April 14, 2024


The Warrior is one of the three classes available in Loop Hero and is basically the one we’ll start with at the start of the game. It is the most balanced class and it is the one with the greatest defensive capacity since it also has a good defense, with several options to avoid damage and even heal, something that comes in handy in the game.

As an added effect, comment that we also have a bonus that will provide us with a 2% increase in our damage for each second that we spend in a battle, something that is especially noticeable in the bosses since it is where we will be fighting the longest.

In this post I will show you what for me is the best Warrior build in Loop Hero, a build that will allow you to become a tremendous tank practically immortal. Let’s go there!


We will seek to obtain as much life and healing as possible and also sources of equipment, I will tell you below the cards that I consider to be mandatory (the rest you adapt to your liking).

  • Village + Wheat Fields + Vampire Mansion: This is a brutal combo. The Village will heal us a lot when passing through there and will also provide us with missions in which we can obtain equipment and others. We can only put the Wheat Fields on the road attached to the Village and they will also heal us when passing through there, from time to time some enemy scarecrows will appear but come on, it pays off the same and by the way we also gain xp with them. The Vampire Mansion will add vampires to nearby squares; They will give us a good amount of xp and also objects; but the best thing is that the key is to put the Vampiric Mansion next to the Village since then it will be invaded by some zombies but after 3 loops it will become an improved Village that will heal us even more and will give us more hardcore missions than others In turn, they will provide us with better objects. Regarding the Village you know that for every 2 you put, in one you will get a bandit camp, but if you put the second you can kill the camp with Oblivion. I don’t recommend more than 2 villages, not even a joke, and if you get 2 villages, only one has the Vampiric Mansion attached, otherwise it will be too much.
  • Dawn + Bloody Dawn : Another combo that is great for us, actually for any class this. The Alboreda as such will generate Wolfrats from these, but the best thing is that around it you can place the Bloody Alboreda that will annihilate the enemies in the area when they have 15% or less health. Ideally, put one in the campfire (the base) so that the shift boss is ventilated when it is at 15% or less and also near the Tocha Village (the Vampire’s) to help us kill the enemies that will come out there; yes, it should never be attached to the Wheat Fields or some very sucker enemies will come out.
  • Mountain, Rock, Meadow and River : The Meadow will heal us HP every start of the day and if you put it next to other structures (like rocks or even the Vampiric Mansion) it will heal even more. Regarding Rocks and Mountains, they will increase our maximum health and if we join 9 (doing a 3×3) we will create a peak that will provide a lot of maximum health (Harpies will also appear but hey, it is what it is); otherwise you see putting them together. The river is very key as it will duplicate the effects of whatever is next to it.
  • Oblivion : For me, essential to get rid of things we don’t like (bandit camps, Goblin camps, Liche Palaces when they appear…) or even an area where too many billet enemies gather.

For the rest, you know, enemies like spiders, skeletons… that’s up to you. Swamp is better than not because you won’t heal there and that’s not very cool.


The Warrior has the following additional stats:

  • Pure Damage : Damage that is added to the damage you deal naturally, it also ignores the enemy’s Defense.
  • Damage to All : This type of damage will be done to all enemies simultaneously.
  • Regeneration : We will heal ourselves as much health as regeneration we have every second. This passive heal is gained at all times, both in battle and while walking around the map.
  • Vampirism : A% of the damage we cause is converted into healing for us. If you have 10% Vampirism and hit for 30 damage, then you will heal for 3 HP.
  • Attack Speed : Our Attack Speed ​​will increase by the percentage of this stat we have.
  • Counterattack : When we are attacked, we will have a x% chance to counterattack (which is a normal hit).
  • Evasion : Probability (according to the% we have of Evasion) of dodging the hits and therefore not receiving damage.
  • Defense : The higher the Defense, the less damage we receive.

Facing our Build to be a tremendous tank, these will be the statistics that we will have to prioritize in order:

  • S : Regeneration.
  • A : Evasion, Vampirism, Defense.
  • B : Counterattack.
  • C : Attack Speed.
  • D : Damage to All, Pure Damage.

Regeneration is amazing because it will heal us a lot, which is why it is the absolute priority. Evasion will help us endure better, Vampirism will also provide some healing when we hit and of course we need Defense to take less damage.

The other stats aren’t that interesting since the idea is to last a long time; The enemies will have it very difficult to finish us off and although we will not have a very high damage… it does not matter because we will end up lowering them while they barely manage to lower our life. A little Counter is never too much to help us a little more with the damage done, but remember the priorities.


These are the Traits that I recommend the most for the Warrior in Loop Hero in order:

  • Omicron Technique : This is not Warrior as such, it is obtained as a reward (if you choose it) by defeating the Liche, but it is very key. Basically when we die we can revive with all our health in full, if it will cost them to kill us with this we go.
  • Dominant Mass : Increases your Damage by 20% of your Defense. Let’s say 100 Defense = +20 Damage, it’s very good to increase our damage a little.
  • Master Shield : 10% chance on hitting an enemy to stun all enemies on the field for one second. Very key, it will help us endure much better, it shows.
  • Veteran Armorer : Defense will increase by 1 for each loop we complete (the ones you’ve already done don’t count). If you catch it quickly it’s fine, if not it happens.

For the rest I leave it to your discretion, there are other features that are also quite good, in general everything that allows us to endure better, is going to be phenomenal.

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