April 15, 2024
Ghostwire Tokyo - Guide to all trophies and platinum

Ghostwire Tokyo – Guide to all trophies and platinum

After about 3 years since it first appeared in the videogame world, Ghostwire Tokyo is finally ready to delight players with its fresh gameplay, without however exceeding in horror (despite the theme). Clearly the most avid gamers (and why not, those most interested in Japanese culture), will be ready and quick to capture the trophies and platinum of Ghostwire Tokyo , and with this guide we want to help you get them.

Your hunt in the new open world from the creators of The Evil Within will not present any problems, as currently there are no trophies affected by bugs or glitches, there are no trophies related to game difficulty, and there are no missing trophies  given . that you will be able to complete the secondary objectives once you have finished the main story (you will return to the moment before entering the point of “no return”). The trophy list includes the beauty of 57 ( 50, 4, 21), and none of these require online features .

ATTENTION: like any guide to trophies and platinum, even that of Ghostwire Tokyo may contain spoilers on the story and game mechanics. We invite you to continue reading aware of this.

Ghostwire Tokyo

What to do first?

The fact that there are no online trophies and that after the story we will be catapulted again before the point of no return, makes your run very free , where at your discretion (also according to your needs for power and information) you can complete several secondary objectives or find collectibles without the anxiety of losing some.

Clearly the advice is to try to snoop around as much as possible during the plot of the game, not only because the bonuses you will get with statues and more will be very important, but also because walking through the alleys of Shibuya is really pleasant (apart from yokai ). Also try actively to complete the Hyakki Yako events if they happen to be within your reach, as this will be a good way to avoid grinding them later. For the rest, the game map and the exploration, with markers etc., are very guided and clear, you will hardly lose the compass.

When you have completed the story and returned to free roaming, dedicate yourself to collecting 100% of the spirits, side missions and collectibles you left behind. After you have obtained 100% of the spirits , complete Chapter 5 and Chapter 6 again, as you will need it for a specific trophy.

It is therefore not a complicated or difficult platinum to obtain, but it will require a lot of exploration and an estimated playing time of at least 40 hours .

