April 21, 2024
Ghostwire Tokyo - Enemy Types Guide (Visitors)

Ghostwire Tokyo – Enemy Types Guide (Visitors)

Ghostwire Tokyo can be a demanding challenge if you don’t have in mind what you are about to face and for this we have thought of a guide that would put these enemies in order and also explain their behavior.

In the game there are different types of enemies called Visitors : these ghosts are 23, all of different types and you will be forced to defeat them all to get the Visitor’s End trophy . Most of the Visitors will be encountered by facing the main mission while others will be visible only in the secondary ones.

Keep in mind that you will have to make sure that you have actually killed the enemy and that it is registered in your character’s database otherwise you will not be able to get the trophy.

What are the enemies of Ghostwire Tokyo? Here is the guide

Ghostwire Tokyo

Nineteen of the 23 enemies are defined as “regular” while four of them are bosses that you will encounter only once during the main story. None of the Visitors will escape you but some of them require some “monster hunting” activity to actually be spotted. Pay attention to the Forlons and the Forsaken because unlike the other enemies, these will flee as soon as they see you so, legs on your shoulders and follow them ensuring you are killed.

  1. Rain Walker
  2. Rugger Walker
  3. Rain Slasher ( has a very peculiar red umbrella )
  4. Shadow Hunter
  5. Relentless Walker
  6. Rage Walker ( recognizable by the flaming eyes )
  7. Student of Misery
  8. Student of Pain
  9. Shine Dancer
  10. Lamentation
  11. Paper Doll
  12. Passenger
  13. Puppets
  14. Forlon (when you arrive at the Mikubo area , at the Temple, be sure to notice this yellow raincoat with umbrella of the same color attached : without making a noise approach it from behind and hit it with a Quick Purge attack).
  15. Forsaken (similar to his cousin Forlon, except that he is all crimson red and with decidedly more unkempt clothes : he hides in the park next to the Chishima Temple, as above approach without being noticed and hit him from behind).
  16. Wanderer
  17. Kuchisake
  18. Crimson Kuchisake
  19. Shiromuko
  20. Sojutsuki
  21. Byotara
  22. Tsuchigumo
  23. Hanngon

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