April 21, 2024


The fight against Omega Flowey is one of the best encounters we will have in all of Undertale due to how tremendously powerful this flower is and that it will spend the entire encounter laughing at us and generally hesitating… Damn adorable Flowey!


But if there is something to highlight in Flowey’s fight, it is his hacks, how it completely crosses the fourth wall and begins to touch our save files from our Undertale game. His plan is the following, create a save point right in front of him so you can’t go back to the Underground and instead spend your whole life dying at his hands… if you think about it, it’s VERY disturbing.

And not only that, on top of that the flower will insult us and spend the fight laughing at us. Especially when we die, where we get a black screen full of HAHAHAHAHAHA or when it starts making fun of us by closing the game tab. Toby Fox’s originality has no limits and this is one of those moments out of so many others where he has more than demonstrated it to us, Great Toby!


But what makes this fight so special, if the above was not enough… is the fact that Toby is playing with us in a certain way.

The battle could not be less fair, Omega Flowey is very doped and on top of that you come from a Neutral or Pacifist Route in which you will not be used to this level of boss at all. That is the intention, it is a combat that must seem unfair to you at the beginning and that will surely lead you to death on more than one occasion.

But it’s all a hoax! Flowey is very powerful, yes, and the fact that his attacks are so extremely complex to dodge only encourages us to give up, to pass since “it is impossible” to defeat Omega Flowey, he is practically a god and there is little you can do.

But not! This is not a battle of skill, this is a battle of Determination! The combat is designed precisely to reward the brave and determined who don’t give up and decide to go all out with this boss. Everything promotes precisely this…

  • Combat seems like it will slowly become more approachable as you persist.
  • Omega Flowey’s attacks do less and less damage to you! Therefore, at first you will see how your life drops enormously precisely to lower your morale, but if you look closely, there comes a point where you are practically dead and you can still resist a few blows.
  • Your attacks at the beginning will hardly do any damage to him and on top of that, that huge life bar has been made on purpose to give you that feeling of… How am I supposed to kill him? Do I have to give him 1000 hits and not die? That’s impossible. But if you stick with it and don’t give up, you’ll see how little by little you’ll deal more damage to it until eventually you’ll deal massive amounts of damage, at which point the tables are turned.
  • As you endure, the souls of the fallen humans in the Underground will appear to lend you their help, this will increase your attack and you will also obtain healing after overcoming the small events of each soul.

You see it? It is perfectly designed to be a battle of determination. If your determination is higher than Flowey’s, it will be a boss that will go down even easily.

It’s funny how normally when people take down this boss, they feel like…ok, I don’t know how I managed it in the end, but I did it…well here’s the explanation. How could he not be like this? We are talking about Undertale, the game that has made us use the word determination more than ever.


Well, there is no better guide than knowing what I have just told you, that is why I am going to avoid doing the usual… You know, analyze the attacks and their best dodge method, define the best strategies, objects… No! there are objects here!

But… What use was that to you? That is not important, the important thing about Flowey is to understand what he represents and go after him, because precisely what he wants is for you to give up since he knows that his determination is not at all the level of a human (and less of ours right?) and that’s why he tries to scare you.

So don’t let him do it, because believe me, if you don’t let yourself be intimidated and push a bit, Flowey has nothing to do with you .

What a battle… I’ve come a bit higher, haven’t I? But it’s very rare to find a boss in video games as elaborate as this one. And that geniuses like these have been created by a single person, it seems overwhelming to me and it makes me think that certain Developers should consider things a little better.


Flowey is nothing more and nothing less than a poor victim, in his day he was a certain character (I’m not going to drop such a spoiler) but he ended up turned into a flower due to a terrible mistake and honestly it was for a very sad reason (in the sense of poor).

By becoming the flower , he completely lost all feeling and acquired determination (which is why he acts more on instinct than anything else), the Undertale ability that allows you to play with the saves, delete games and others. He started to try different endings of the game, it was very fun… But there came a point where he started to get bored since he already saw everything… So he thought: And what happens if I kill the monsters? In fact… What happens if I kill them all?

Which is surely already ringing you, because the attitude that all Undertale players usually show. Flowey is a kind of image of what we will surely end up doing and that is why the Genocide Route exists , where things with Flowey will change a lot…

However, Flowey never managed to complete the Genocide Route because he encountered a tremendously powerful obstacle, something that no matter how hard he tried, he never managed and ended up having to give up. Ok, be careful with the following link that has the biggest spoiler of Undertale: Can you get what not even Flowey got?

And well, I’m not going to go into the subject of who he really is and how, thanks to this character, he ends up squaring the entire history of Undertale , he just seemed like a troll plant… but he ended up being a pillar character and one of the ones we will remember the most, without no doubt about the game.

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