April 14, 2024


The Eye of Insight is a four star catalyst in Genshin Impact which provides a pretty decent amount of Attack % to its user in addition to a Physical Attack that will activate while performing Normal or Charged Attacks.

It’s a bit of a mix of two widely used catalysts in this game: on the one hand we will see a great similarity in stats with the free four-star catalyst Tales of Dodoko and on the other hand its Passive Ability is quite similar to that of the Celestial Scroll (but taking away the buff to Elemental Damage, which was more worthwhile).

Honestly, it’s a catalyst that doesn’t end up marrying much with any character and there are better options; but it can be useful in certain combinations and is not a bad weapon for the early game.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 41.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 454.

We started badly, it has the lowest Base Attack among all catalysts and shares this position with Memories of Sacrifice and Tales of Dodoko.

  • Attack % Level 1: 12%.
  • Attack % Level 90: 55.1%.

To compensate for its low Base Attack, it gives us a generous amount of Attack % as a secondary stat; If we focus on stats and leave aside the Passive Ability, this catalyst is exactly the same as Tales of Dodoko (and the latter was free if you participated in its event).

Its passive effect is as follows:

  • When making a Normal Attack or a Charged Attack we will have a 50% Chance to summon an Eye of Insight; said eye will deal damage equal to 240% of Attack (360% on R5) and can bounce between enemies a total of 4 times and will occur once every 12 seconds (8 seconds on R5).

This Passive Ability is very similar to the one possessed by the Celestial Scroll, when we make a Normal or Charged Attack we will have the possibility that the Eye of Insight makes a Physical Attack that can bounce up to four times (keep in mind that if you only you fight an enemy, it won’t bounce and loses potential).

The damage dealt by this effect can be boosted by raising the user’s Attack externally: either with Pyro consonance, Attack buffs from Kujou Sara or Bennett , and even lowering the Physical Damage resistance through Superconductor reactions.


For it to be possible to activate the Passive Ability of this catalyst, it is necessary to execute Normal or Charged Attacks, therefore we will look for someone who fulfills the role of Main DPS to equip it.

Yae Miko in Genshin Impact

Although we will generally use her as a Support DPS, if we use Yae Miko as a DPS she is one of the best candidates for this catalyst, since her Base Attack is above those of the other characters that use catalyst.

After testing this catalyst with the vast majority and for what was already mentioned above, he is one of the characters that manage to do more damage with this catalyst. It is possible to increase the damage of the Physical Damage effect on the weapon’s passive through Superconducting Elemental Reaction , but it is not recommended for Yae due to it working so much better on Shock and Overload teams.

Klee in Genshin Impact

Klee also has a good Base Attack and being a Pyro we can have the consonance of this element more easily (putting Bennett will benefit a lot from the Attack raise to increase the damage of the passive effect of the Eye of Insight).

Her main role is DPS in which her attack set is based on Normal Attacks and Charged Attacks making her a perfect candidate for this catalyst. Also, this catalyst is very similar in stats to Tales of Dodoko which goes very well with Klee (Tales of Dodoko is superior to this catalyst, but it’s a good option if you didn’t get to play the event to get it).

Other characters that also take advantage of this spear:

  • Lisa : It is the same case of Yae Miko, it suits her for the same reasons but Lisa has a much lower potential because her Base Attack is much lower and due to her gameplay she is not a very comfortable character to play as a DPS.
  • Yanfei : The same thing happens to Klee with this weapon, but in this case Yanfei has a lower Base Attack than Klee and won’t get as much use out of it.
  • Ninguang : It can work well with her on a double Geo/dual Pyro team, but of all the users on this list who are candidates for this catalyst, Ninguang has the least Base Attack.

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