April 15, 2024


As expected, the last obstacle in Hades that we must overcome to get out of the Underworld will be facing Hades himself as the Final Boss .

The fight against Hades will consist of two phases: the first will be somewhat more relaxed, but there will be several moments in which he will become invulnerable for a few seconds and summon wretches to fight by his side; In the second phase the combat becomes a bit more complicated, since it will begin to carry out multiple attacks with large areas and it will also summon some very annoying vases that will do damage passively (in addition to keeping several of the attacks that it already did to us in the first phase ).

Even so, don’t worry, once you get the hang of his movements, the combat will be greatly simplified. For my taste, Charon is a more complex Boss than Hades, unless we activate the Extreme Measures for Hades in the Pact of Punishment (in this case, the fight against Zagreo’s father will be very complicated).


    First of all, we will have to explore the multiple random rooms that we find in the Temple of the Styx to find the satyr’s bag, with which we can bribe Cerberus to give us the way out of the Underworld.

    After this, we will enter a wasteland that is frozen due to Demeter’s fury for the loss of Persephone; It will be in this place that we will finally fight against Hades.


    As soon as we finish the turn dialogue with Hades, his cape will be removed and the fight will begin, at the beginning of the fight he will attack normally with his attack kit, but when his life drops to 66% he will become invulnerable for a few seconds and will summon reinforcements so that Help him on the battlefield.

    Again, this situation will be repeated when his life goes down to 33% again, becoming invulnerable again and summoning again some wretch to fight by his side, after this he continues attacking with his kit and until we end his life bar and give The second phase of the assault begins.

    At the beginning of the second round, it will create a shock wave that we can avoid by dashing towards the direction in which Hades is; In this second phase he will lose the ability to become invisible and he will not call the wretched to the battlefield to fight alongside him.

    Very often it will summon some green vases that, when broken, will cause a considerable area that will hurt us if we step on it; in this case we recommend that you break them as soon as they appear, since Hades is capable of breaking them and they can hurt us while we are covering ourselves from another attack.

    In the second phase, it will also make a kind of attack that projects laser beams in all directions of the field; In the event that you do not have Aegis equipped to protect you from this attack, you will have to cover yourself with the two pillars that are on the battlefield.


    These are the attacks you can perform in your first phase:

    • Stygian Combo : Hades will execute two lunges and finish the combo with a spear sweep that will take up much of the battlefield; This last blow is one of the most lethal and recurring of his kit and that is why we should not spend a long time in hand-to-hand combat; he will sometimes perform the spear sweep without executing the lunges.
    • Cloak of Invisibility : For a few seconds Hades will hide his presence on the battlefield to surprise us and attack us randomly with one of his movements, we can also see his footprints on the snow and thus easily evade him.
    • Skull Spell : Hades will throw a skull towards our position; if we do not dodge it, we will enter the “boiling blood” state in which we will receive double damage for a few seconds; If dodged, this skull will stay on the field for 5 seconds and then explode and generate a shock wave similar to Theseus and Asterion ‘s joint attack (to evade it we simply have to dash towards the center of the wave). Sometimes this attack can be done up to 3 times in a row, so I recommend you destroy the occasional skull so that the shock waves do not accumulate.
    • Summoning Wretches : When Hades’ life bar reaches 66% and 33%, he will randomly summon one or more wretches to fight by his side.

    At the beginning of the second round, he will add these attacks to his kit and will lose part of the previous ones except for his Spear Sweep and the Skull Spell:

    • Stygian Combo + : Instead of performing two lunges, he will now perform two attacks that will comb a sizable area, ending with his famous spear sweep.
    • Blaster : Hades starts spinning his spear at high speed to create multiple laser beams that will do quite a lot of damage if it hits us; To avoid this lightning we can cover ourselves with the two stone pillars that are on the battlefield (if you have Aegis equipped as a weapon, you can also cover yourself with it to repel the attack).
    • Apocalyptic Vases : Hades summons a large number of green vases to the field which will break every time they receive an attack from us or from Hades and will generate an area of ​​hands from the spirits of the underworld that will damage and stun Zagreo if we come into contact with said vases. area. It is recommended to break the vases on purpose and as quickly as possible, because if we have a vase nearby when we are taking cover from his blaster, Hades can break it and deal damage to us with it while we take cover from his original attack.


    If this is the first time we have defeated Hades with a weapon or with a higher heat level, we will get a Titan’s Blood unit as a reward (the same one we get when we defeat Tisiphone or one of her other sisters); otherwise we will only get Darkness, but a higher amount than what Theseus and Asterion give us.

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