April 16, 2024


Today we will talk about Serval , a Honkai Star Rail character from the Erudite path that is not bad at all since it has quite good area damage, especially considering that it performs a lot of Additional Attacks and that it also applies debuffs damaging to enemies.

In that sense, he is somewhat reminiscent of a character from Nihility, we could say that Serval is a bit of a mix of both roles; something similar to what happens with Sampo but in reverse. These types of characters that are one way but also stand out in functions of others, the truth is that they are quite interesting.

In this post we will see as always an in-depth analysis of this character and also his best Build with his best Cones of Light, teammates, Ornaments, Artifacts and that kind of thing. So nothing, without further ado, let’s go!


These are the Attributes or Stats that Serval will have at the maximum level:

  • HP: 917
  • ATK: 652
  • DEF: 374
  • SPD: 104

They are not the best values ​​in the world, the truth; Let’s start with the bad. Both her HP and her DEF are at very low values, so you better take good care of her if you want to bring her on your team or she will spend more time on the ground than in combat.

As for the rest, he’s fine (just like that), especially considering that after all, he’s a 4-star character and that always shows. His ATK is okay, it’s a bit above average and that’s where he stands out the most (which is very good given his role as a DPS); the VEL is decent, somewhat above average, which is also appreciated.


These are all of Serval’s Skills. The numbers/percentages are what you have at the lowest level:


Deal 50% Lightning Damage to a single enemy of your choice.


  • Basic Skill Point Consumption: 1

We will deal 70% Lightning Damage to one enemy and 33% to adjacent enemies. In addition, it has a 80% chance to shock enemies it hits for 2 turns, dealing them 40% Lightning Damage at the start of their turn.


  • Energy Cost: 100

We will cause 108% Lightning Damage to all enemies on the battlefield and if they have any Electrocution charge (the DoT that we apply with the Basic Ability) we will extend its duration by 2 turns .


When attacking enemies affected by Electrocution, we will deal 36% Additional Lightning Damage to them.


Upon entering combat, we will attack an enemy for 50% Lightning Damage and there will be a 100% chance to Shock all enemies for 3 turns. Shock damage will be 50% of Serval’s ATK at the start of each enemy’s turn individually.


We can unlock them in the Strokes upon reaching a certain Ascension Level.

  • Ascension Level 2 – Rock
    • +20% to apply Electrocution with the Basic Ability.
  • Ascension Level 4 – String Vibration
    • At the start of the battle, recover 15 Energy points.
  • Ascension Level 6 – Madness
    • Increases Serval’s ATK by 20% when killing an enemy for 2 turns (cannot stack).


These are the improvements that the character obtains through the Eidolon:

  • E1 – Echo Chamber : Serval’s Basic Attack deals 60% of its damage to a random adjacent enemy.
  • E2 – Another, another! : When the Talent deals Extra Damage, Serval recovers 4 energy points.
  • E3 – Listen to the Beat of the Gears : +2 levels to Basic Ability and +1 to Basic Attack.
  • E4 – Let’s Make Some Noise! : When using the Ultimate there is a 100% chance to shock enemies that are not shocked.
  • E5 – A Little Promise : +2 levels to Ultimate Ability and +2 to Talent.
  • E6 – This Song Resounds in Heaven! : Serval will deal 30% more damage to shocked enemies.

The Eidolons are really good, especially E4 and E6 . He is the typical character that is quite common to have in E6.


A fairly basic and simple Build since what we will be looking for will be mainly to increase its damage, although it is true that it will also be relevant to put some Effect Hit on it because we are very interested in electrocuting all the enemies we can .


Before Sunrise on Honkai Star Rail

These are the best Cones of Light for Serval ordered from best to worst (they all come highly recommended anyway) and trying to add both 5-star and 4-star options. Here we will list the effects in Level 1 Overlay.

  • Before Dawn ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +36% CRIT Damage and +18% Basic Ability and Ultimate Ability damage. When the owner of this Cone of Light executes his Basic Ability or his Ultimate Ability he will get the « Somnus Corpus » effect, this effect will increase the damage of the next additional attack of the bearer of this Cone by 48%.
  • Night in the Milky Way ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +9% ATK for each enemy on the battlefield (5 stacks max). If an enemy is affected by a Weakness Break, the damage of the bearer of this Cone of Light will be increased by 30% for 1 turn.
  • The Birth of Self ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +24% damage to additional attacks. If the enemy target is at or below 50% HP, the damage of additional attacks is increased by an additional 24%.
  • Genie’s Rest ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +16% to ATK. Each time the wielder of this Cone of Light kills an enemy, it will increase their CRIT Damage by 24% for 3 turns.
  • The Solemnity of Breakfast ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +12% to the total damage produced by the wearer, also every time it eliminates an enemy, its ATK will increase by 4% (maximum 3 stacks).


We will start with the Artifacts and Ornaments. These are the stats we recommend on each piece to maximize its damage while also improving its chance to apply those debuffs .

  • Torso : CRIT Chance / CRIT Damage / Effect Hit
  • Legs : SPEED.
  • Blueprint Sphere : Lightning Damage.
  • Binding Rope : Energy / ATK Recovery.


  • Effect Hit.
  • Prob. CRIT.
  • CRIT Damage
  • ATK %.

His best Artifact Set:

Crackling Thunder Band

Crackling Thunder Band on Honkai Star Rail
  • 2 pieces: +10% Lightning Damage.
  • 4 pieces: When the wearer of this set uses their Basic Ability, their ATK is increased by 20% for 1 turn.

For the Set of Ornaments we have 2 options:

Space Seal Station

  • 2 pieces: +12% ATK and +12% bonus ATK if character has 120 or more Speed.

Pangalactic Trading Company

  • 2 pieces: +10% Effect Hit and increases ATK by 25% of your Effect Hit (max +25% ATK).

If you have a lot of Effect Hit (if you equip it on the Torso + the Substats you will have a lot) there will be more «Pangalactic Commercial Enterprise», otherwise it would be a better option «Sellaspacios Station». Both are viable anyway, adapt it to your situation.


We will give some examples of equipment and recommended routes , but in the end what you should do is take into account the enemy’s weaknesses when building.

Multi-Target Composition

Clara on Honkai Star Rail

For confrontations against many enemies:

  • 1 Lore: Serval.
  • 1 Destruction: Clear or Physical Pathfinder .
  • 1 Harmony / 1 Nihility: Sampo or Welt .
  • 1 Abundance / 1 Conservation: Natasha or Gepard .


These are the Ascension Materials you need:

  • Guard Pin.
  • Key of Inspiration.
  • Crown of Shadow Rays of the Past ( Paralyzed Shadow – Thunder Form ).
  • Lament of the Guardian ( Cocolia ).
  • Footprints of Fate (for the highest level).

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