April 21, 2024


Kirara is a four-star character who belongs to the Inazuma region in Genshin Impact ; She has drawn a lot of attention from players for turning into a cat-shaped package when using her Elemental Ability, something that will be useful for exploration because it increases the character’s movement and climbing speed while under the effects. her.

Other than that, he stands out for providing a fairly solid shield and for having an exaggeratedly high damage percentage in his Ultimate, but this is a dilemma, since his shields scale with respect to Kirara’s Health % and the damage of his abilities scale its damage relative to its Base Attack. So in case you want to build her , we will have to opt for increasing the damage of her ult or making her shield more resistant.

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Another problem that this character has is that he needs his C4 to be able to use the Memories of the Forest artifact set properly, since his abilities do not do passive damage for a continuous time and we will not be able to lower Dendro’s resistance. But… here comes his C4, which allows him to make a coordinated attack with the active character on the field every 3.8 seconds (this damage is considered ulti damage for Kirara, so it allows him to activate the set effect).


Kirara’s stats are quite mediocre, but the most curious of all is that they are better than Baizhu ‘s despite being a five-star character (less in Life); These would be her parameters when promoting her to level 90:

  • Base Life: 12,180.
  • Base Attack: 223.
  • Base Defense: 546.
  • Life Bonus %: 24%.

Both its Base Attack and Base Defense are mediocre on the downside, but at least the amount of Base Health it has is pretty good. By ascending her we will obtain Life % , which will make her shield more resistant and able to absorb a greater amount of damage.


Let’s see their talents or abilities.


The only thing that changes here compared to other characters is that he does not use his weapon with these attacks, but his claws.

  • Normal Attack : Perform a quick combo of up to four hits.
  • Charged Attack : Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to execute three forward claws.
  • Descending Attack : We will hit the ground causing a blow that causes Physical Damage in an area.


  • TdE: 8-12 s.
  • Flying Kick Damage: 187.2% (level 10).
  • Shield Damage Absorption: 18% of Max Health + 2117.07 (level 10).
  • Max Damage Absorption Shield: 28.8% of Max Health + 3390.63 (level 10).
  • Shield Duration: 12 sec.
  • Mino Package Impact Damage: 60.48% (level 10).
  • Minino Package Maximum Duration: 10 s.
  • Slash Damage: 259.2% (level 10).

Elemental skill on single tap

Kirara will execute a flying kick that will deal Dendro Damage in an area and create a shield that will apply Dendro to Kirara herself and have 250% Dendro Damage Absorption. The damage absorption of said shields will be based on Kirara’s Max Health but only up to a certain percentage of his Health. To increase the absorption of this shield we will have to create a new one, since these can be stacked and when creating a new one before the duration of the current shield ends, its duration will be reset.

Elemental ability when held down

We will create a shield exactly the same as the previous one, but Kirara will turn into a kitty-shaped package and enter Pussycat Package mode that gives her the following effects:

  • Hitting an enemy when converted to a pack will deal Dendro Damage against enemies hit (once every 0.5s).
  • Increases movement speed, climbing speed, and your jumping ability in exchange for consuming a greater amount of Stamina.
  • When Kitten Pack’s duration expires or is cast again, Kirara claws back, dealing more powerful area Dendro Damage than using the Elemental Ability without holding it down.
  • The state of Minino Package can last up to 10 seconds, once the state ends, the ToE of the Elemental Ability will start to run (so the longer we are using it, the higher its ToE will be as it happens with the daggers of Tartaglia ) .
  • Sprinting or stopping climbing will cancel the Kitty Pack status.


  • Energy Cost: 60.
  • TdE: 15 s.
  • Skill Damage: 1026.43% (level 10).
  • Cardamiow Meow Wisps Explosion Damage: 64.15% (level 10).
  • Cardamiow-meow Wisps Duration: 12 sec.

Kirara creates a huge package on top of the enemies and throws it to crush them doing a quite lethal Dendro Damage in an area, after exploding the package will create small cat-shaped bombs that produce Dendro Damage in an area, these will explode once 12 seconds have passed or when coming into contact with enemies.

The explosion of the cat-shaped bombs do not stand out for their damage, but the damage of Kirara’s ult has very high percentages for a 4-star character, which will make him hit the enemies quite well. As a curiosity, as with the Klee bombs , the cat-shaped bombs can be combined with some Anemo characters such as Kazuha .


When Kirara finds herself turned into a cat-shaped package and hits an enemy, she will gain a charge of an effect called a boosted package . This effect causes when Kirara exits the elemental state that turns her into a cat pack, she gains a shield that would be 20% as effective as the one she originally created with her Elemental Ability. It can stack three times and trigger once every 0.5 seconds.

