April 16, 2024


It was a quiet Sunday morning and I came across a mention of @Sgonzalvo on Twitter asking me if I had tried Ender Lilies: Quietus of the Knights  (which the truth is that I hadn’t, thanks), I watched the trailer and since it called me a lot attention I have ended up buying it. It is a Metroidvania and at the moment I must tell you that it is quite cool, but it is early to draw conclusions, later I will give my opinion about it.

The case, that today I bring you the guide of the Guardian Sigrid , the first boss of the game. It’s not that she’s a very difficult boss; In fact, he is quite easy (especially for those who have experience in the Metroidvania genre ), since after all we find him at the end of the tutorial and, well, it is what it is.

But you know that I like to guide all the bosses of a game (at least the billets) and surely someone who does not usually play Metroidvanias could have problems with it; so nothing, here we go!


It does not have any type of loss, as you start the game you see yourself advancing (there is only one path) and you will end up finding the Guardian Sigrid.

It appears in the ” Sacred Cloister “, which is the second checkpoint in the game (it’s a Hollow Knight -style bench ), just in the room on the right.


The fight against the Guardian Sigrid is divided into 2 phases:


The boss will start off by attacking with one of those chained balls as a weapon. Something you should understand about Ender Lilies is that the enemies before attacking emit a kind of red/yellow flash (something like that) and that will help you dodge their blows more effectively. Let’s see his attacks in this phase:

  • Normal Strike : A normal forward strike without much mystery. You see hitting her and when she emits the flash of her you do a dash to avoid it, you get behind her and continue attacking.
  • Multi Strike : It will appear to be a normal strike, only it will turn into a spinning strike that lasts for a while. As soon as you see that it is this attack, you move away with a dash, wait for it to finish and return to the charge.
  • Jump Attack : It will jump, punch in the air and land with a hit. He does it randomly and therefore it is better that you do not jump in this encounter. If it were to fall on you, do a dash, when it’s over you keep hitting it.

As soon as you lower all of his life, he will enter phase 2 and all health will be fully restored.


Guardian Sigrid will transform into a kind of huge nun that gives a lot of bad vibes. In this phase she watches because she hits harder, but she also becomes a bit rougher and slower in her movements. Her attacks:

  • Claw Attack : The same as before, you hit him and as soon as you see the flash you do a dash to continue with the sword. It’s a forward claw attack, it doesn’t have much else.
  • Backhand Claw : When you’re on his back, watch out because he’ll often flash and do a claw swipe as he spins, so he’ll attack behind him. The same, dash and continue on the other side.
  • Claw Jump : Will jump forward, not too far, and hit on landing. Again, it’s best not to jump here, and just like before, dash if it’s going to land on you.
  • Charge : Typical charge attack, it will dash forward and hit after a certain amount of travel. If it catches you right in front dash as soon as the flash comes out; if he does it while you’re away, you wait for the exact moment when he’s going to cross paths with you and do a dash.

Remember to go healing, when you need it you get away as much as you can and do it; Other than that, it’s pretty simple.


By defeating him we will obtain the following:

  • Ability: Guardian Sigrid . In this game, when we purify someone, we will be able to use one of her abilities. In this case we can summon the Guardian Sigrid to make the attack with the ball of chains in which she began to spin the weapon for a while.
  • Action: Guardian Jump . The double jump in the air of a lifetime.

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