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The Pathfinder of Fire is another of the versions that the protagonist of Honkai Star Rail can adopt when walking the Way of Conservation, we can unlock this new form for our Pathfinder by defeating Cocolia for the first time in the main story.

This character stands out for being able to provoke all the enemies at the same time when using his Basic Ability, something that will come in handy to protect the group and keep characters like Yanqing safe, whose bonuses depend on him not suffering any type of damage.

Another very good aspect that this character has is his Talent that will provide shields to the entire group every time he performs his Basic Attack, Basic Ability or Ultimate Ability, so he will be constantly protecting the group. Of course, because he can put up shields continuously, the amount of damage they can take is quite small.

That being said, below we will see a complete analysis of this character and of course his best Builds , Cones of Light, Artifacts, Ornaments and others. Let’s go there!


These are the Attributes or Stats that the Fire Pathfinder will have at the maximum level:

  • HP: 1241
  • ATK: 601
  • DEF: 606
  • SPD: 95

In general, the statistics of all the parameters that Trazacaminos de Fuego has are quite good (they are much better than those of Siete de Marzo, for example ). Its amount of DEF and HP is quite good for a character whose main role will be tanking ; the only attribute that’s a bit worse is his SPD, but it’s not lousy either.


These are all the Skills of the Fire Pathfinder. The numbers/percentages are what you have at the lowest level:


Deal 50% Fire Damage to a single enemy of your choice and gain a charge of Magmatic Will.


  • Basic Skill Point Consumption: 1

When using this Basic Ability the damage taken by the Pathfinder is reduced by 40% and it gains a charge of Magmatic Will. Additionally, this ability has a base 100% chance to Taunt all enemies on the field .


  • Energy Cost: 120

Performs an area attack that deals Fire Damage to all enemies proportional to 50% of the Pathfinder’s ATK and 75% of DEF. In addition, the next time the Pathfinder uses his Basic Attack he will be boosted without the need to consume any Magmatic Will charges (explained below).


For each attack the Pathfinder receives, it will receive a stack of Magmatic Will (up to 8 stacks of this effect can be gained). When the Pathfinder reaches 4 or more stacks of this effect, he will buff his Basic Attack so that it will now also hit enemies adjacent to the target of our attack.

After the Pathfinder uses his Basic Attack, Basic Ability, or Ultimate, the party will gain a shield for two turns equal to 4% of the Pathfinder’s DEF + 20.


After using this Technique, the Pathfinder will start the fight with a shield equal to 30% of his DEF +384 for one turn.


We can unlock them in the Strokes upon reaching a certain Ascension Level.

  • Ascension Level 2 – The Strong Defends the Weak
    • Using the Basic Ability will cause allies to take 15% less damage for one turn.
  • Ascension Tier 4 – Unwavering Gallantry
    • Upon executing an empowered Basic Attack, the Pathfinder will recover 5% of its maximum HP.
  • Ascension Level 6 – More Acting, Less Thinking
    • If when the Pathfinder begins its turn it is protected by a shield, it increases its ATK by 15% and recovers 5 energy until its action ends this turn.


These are the improvements that the character obtains through the Eidolon:

  • E1 – Earth Core Resonance : Basic Attack now deals additional Fire damage equal to 25% of the Pathfinder’s DEF and the empowered Basic Attack now deals 50% additional damage based on its DEF.
  • E2 – Cosmic Iron Perseverance : The shield created by the Fire Pathfinder Talent increases the damage it can absorb by 2% of the Pathfinder’s DEF + 27.
  • E3 – Blueprints for the Future : +2 levels to Basic Skill and Talent.
  • E4 – Oath of the Surviving Civilization : We will start the battles with 4 charges of Magmatic Will.
  • E5 – Courage to Light the Flame : +2 levels to Ultimate Ability and +1 level to Basic Attack.
  • E6 – Bulwark of the Eternal City : Every time we use the empowered Basic Attack or the Pathfinder’s Ultimate Ability, we will increase its DEF by 10% (this effect can be stacked a maximum of three times).