If Kirara is still protected by her shield at the end of Kitty Pack mode, the absorbs of each charge she has gained on her current shield are stacked and reset its duration.


For every 1000 Health Kirara has, her Elemental Ability damage will increase by 0.4% and her Ultimate Ability damage will increase by 0.3%.

If our Kirara had, for example, 25,000 points of Maximum Life, the damage of her elemental would increase by 10% and the damage of her ulti by 7.5%. So this passive supposes an extra damage for Kirara’s abilities that is not too relevant, this passive would have been more interesting if the damage of her abilities also scaled with Kirara’s Health and not with her Attack.


If Kirara is a party member, animals that can be obtained Raw Meat, Poultry Meat, and Frozen Meat will not be scared when approached. This passive is exactly the same as the one that Aloy has for example .


These are the benefits that Kirara is obtaining through her Constellations:

  • C1 – Logistic Circulation : By using her ult, Kirara will create an additional cat-shaped bomb for every 8,000 Life points she possesses (4 Cardamiow-meow Wisps can be created this way).
  • C2 – Perfect Packaging : When playing in multiplayer we can generate a shield for the players near Kirara when we use her pulsed Elemental Ability, this shield will have 40% absorption compared to the original, it will last 12 seconds and can be granted every 10 seconds.
  • C3 – Know Thy Neighbor : Increases Elemental Skill by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C4 – Idaten’s Steed : When the character that is active on the field is protected with the shield that Kirara creates by maintaining his Elemental Skill, he executes a Normal, Charged or Descending Attack, Kirara will make a coordinated attack in which he will throw a similar little bomb to that of the Ultimate Ability that will deal 200% of its ATK damage and will be considered ult damage (this can happen once every 3.8 seconds).
  • C5 – Daily Journey : Increases Ultimate Ability by 3 levels, can be increased up to 15 levels.
  • C6 – Landscape Infinity : When using Kirara’s elemental or ult, all party members gain 12% Bonus Elemental Damage from all elements.

Her first Constellations aren’t that great, because C1 creates more bombs, but they don’t have much damage and C2 is like Diona’s that allows you to create shields for multiplayer. The Constellations that we are really interested in in Kirara are her C4, so that she can maintain the resistance drop to Dendro with the Forest Memories set as we mentioned at the beginning of the post and her C6, which gives +12% of all the Bonuses of Elemental damage to the entire party .


In this case we will focus entirely on increasing Kirara’s Max Life so that her shields can withstand as much damage as possible, it will also be relevant to invest a bit in her Energy Recharge, since it generates very few particles and we could have problems to recharge your ult even though it doesn’t have a very high Elemental Energy cost .


Coronation Key in Genshin Impact

These are the swords that best suit you in this case:

  • Coronation Key ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: His best weapon since it gives him an insane amount of Life% and also gives him a certain amount of Elemental Mastery based on the Max Life he has and also shares a certain amount with teammates .
  • Jade Primordial Cutter ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: The passive of this sword gives us 20% Life, it also has an Attack % and a high Critical Chance that will allow us to increase Kirara’s damage, although it is not the main point of this build .
  • Favonius’ Sword ⭐⭐⭐⭐: It will allow you to also act as a battery for the team, but in exchange we will have to have a certain amount of Critical Chance in your build .
  • Wooden Sword ⭐⭐⭐⭐: It has a good amount of Energy Recharge and when it causes a certain type of Elemental Reaction it leaves a kind of leaf that will increase the Elemental Mastery of the character who picks it up.


Vurukasha's Flare in Genshin Impact

As for stats on artifacts:

  • Helmet or Crown : Life %.
  • Clock : Life% or Energy Recharge.
  • Chalice : Life %.

Substats you are looking for:

  • Priority: Elemental Mastery, Health %, Health and Attack %.
  • No Priority: Critical Chance and Critical Damage.

And as for the Set of Artifacts we recommend the following option for Kirara:

  • Geoweapon Tenacity :
    • 2 Pieces : +20% Life.
  • Vurukasha’s Flare :
    • 2 Pieces : +20% Life.

Both the two pieces of Tenacity of the Geoarmada and the two pieces of Vurukasha’s Flare will give us +20% Health, which will be great to increase the potential of Kirara’s shield to the maximum; If we find that we are low on Energy Recharge, we can substitute one of the two sets for two pieces of Emblem of Destiny .

