April 16, 2024
Introducing Cyno, General Mahamatra

Introducing Cyno, General Mahamatra in Genshin Impact

Cyno is a character whose visual we have known for a very long time. And it is now playable! But what is this 5* Electro Lancer worth?

How to play Cyno ?

The character has a “selfish” DPS role in that it only does damage while deployed and will not benefit other members of your team. It is therefore around him that your team will have to be built.

Cyno has a rampage-centric kit that modifies his attacks. It is therefore useless to dwell on his basic attacks, little used.

Unleashing will infuse his attacks with the Electro element, in addition to reducing the cooldown of the skill. It can last between 10 and 18 seconds. You cannot switch characters without losing Cyno ‘s rampage .

The skill precisely allows you to reach 18 seconds of unleashing since it adds 4 seconds to the duration of the unleashing and has a very short cooldown. This skill inflicts good damage and a passive reinforces it. Every few seconds, an eye appears on the screen. Using the skill at this exact time will cause him to deal more damage and send out Electro lightning for additional damage.

Cyno attacks very quickly and has another interesting passive: his lightning attacks and damage are considerably improved by his elemental mastery. Coupled with the Electro-Dendro reaction (via the stimulated state and Overactivation), it becomes very interesting to have a lot of EM on Cyno .

What set of artifacts for Cyno ?

Given the importance of elemental mastery on Cyno , the 4-piece Golden Dream is ideal with critical and attack % sub-stats in addition to mastery.

However, the set is recent and, if you don’t have good pieces, a Gladiator set or two-piece mixes providing mastery (like Wandering Band) and attack (Nostalgic Reminiscence or Beyond Cinabrin and Echoes of a offering) can do the trick.

With whom to play Cyno ?

To build a team with Cyno , you have to remember one thing: the outburst lasts 18 seconds.

You absolutely need a Dendro character and therefore preferably one who can apply the element for a long time.

A battery and heal/shield will also come in handy. Again, it takes characters with long skills to accompany Cyno into battle.

An Electro scattering Anemo character with the Huntress Green 4-piece set can work but the resistance decrease only lasts 10 seconds. Any character that boosts elemental mastery can also be sympathetic.

An example of a cohesive team would be Cyno , the Traveler Dendro , Zhongli and Fischl or Shinobu .

The final word

The character is fun to play because very fast. But he has big constraints and missing a rotation means a huge loss of DPS. Not mandatory on your account, he will be a character to recover if you like the design and the gameplay!

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