To be Eidolones that we can get for free as we play, the truth is that they are not bad. I would like to highlight the E2 which I think will help him be more efficient as a Conservation character, since it allows him to increase the efficiency of his shields (these are a bit weak, so not too bad).

E6 is also pretty key, as it allows us to get a huge DEF boost on our Pathfinder, which will make our shields last longer and deal more damage with our Ultimate and the bonus hits from normal and empowered Basic Attack.


In the case of the Fire Pathfinder, we will seek to direct its build to get the highest amount of DEF possible , since the efficiency of its shields and the damage of some of its abilities (not forgetting the Critical) depend on this.


The Moment of Victory on Honkai Star Rail

These are the best Cones of Light for Fire Pathfinder sorted from best to worst (they all come highly recommended anyway) and trying to add both 5-star and 4-star options. Here we will list the effects in Level 1 Overlay.

  • The Moment of Victory  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: +24% DEF, 24% Hit Effect and increases the probability of receiving enemy attacks. When attacked you gain 24% bonus DEF until the end of your turn.
  • The First Day of the Rest of My Life  ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +16% DEF and 8% RES to damage to the whole party when entering combat (cannot activate multiple times in a battle even if you have 2 characters with the Cone of Light ).
  • Universal Market Trends  ⭐⭐⭐⭐: +16% DEF and when hit has a 100% chance to burn the enemy for 40% DEF Damage Over Time for 2 turns.
  • Landau’s Pick  ⭐⭐⭐⭐: You will be more likely to be hit by enemies and take 16% less damage.
  • We are Flare ⭐⭐⭐⭐: -8% party damage for 5 turns. In addition, all allies recover 30% of the HP they have each lost.


We will start with the Artifacts and Ornaments. These are the statistics that we recommend in each piece in order to increase the resistance of your shields.

  • Torso : DEF % / CRIT Chance / CRIT Damage
  • Legs : SPEED.
  • Plane Sphere : DEF %.
  • Binding Rope : Energy Recovery / DEF %


  • DEF %.
  • Prob. CRIT.
  • CRIT Damage
  • Effect Resistance.

Your best Artifact Set would be the following:

Paladin of the Church of the Immaculate Court

Paladin of the Church of the Immaculate Court on Honkai Star Rail
  • 2 pieces: +15% DEF.
  • 4 pieces: +20% effectiveness to shields.

And now his best Ornament Sets:

The Belobog of Architects

  • 2 pieces: +15% DEF and +15% bonus DEF if character has more than 50% Effect Hit.

The good thing about this set of ornaments is that it will increase our DEF by 15%, the bad thing is that the Effect Hit is useless for us on Fire Pathfinder, so we will only receive half the bonus.


We will give some examples of equipment and recommended routes , but in the end what you should do is take into account the enemy’s weaknesses when building.

Composition Single Target

Yanqing on Honkai Star Rail

Against a single enemy, ideal for bosses:

  • 1 Hunting: Yanqing or Sushang .
  • 1 Nihility: Peel  or Welt .
  • 1 Harmony: Bronya or Asta .
  • 1 Conservation: Fire Pathfinder.

Multi-Target Composition

Hook on Honkai Star Rail

For the other types of combat, multiple enemies:

  • 1 Destruction: Hook  or Arlan .
  • 1 Lore: Jing Yuan or Serval .
  • 1 Harmony/ 1 Nihility: Tingyun or Sampo .
  • 1 Conservation: Fire Pathfinder.


These are the Traces and Character Ascension Materials that the Fire Pathfinder needs:

  • Thief’s Instinct.
  • Persistence of the Bronze.
  • Deep Ectowake.
  • Path of the Destroyer ( Doomsday Beast ).
  • Footprints of Fate (for the highest level).

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