April 16, 2024


Well, I’ve been testing Tower of Fantasy and the truth is that the game looks very good, for those who don’t know, it’s a Gacha similar to Genshin Impact but with a much more present multiplayer component.

And as Gacha is, well, what better than to start with the guides of this game talking about the detailed operation of the Banners , which in the end is one of the main mechanics and the weapons will depend on it (the characters are weapons themselves) that we are getting.

Of course it is very important to know how they work well because the last thing we want is to waste our resources. So nothing, here we go!


Let’s start by looking at each of the banners and how they work.


We will go from less important to more, so we must start with the banner that the Black Core asks us to be able to shoot (which are the purple balls).

Item Odds:

SSR weapon0.3%
elemental heart1%
SR Weapon3%
Normal Power Battery5%
elemental hearttwenty%
To assemble30.7%
Small power battery40%

It is the “crappy” banner to put it that way, a banner designed to be constantly pulling since we will get Black Cores even under the stones and generally we will get fairly weak rewards and the lowest appearance rate of SR and SSR characters of all the banners . Nor does it have any type of pity, a concept that if you don’t know don’t worry, we will explain them in the others.

Mind you, it’s a good source of upgrade materials; whether you get SR or SSR weapons will depend a lot on your luck.


This banner is already interesting because here we do have the so-called Pity (which broadly speaking is that they assure us something to the “x” rolls) and therefore, in general, we will obtain many more SR and SSR weapons than in the other. To roll on this Banner we need Gold Cores (known as the yellow ones to some).

Item Odds:

SSR weapon0.75%
SR Weapon1%
Weapon Battery III6.85%
To assemble91.40%

For policyholders:

  • SR Weapon : Every 10 rolls.
  • SSR Weapon : Every 80 rolls.

I explain it better. In the case of the insured SR you are guaranteed that you will get at least one in 10 spins. Which does not mean that you can get more out of luck. If you roll 3 times and you get an SR, great, but after 7 rolls you will get another SR yes or yes.

With SSRs it works exactly the same. If you get an SSR on roll 42, great because you’ve been very lucky; but that you will get another yes or yes at spin 80 (in this case it would be 38 more spins) you still have it (it doesn’t restart let’s go).


This is the banner that interests us, the one that we could call the Promotional Banner since it is the one that will change and in which we will be guaranteed a character (the one that appears in that specific Promotional Banner, they will change the character of the banner from time to time and else). To shoot we will need Red Nuclei (the red balls) and for obvious reasons they are the ones that will cost us the most to get.

I’ll leave you here again the table with the priorities, but know that this one works exactly the same as the Gold Nuclei Banner.

SSR weapon0.75%
SR Weapon1%
Weapon Battery III6.85%
To assemble91.40%

For policyholders, it is also the same:

  • SR Weapon: Every 10 rolls.
  • SSR Weapon: Every 80 rolls.

The only difference is that when shooting on this banner, when an SSR appears, you will have a 50% chance that the one that appears will be the character of the Promotional Banner (Nemesis for example if it is the character of the banner, in his case the weapon is called Venus).

Does that mean then that there is no way to have yes or yes guaranteed the character of the Promotional Banner? Wrong, if there is a way, I’ll show you below.


And since the Red Nuclei are the ones we most want to get (the Gold ones are also pretty cool, but they won’t allow you to get the promo character), I’ll tell you the best way to get them.

The way in which we will get more will be through the Dark Crystals since we will get this object very often by doing all kinds of things and we can exchange it for other objects, among which is of course the possibility of exchanging it for Red Nuclei.

To do this we have to go to the Tower of Fantasy store and there click on the “NEW” option, below you can see it better in the photo.

Dark Crystal Shop in Tower of Fantasy

As you can see there are different things that we can acquire with the Dark Crystal. Forget about the rest and focus on the Red Nuclei; Don’t even think about acquiring Gold Cores because you will be wasting resources.


And now we really get into the matter: how can you get the character of the Promotional Banner in a guaranteed way? Well, you’ll see, you’ve probably noticed that in the same Banner tab you have a kind of coin that looks like a kind of triangle.

The one that is black and yellow is the Black Gold. This will allow us to buy weapons that we already have in order to improve them (similar to how it works in Genshin Impact with the theme of Constellations and Refinements). We will obtain it by shooting at the Golden Nuclei Banner.

And the one that is black and orange is the one that interests us since thanks to this we will be able to secure the characters of the Promotional Banner. I explain:

Every time you roll on the Promotional Banner you will get 1 unit of Flaming Gold and in the store you can acquire the Promotional character/weapon if you invest a total of 120 units of Flaming Gold. Come on, to ensure a character 100% (assuming you have the worst of luck) you will have to shoot a total of 120 times at the Red Nucleus Banner since that way you will get the 120 Flaming Gold you need to buy it (in the Shop of weapons). It is very likely that it will come out earlier (it can come out with 50% on the 80 roll and with more luck it can still come out on any), but this is putting us in the worst case.

But wait because there is a little problem. And it is that the Flaming Gold only has value while the Promotional Banner lasts , that is, when said banner ends, you will lose all the Flaming Gold you have (it becomes Black Gold, remember that this only serves to get weapons THAT ALREADY HAVE). Come on, if you want to ensure a 100% promotion you will have to save 120 spins and throw them yes or yes in that banner since you will not accumulate the Flaming Gold for the next one.

And that’s it! What do you think of Tower of Fantasy at the moment ? Are you liking the game? What SSR characters have you touched so far? Leave your comment!

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