April 16, 2024


Tisiphone is the last sister that makes up the group of the three Erinyes in Hades , this is undoubtedly the most lethal of all and is obsessed with punishing those who commit murder.

Unlike the fights with his other two sisters, we will find ourselves in a special room in which there will be neither pillars to protect us from certain attacks nor traps that do us damage, but instead we will be transported to rooms with smaller sizes through life of Tisiphone dwindles.

With that said, let’s see the conditions for meeting her and the attacks she will use against us.


    As with Megera and Alecto , we will meet Tisiphone in the final room of Tartarus, which is the first area where we begin our escape attempt.

    Although Tisiphone appears randomly, she will not be able to appear in this area until we have defeated Megara several times in other escape attempts.


    These are all the attacks that Tisiphone can perform:

    • Umbria Charge : It is his most common attack; Tisiphone will look at us and quickly execute a charge that will render us immobile for a few seconds if she hits us, after which she will perform a second charge in the same direction while spewing green fire to her sides, thus combing the entire path of her charge. The easiest thing is to dash to one of the sides to avoid the first charge and then dash to get right behind Tisiphone, but we can also remove the green fire with a Standard or Special Attack, we can also reflect it if we have some blessing from Athena let us do it.
    • Death Penalty : When we are close to her, she will perform a combo that will consist of two short charges and a final attack in the area, to dodge it we will only have to perform multiple dashes to get far enough away until this combo ends.
    • Devastating Fire : Tisiphone can make several impacts with her green fire in a straight line, when this happens we will notice some green circles on the field, so we just have to make sure we get out of this area on time.
    • Wrathful Burst : When Tisiphone’s life drops to less than half she will add this attack to her move kit. In this attack Tisiphone will execute multiple bursts of ranged attacks that will comb the entire battlefield; We will barely have gaps in which we can dodge them, but don’t worry because we can reflect or break them with our Standard or Special Attack.
    • Destroying Explosion : This attack will begin to perform when he has less than a third of his life left; it’s the same attack as Wildfire, only this time it’s going in three different directions, leaving very few safe spots on the field.

    Another curious detail of the battle against Tisiphone is that unlike her sisters, she will not summon any wretch from the underworld to help her during the battle.


    Some tips for this battle:

    • In this room there is no trap, but that is because Tisiphone will transport us to smaller and smaller rooms and will learn new attacks that will give her an attack range much higher than the initial one, so you must focus on making the battle last as little as possible once this happens.
    • When she makes her charges, she is very exposed from her rear , so it is a very good time to throw everything we have at her and quickly move away after a couple of seconds have passed.
    • The vast majority of her attacks can be reflected, so Athena’s blessings can be very useful in a first confrontation against her; but don’t worry, once we learn Tisiphone’s move kit it will be very easy to defeat her.
    • Its best asset is its areas and the reduction of space so that it is more difficult for us to dodge them, but at the same time this becomes its Achilles heel, since that makes weapons that attack passively like the Aegis Special Attack in the form of Zeus and boons that do residual damage with haste and spells like Dionysus or Arenes will hit Tisiphone almost every time and do a lot of damage passively.


    The reward is the same that we get from her other sisters, we will get Titan’s Blood by defeating her; but keep in mind that if you have already defeated Alecto or Megara with the same weapon that you defeat Tisiphone in the same heat level , we will only get some Darkness (since the reward counts as claimed even if the boss is not exactly the same) .

    And that’s it! Do you find the fight against Tisiphone in Hades difficult ? Does the way you talk about him make you nervous too? What is your favorite Erinia? Do you want to give any advice that is not in this post? Leave your comment!

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