Even so, the set that rents us the most is actually the Memories of the Forest set, but if Kirara doesn’t have her C4, she won’t be able to lower the Dendro resistance of enemies efficiently.


Kirara’s Ultimate has even higher damage percentages than Zhongli ‘s ult or Shikanoin Heizou ‘s elemental , so in this comp we’re building Kirara to do as much damage as possible with this ability and leaving her shield a little to the side.


Jade Cutter in Genshin Impact

These are some of the swords that we can equip to Kirara:

  • Jade Cutter ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐: Provides a high Critical Chance rate, has a good Base Attack and also increases the Life of its wearer by 20%, which will improve their shield although it is not the main thing in this build .
  • Twin Amenoma Sword ⭐⭐⭐⭐: Provides a large amount of Attack and its passive will help recharge Kirara’s ulti.
  • Wooden Sword ⭐⭐⭐⭐
  • Sword of Favonius ⭐⭐⭐⭐


As for stats on artifacts:

  • Helmet or Crown : Critical Chance or Critical Damage.
  • Clock : Attack %.
  • Chalice : Dendro Damage Bonus.

Substats you are looking for:

  • Priority: Critical Chance, Critical Damage, Attack % and Life %.
  • No Priority: Health, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery.

And as for the Set of Artifacts, we recommend the following for this option:

Ancient Ritual of Nobility in Genshin Impact
  • Ancient Ritual of the Nobility :
    • 2 Pieces : +20% damage with the Ulti.
    • 4 Pieces : After casting the Ulti all your team gets +20% Attack for 12 seconds.

The two-piece bonus will increase our ult damage by 20% and the four-piece set bonus will allow us to increase the attack of the entire party by 20% for 12 seconds when Kirara ults. If you already have another character that has this artifact set on your team, you can use just two pieces from this set and combine them with two other pieces of Memories of the Forest.

Another alternative would be the full set of Memories of the Forest so that Kirara can lower the Dendro resistance of the enemies when using her abilities, but for this to work, we will need to have her C4 or it will be a bad set for her because it will not activate the effects consistently.


Cyno in Genshin Impact

These are some of the characters that Kirara can support:

  • Electro Characters : We can take Kirara in Acceleration or Overbloom teams, but another Dendro character will be needed that has a greater application than her, her role will be to either deal damage with her ult or provide robust shields.
    • Cyno : If we don’t have Baizhu we can take Kirara as a shield so that they don’t interrupt Cyno’s attacks during his ult, unfortunately it doesn’t cover the entire duration of his ult, but it does cover the vast majority of it.
    • Shogun Raiden : His shield can be used to protect the Shogun Raiden during the execution of his ulti. If we have Kirara on her C4, she will create coordinated attacks that will help us maintain the Intensification Elemental Reactions of the Shogun’s basics during her ult.
    • Keching : She doesn’t spend much time on the field and wouldn’t benefit as much from such a robust shield, so she’ll be better off with the more offensive version of Kirara to deal more damage with her team.
  • Dendro Characters : Either we have another teammate on the team to lower the Dendro resistance of the enemies and Kirara can focus on dealing damage, or we let Kirara take the Forest Memories set and protect a Main DPS with her shields of its own element.
    • Alhacen : If we take Kirara with the Memories of the Forest set, we can lower the resistance to Dendro of the enemies so that Alhacen does more damage and at the same time provide him with a powerful shield to block much of the damage he can receive.
    • Kaveh : Since Kaveh can heal himself, Kirara will come in handy as an offensive Support to boost his team’s damage.
    • Nahida : She can accompany Nahida on a Pure Bloom team either as a Shielder to mitigate group damage or as an offensive Support to do a lot of damage with her ulti.
    • Tignari : If running on a Boost team, Kirara can be a good substitute for Zhongli on your team so they don’t interrupt Tignari’s charged attacks.
  • Hydro Characters : It’s not a good character for a Pure Bloom team due to its low application of Dendro, but if we already have another character on the team that applies a lot of Dendro, then we can take it without problems.
    • Nilou : We can take Kirara in a Pure Bloom team with Nilou to play the shield role blocking the damage caused by enemies and the constant explosions of Dendro Nuclei or to generate a lot of damage every time she uses her ulti.


We will need the following materials to promote him:

  • Emerald Nagadus.
  • ShadowEternal Ring ( Unholy Baptist ).
  • Amakumo fruit .
  • Spectral Shells.

And as for Talent Books and so on:

  • Transience Books.
  • Spectral Shells.
  • Instant of the Arboreal Sea ( Guardian of the Oasis of Apep ).
  • Crown of Wisdom (Talent level 10).

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