April 14, 2024


The truth is that the first expedition of Loop Hero starts off quite strong, it’s not like it’s incredibly hardcore and so on, but it’s true that things don’t start easy and in order to overcome it we’ll have to understand the game’s mechanics quite well and apply them as well in the right way.

In this post I will give you lots of advice and I will guide you so that you are able to overcome this first challenge, in the process you will also understand some of the concepts of the game and at the end of it all we will talk about the Liche, which will be the last obstacle to overcome. to pass us this first expedition. Let’s go there!


Let’s start with some general information about Loop Hero Expedition 1:

  • Enemy Skills: 0-1.
  • Enemy Strength: -5%.
  • Enemy Strength Increase: +2% per loop.
  • Maximum Quantity of a Resource: 10


Since we are in the first Expedition, we will not go with too many cards. In any case, I recommend this deck, which is the one I spent this Expedition with:

  • Path Cards (Line 1):
    • Graveyard : Spawns 1 Skeleton every 3 days.
    • Village : We heal 15 + 5 x Loop when passing through there and they will give us a mission. Basically a special enemy will appear on the map that we will have to defeat, by doing so and returning to the village they will give us an interesting reward (equipment, letters, resources… those things). We need to build the Lyceum to have it.
    • Grove : Spawns 1 Loborrata every 2 days.
  • Outskirts Cards (Line 2):
    • Spider Chrysalis : Spawns 1 Spider in an adjacent square each day.
    • Vampire Mansion : Adds Vampires to surrounding tile battles. Do not go overboard that these are hard, put only 1 mansion and that’s it. It’s worth it because they will give us a lot of xp and good loot.
    • Battlefield : Generates a chest in an adjacent box in each loop and can also make when you kill enemies in their area they become ghosts, so I recommend that you never put this near enemies. The ideal is to have it right after the bonfire to catch the chest quickly and as already mentioned about never having cards that generate enemies nearby. Be careful because at more advanced loop levels you can get chests that attack like those of Dark Souls.
    • Bloody Grove : Can be placed attached to other trees (such as the Grove). It’s really cool because some roots will eat enemies when they have 15% or less health in their area of ​​effect. It will help us to make the Groves (and the bugs that are out there) more easily. We need to build the Field Kitchen to have it.
  • Foreign Cards (Line 3):
    • Rock and Mountain : Our PS will increase, more if we join several rocks or mountains. The idea is to put them together to get the most out of it, it doesn’t have much mystery.
    • Prairie : Heals us 2 HP at the beginning of each day. It will be 3 if it has any building or structure attached to it. The idea is that you put it next to Rocks, Mountains… and even the buildings of “Letters from Outside” are worth it, such as the Vampiric Mansion for example.
  • Effect Cards (Line 4):
    • Oblivion : Eliminate all enemies and structures (if there is a grove for example, you kill it) from a square. Save them for the boss because he will be great for us, below in his guide I explain better. Be careful because if you reach the maximum number of cards in your hand, the ones on the left will be erased.
    • Treasury : We must put it in an area where it has all the surrounding squares (the 8 squares that surround it) free since by putting structures such as Rocks, Mountains, Meadows in the surrounding squares we will obtain resources and when we complete the 8 they will give us many .

Then of course also follow your criteria, this is indicative.


The first thing you have to keep in mind is that it is normal that you do not get it the first time . Loop Hero consists of getting as far as you can and retreating (although you lose some resources for it), when you see that you are going to die, retreat and gradually build buildings, some of which will be almost essential to overcome the boss of this encounter: The Liche.

With that said, here are my tips:

  • Do not spend putting enemies. The idea is that you put just enough so that your Hero can progress without going into poor health. Keep in mind that as you go to the Liche low on life, it will be impossible for you to defeat it. If you are always too low on life, you have gone too far, you will have to get the point.
  • Since we will start as a Warrior , we will have to use his abilities. I recommend that you focus especially on Regeneration, Vampirism, Evasion and Defense, in order to be practically unkillable (some counterattack is not bad either).
  • All the buildings that I have told you that we required for some cards are almost mandatory if you want to successfully complete the Expedition. The Herbalist’s Hut, for example, will allow us to have some potions that will come in handy during the route and especially for the final boss of the route (the Liche). The Lyceum will unlock the traits for us, we will have a “+” symbol in the upper right and when we level up we can obtain very good passive skills. To highlight one that will increase our Strength based on Defense or that we have a 10% chance of stunning with our blows.
  • As I mentioned, save the Oblivion cards for the Lich.
  • The Villages and Battlefields will help us a lot to equip ourselves better, essential.

Following these tips and those already mentioned above you will see how it is much easier to achieve it. Let’s go now with the boss.


The Lich is the boss of Expedition 1 and will suddenly appear (around loop 7 or so). This will be placed in our Campfire and will create some buildings called « Liche Palace » around him that will increase his damage and health by 5% for each of them. It is for this reason that I have recommended several times that you reserve the Oblivion card since with it we can destroy them in order to weaken him a little before his battle.

Let’s take a look at some of his stats:

  • 943 PS
  • Damage: 137.04
  • Attacks per Second: 0.36.
  • Investigator: Increases your HP and Damage by 5% for each Liche Palace.
  • Pure Damage: His attacks ignore Defense.

The idea is to follow all the advice that I have been giving you and be able to reach it with practically maximum health, if you follow all the advice and arrive like this, you will see how you achieve it. The Liche hits very hard, but we will hold up quite well and we will lower him little by little based on attacks and counterattacks, the potions of course will also help us a lot, as well as what has already been said about destroying the Liche Palaces through the Oblivion card .

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