April 16, 2024


The Vestal (Junia) is a character from Darkest Dungeon 2 that stands out enormously for the great support she can provide to the team and for having very powerful cures, she is without a doubt the best Healer in the game, as was the case in the first installment of the game.

In addition to having several very powerful single and group heals, he can also heal status ailments and even Obfuscate and Stun. But something new that this character has in this new installment of Darkest Dungeon is that he can apply Consecrations to a specific position that will provide offensive or defensive buffs (depending on the Consecration) to the character of said position.

It also has a mechanic called Conviction, they are marks that we can obtain (it changes according to the Path) that will greatly enhance some abilities. That said, the Vestal is an even more specialized Healer in Healing in this installment and it is very worth it (more than before if possible).


These are the 5 skills that we recommend for Junia:

  • Divine Grace : Can be used in the 2 back stances to heal any ally for 25% health as long as their health is below 25%. At 2 Signs of Conviction it heals 10% more and at 3 Signs another 10% more. It has 2 cooldown.
    • By upgrading it, the base heal will be 30% (does not affect Conviction increases) and we can heal targets that have less than 33% health.
  • Consecration of Fortitude : It is a buff that we can apply to a position (if the character moves, the one occupying that position will have it) that will grant him signs of Blocking or Evasion in each turn. Ideal for position 1. 3 cooling.
    • By upgrading we will provide Block+ or Evade+.
  • Consecration of Light : It is like the previous one but this one provides offensive buffs , in this case Strength. You should put him in the position that you have the most powerful character to boost his damage (generally you will put it in position 2 or 3). Note that you cannot put two Consecrations in the same position.
    • We will obtain Strength or Critical through the buff .
  • Divine Consolation : A cure that we can perform in all positions except the first one that will affect the entire team. We will heal 2 health points at the beginning of each character’s turn (lasts 3 turns). 4 Cooling.
    • Enhanced will now heal 3.
  • Mantra : Healing that we can use in positions 2 and 3 that we can only apply to an ally that has a Consecration; we will heal him 10%.
    • The buff will apply buffs based on the Conviction. With 2 it will heal 20% and with 3 it will also activate the effect of said Consecration.

The « Ward » Skill is also very interesting since it allows us to dispel Bleeding, Plague, Burn, Obfuscation and Stun from a character. The ideal would be to change it to Mantra since the others seem too important to me; I leave that to your choice.


These are the ways of the Vestal ordered from best to worst based on my experience with it; the truth is that I recommend the first one quite a bit above the others, the last one of all I would not recommend it at all.

  • Seraph : We will obtain Conviction when a Consecration is activated and these will last 5 rounds. Mantra will heal for 30% (50% with the buff), but be careful as it will also cause you to lose the Consecration of that position.
    • It seems to me the best of all since when applying the 2 Consecrations we will obtain 2 Conviction marks each turn, so we will constantly boost many of our abilities (it is very key that they last longer as well). The «Mantra» cure will become very powerful and can save us on more than one occasion, but you will have to replace the Consecration later. It is the best if you want it to heal a lot.
  • Chaplain : We’ll get Conviction when getting hit (which we don’t want) and improve Junia’s Displacement and Stun resistance. The most relevant thing would be that Judgment will deal more damage, that “Sanctuary” will be empowered and that “Mantra” will affect all targets that have a Sign of Protection and through buff and Conviction it can even heal stress (which is pretty good) .
    • It is a good combo with Barristan to have two allies protected; but the truth is that I don’t like having a healer protecting allies because the last thing we want is for him to take damage.
  • Confessor : We will obtain Conviction in each turn and increases the probability of applying Debuffs. The most important thing is that we can apply losses with “Judgment” and that “Mantra” in its improvement can remove debuffs from our allies (which is a good combo together with Baldwin , that’s true).


Jester in Darkest Dungeon

Junia (the Vestal) is a character that really gets along with everyone since, after all, she is the best Healer in the game, so you can take her on any team and she will always be great. If I had to mention someone who stands out above all, she would be Harlequin Sarmenti since someone who can help cure stress will come in handy.

Obviously if you want Healers with better offensive capabilities it would be better to take Alhazred (Occultist) or Paracelsus (Plague Doctor), but keep in mind that they heal much less than Junia. Also, don’t rule out taking Junia along with one of those two characters, since that will allow them to be used in a more offensive way and we could always count on them if Junia was in a hurry with her healing.


What is best for him is to improve his healing since at the end of the day he is a Healer (a piece of Healer ). It is better that you forget to improve the offense. In the face of defensive improvements, the RES to Obfuscate and Stun will come in handy (losing a turn is horrible for a Healer ) and in general anything that helps him withstand more damage.

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