April 15, 2024


Estuary Lamec is the first boss of Rogue Legacy 2 and the truth is that to be the first things start quite strong. Something that is normal anyway since in Roguelites the first boss usually costs a lot precisely because we are at the beginning and we still have few improvements.

Leaving aside the issue of improvements a bit, the truth is that the boss has quite powerful and dangerous attacks to be the first of all, so you should not get frustrated if it takes you a few attempts to achieve it and since we are in a Roguelite you must take into account that the luck factor is also quite decisive.

But since luck is not something we can control, I bring you this guide with a series of tips that I think can come in handy for this battle. Let’s go there!


Lamec Estuary is the final boss of the Citadel of Agartha , which is the first area of ​​Rogue Legacy. Since we are in a Roguelite I cannot put a photo of his location since it will be random, so in each game you will have to look for his lair.

What I can do is tell you how you can open his door. You will see that to the left and right of the door there are some unlit torches, you will have to hit one of them with the spinning kick and with a dash in the air (you will need the Inheritance of Echarpe de Ananké, you will also find it in Citadel of Agartha) go quickly to the other and hit her with another roundhouse kick. You will have to do it very quickly for it to work.


The combat consists of 2 phases, it will start in the first phase and when you drop 50% of its health it will enter phase 2 where of course it will become more powerful.


Let’s start by looking at his attacks:

  • Charge : The typical attack where he will charge forward. The best thing you can do is jump, spin kick to bounce off him and then start hitting him in between he follows up with another attack.
  • Throwing Knives : Will throw a series of knives at you, it will be 3 knife throwing streaks. You will have to dodge them, without more. Remember that in an emergency you can even use the flying kick to bounce off the knives themselves.
  • Sword Combo : He will first slash forward with his sword and then perform a magic that raises a pair of blue fire pillars in front of him. If you have space behind (it has to be quite a lot) the best thing you can do is move back a lot, if on the contrary you are a bit locked up you will have to use the roundhouse kick to bounce off him and get behind him when you can (you can get it done between an attack and the other from the combo if you go very fast, you can help yourself with the dash) to continue with your offensive. If you have to back up you can at least take advantage and hit him with some ranged attack after the second hit.
  • Meteoric Strike : He will do a big forward somersault, hitting the ground with his sword upon reaching the ground and summoning meteorites that will fall downwards. When he does the somersault you can go under him to avoid the impact (or you can go back if you have a lot of room behind), after this you will have to watch out for the meteorites while you hit him on the way.
  • Kamehameha : An area marked in red will appear horizontally, that will be the area where the Kamehameha hits. Simply jump to avoid damage and quickly get behind him to give him a few hits, as this is one of the best times to hit him. If he’s stuck to the wall and you can’t get behind him, just jump to avoid the damage and get in front of him but very very close to him (there’s a small section where you can get without taking damage) and proceed to hit him.
  • Spiral of Spells : It will begin to launch some balls of blue fire in a spiral, they are easily dodged, but it is easy for an oversight to eat one.

In addition to this, remember that “touching the boss” will also hurt you, so if you are going to fall on him or he approaches you, try to avoid it, the flying kick is very effective in that sense to be able to bounce off him and By the way do some damage.


When you remove 50% of his health you will see how he crouches for a while (you can take the opportunity to hit him, but he will receive much less damage at this time, although it all adds up) until a red area appears around him from which you will have to get out as fast as you see it to end up ending with a scream accompanied by an attack in which he will launch some fireballs at us (normal fire, not blue fire) that will chase us a bit and that his thing is that they collide with a wall so that don’t bother us in battle.

After this, the confrontation will continue in a similar way to phase 1, only that Lamech’s attacks will be enhanced. For example, when he performs the sword combo, instead of 2 fire pillars there will be 3. But as said, he follows the same strategy as in phase 1 and will fall.


Here are some general battle tips:

  • Do not get discouraged if he kills you many times, it is normal, you will have to improve your character a lot so that the battle is bearable and again the luck factor will always be there.
  • One of the most important factors is that you get to Lamech with high life and as much as you can. Regarding cheating, you will have to thoroughly investigate the map in order to get all the character improvements you can (along with the passive improvements of the fortress and others that will be little by little) but in the face of life, I can advise you three things:
    • Steal Life Rune : You will have to unlock the Enchantress and acquire this rune, which you will have available when you start. This will make it so that when we defeat an enemy we will obtain health based on our Strength (if you are a magician it will spread less, of course). To begin with, you will heal 1 VP per enemy defeated (which is noticeable in the long run), but when I advanced a little further and had a lot more strength, it already began to heal me 2 VP per enemy defeated.
    • Soulstealer Rune : This is flat so it will depend on whether you get it or not. It does the same as the previous one but based on your intelligence (and therefore it spreads more in Mages and others). I usually go melee and even so I generated 1 VP per enemy defeated because I understand that it is the minimum. The fact is that joining this effect and the previous one was healing me (when I advanced a little more) 3PV per defeated enemy, which was quite noticeable.
    • Meditation Studies : It is one of the improvements of the Fortress and it is phenomenal for the bosses since it will make us heal life and mana when entering a boss room, specifically 20% for each level (with 5 in total). I only went with the improvement to level 1 and the thing was already quite noticeable, but it is very worth investing points here in order to be able to make the bosses with high life and even be able to play it more on the map itself in order to have more improvements since otherwise at some point we would have to stop precisely to avoid going to the boss with too little life and being deleted. You will find this upgrade in the “talent tree” of the fortress, it is right above where the Mage class is unlocked.


By defeating the Lamec Estuary we will obtain the following rewards:

  • Gold, Ingots and Blood.
  • We will unlock the Traveling House : We will talk more about it in a future post, but basically we will have to carry out some tests (combats) where we will have to achieve the highest possible score. We can also unlock new very interesting improvements.

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