 energy points at the start of each fight.
  • Ascension Level 6 – Checkmate
    • +10% CRIT Chance for 2 turns for Jing Yuan when he uses his Basic Ability.


These are the improvements that the character obtains through the Eidolon:

  • E1 – Slash, Sliced ​​Cliffs : The damage taken by enemies adjacent to the opponent hit by the Divine Knight’s bonus attack is further increased by 25% of the damage taken by the target of said attack.
  • E2 – Phalanx, Locked Suns : When the Divine Knight performs his bonus attack, Jing Yuan will receive a +20% damage bonus to his Normal Attack, Basic Ability, and Ultimate Ability.
  • E3 – Strike, Shattered Light : +2 levels to Basic Ability and +1 to Basic Attack.
  • E4 – Sword, Stars Down : Jing Yuan will recover 2 energy points for each hit that the Gold Knight executes in his additional attack.
  • E5 – Veteran, Conquered Death : +2 levels to Ultimate Ability and +2 to Talent.
  • E6 – Sorcery, Enemies Defeated : The Divine Knight’s hits cause enemies to enter a Vulnerable state; this state will cause them to take 12% increased damage only during the Divine Knight’s bonus attack and can stack up to three charges of this effect per enemy.

The truth is that all of Jing Yuan’s Eidolons seem quite good to me, they are all very focused on increasing the damage of both Jing Yuan himself and that of the Divine Knight, except for E4 , which will help us to recover Jing Yuan’s energy (which nothing bad comes to him, because his Ultimate Ability is one of the most expensive in the game).


We’re mainly going to focus on increasing the damage output of Jing Yuan and her Gold Knight , but SPD and Energy Recovery can’t be neglected.


Before Sunrise on Honkai Star Rail

These are the best Light Cones for Jing Yuan sorted from best to worst (they all come highly recommended anyway) and trying to add both 5-star and 4-star options. Here we will list the effects in Level 1 Overlay.

  • Before Dawn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +36% CRIT Damage and +18% Basic Ability and Ultimate Ability damage. When the owner of this Cone of Light executes his Basic Ability or his Ultimate Ability he will get the « Somnus Corpus » effect, this effect will increase the damage of the next additional attack of the bearer of this Cone by 48%.
  • Night in the Milky Way ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +9% ATK for each enemy on the battlefield (5 stacks max). If an enemy is affected by a Weakness Break, the damage of the bearer of this Cone of Light will be increased by 30% for 1 turn.
  • The Birth of Self ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +24% damage to additional attacks. If the enemy target is at or below 50% HP, the damage of additional attacks is increased by an additional 24%.
  • Let the World Cry ⭐⭐⭐⭐: When entering combat the user of this cone recovers 20 energy points and increases the damage of his Ultimate Ability by 32%.
  • Genie’s Rest ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +16% to ATK. Each time the wielder of this Cone of Light kills an enemy, it will increase their CRIT Damage by 24% for 3 turns.
  • The Solemnity of Breakfast ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +12% to the total damage produced by the wearer, also every time it eliminates an enemy, its ATK will increase by 4% (maximum 3 stacks).


We will start with the Artifacts and Ornaments. Jing Yuan is a character that really stands out for dealing a fairly high amount of area damage, so we’re just going to focus on increasing that damage. It is important to carry an Energy Recovery artifact, since his Ultimate Ability is very expensive and is the main source of damage for both the character and his summons from him.

  • Torso : CRIT Chance / CRIT Damage.
  • Legs : SPEED.
  • Plane Sphere : Lightning Damage.
  • Union Rope : Energy Recovery.

Regarding the substats:

  • Prob. CRIT.
  • Critical damage.
  • ATK%
  • Effect Break.

His best Artifact Set is as follows:

Crackling Thunder Band

Crackling Thunder Band on Honkai Star Rail
  • 2 pieces: +10% Lightning Damage.
  • 4 pieces: When the wearer of this set uses their Basic Ability, their ATK is increased by 20% for 1 turn.

Your Best Set of Ornaments:

Space Seal Station

  • 2 pieces: +12% ATK and +12% bonus ATK if character has 120 or more Speed.

By equipping an artifact with SPD as the main stat on the legs, we will have no problem getting 120 Speed ​​points in Jing Yuan in order to get a +24% bonus to ATK thanks to this set of ornaments.


We will give some examples of equipment and recommended routes , but in the end what you should do is take into account the enemy’s weaknesses when building.

Multi-Target Composition

Tingyun at Honkai Star Rail
  • 1 Destruction: Clear or Hook .
  • 1 Lore: Jing Yuan.
  • 1 Harmony / 1 Nihility: Asta , Tingyun , Pela or Sampo .
  • 1 Conservation / 1 Abundance: Fire Pathfinder , March Seven , Bailu or Natasha .


These are the Ascension Materials you need:

  • Immortal Green Sprout.
  • Key of Inspiration.
  • Shapeshifter Staff (Paralyzed Shadow – Doom Form).
  • Final Path of the Destroyer ( Doomsday Beast ).
  • Footprints of Fate (for the highest level).

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