Ghostwire Tokyo Trophy Guide

Bronze trophies

  • Beginnings – Complete Chapter 1. | Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.
  • Problem – Complete Chapter 2. | Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.
  • Connection – Complete Chapter 3. | Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.
  • Complication – Complete Chapter 4. | Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.
  • Breaking – Complete Chapter 5. | Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.
  • Bond – Complete Chapter 6. | Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.
  • Conclusions – Complete the main story. | Trophy linked to history, impossible to miss.
  • Rescuer – Transfer 25% of the spirits found in the city. | Trophy shown in the description, see the silver trophy “ The salvation of all “.
  • Salvatore – Transfer 50% of the spirits found in the city. | Trophy shown in the description, see the silver trophy “ The salvation of all “.
  • Solver – Complete a side mission. | Trophy explained in the description. See also the silver “ Genius of the lamp “ trophy.
  • Open a way – Purify a Torii portal. | To get the trophy, you will need to purify a Torii Portal. During the first stages of the story, you will be led to purify some of them for plot reasons, practically an impossible trophy to miss.
  • Liberator – Purifies all Torii portals. | Within Ghostwire Tokyo there are two trophies dedicated to portals, and this one in particular will require you to purify all 29 (here is our guide dedicated to Torii Portals).
  • Treasure Hunter – Obtain an Heirloom. | Trophy explained in the description. See also the silver “ Collector “ trophy.
  • Mind and Body – Unlock all Spiritual Skills. | There are three categories of Spiritual Skills in the game, and to get the trophy you will need to complete all three of their skill trees . To do this you will need several things: increase the level of Synergy with KK, collect the KK Investigation Notes , and collect all the Magatama , obtaining them from the Yokai hunts, so as to make some of the Skills available for unlocking.
  • On the same wavelength – Bring the synergy level to the maximum. | This is your character’s level. It will increase by defeating Visitors, completing quests and transferring spirits. The maximum level is 50 , and you will reach it without realizing it as you complete the various activities.
  • Shibuya is my territory – Find all points of interest. | There are a total of 31 points of interest in the game, which are important areas of Shibuya. Many of these will be found naturally during the game, even when you hunt down spirits, but others you will have to look for on your own.
  • Echoes of the past – Get a recording. | Trophy shown in the description, see the bronze trophy ” All the truth “.
  • The Whole Truth – Get All Recordings. | Trophy shown in the description. There are 17 in total in the game, and you will find them in the form of voice recorders or open laptops. You will find them mostly in telephone booths and shrines.
  • All thanks to the Yokai – Get a Magatama. | Trophy shown in the description, see the bronze trophy ” Power hoarding “.
  • Hoard of Power – Obtain all Magatama. | In total there are 40 Magatamas in the game , which will be essential for you to unlock the Spiritual Abilities. You can get them by completing the Yokai Hunts scattered around the map.
  • Occasional religiousness – Pray at a Jizo statue. | Trophy illustrated in the description, see the bronze “ Pellegrino “ trophy.
  • Pilgrim – Pray at all Jizo statues. | Trophy shown in the description. There are 52 Jizo statues scattered around Shibuya , which will increase a certain element by 1SP when you pray to us. To help you, we have compiled a dedicated guide .
  • I See Your Tail – Find all the missing Tanuki. | There are 25 Tanuki beauty to be found in the game, which blend into objects. You’ll need to find them all to get the trophy, but not before you’ve unlocked the ability to find them, with the Shiroyama Temple side quest .
  • Gourmet – Get all kinds of food and drink. | There are 50 different types of food (and drinks) in the game. Most can be found randomly on the game map, while others can be purchased.
  • DJ Akito – Get all the music tracks. | To unlock the 31 music tracks in the game you will have to complete the main missions, but also buy them from the Neko, and always from them by completing some requests.
  • Talismania – Obtain all talismans. | These are objects that you can use, throwing them on the ground, to help you defeat the Visitors. You will acquire them and unlock them upon purchase simply by playing the story. There are 4 types , and they vary both in effects and in the price at which you can find them.
  • Unlimited Spirits – Get the maximum number of katashiros. | These are the dolls that you will use to store the spirits that you will collect in the game. The more you have, the more spirits you can take with you at the same time without necessarily rushing to transfer them. The maximum number of Katashiro you can have is 50 .
  • Animal Lover – Caress an animal. | Shibuya is also inhabited by some animals, many dogs and cats. If you stand in front of one of them and squeeze L2, you will pat him and get the trophy.
  • Amateur Photographer – Use photo mode for the first time. | Open the game menu and enter the photo mode, the trophy will be obtained immediately.
  • You would never steal a spirit – Successfully protect at least 3 containment cubes in a single battle. | These are random events that will start within the game map, and which will be marked with green markers on it. If you are “lucky”, you will find three cubes under attack by the Visitors (otherwise it can only be one or two). Eliminate them by defending all three cubes to get the trophy.
  • Don’t Pining – Catch a “Daikyo” omikuji. | In the major shrines on the game map (Shiroyama, Hirokawa, Onte and Kiragaoka) you can pay 200 meika (the game coin) to draw an omikuji from the omikuji box. These are predictions that will give you certain buffs. The Daikyo instead gives a malus, and is the rarest of all, if you fish it you will be inflicted a lot of damage. This is a very low percentage, close to 1%, therefore it could be appropriate (in order not to spend a fortune on meika) to take advantage of the game save, and reload if the attempt was not successful.
  • Together we are stronger – Merge with KK again after being separated by an attack. | Some Visitors have the power to separate KK from Akito’s body. If that happens, press L2 to return KK to Akito’s body and you’ll get the trophy.
  • No Visits Today – Defeat any type of visitor. | There are 23 types of enemies within Ghostwire Tokyo , here is our dedicated guide .
  • Heartbreaker – Defeat a visitor by ripping out the core. | Trophy shown in the description, see the bronze trophy ” Soulbreaker “.
  • Soulbreaker – Defeat 50 visitors by ripping out their core. | When you hit the visitors and expose their cores, you can take them out by holding L2. It is part of the basic combat actions, and it won’t be a problem to get the trophy during the game without realizing it.
  • In One Shot – Defeat at least 5 visitors at the same time by ripping off their core. | Trophy shown in the description. You will have to make sure that 5 visitors with the exposed core are within range. One way to make life easier would be to get a skill to stun them and make them easier to hit to expose it, or some talismans. a good place to try is during the Hyakki Yako events.
  • Final with a bang – Defeat at least 3 Visitors at the same time by detonating a red crystallized ether. | Trophy shown in the description. You will find the aether of this type fluttering at human height in many places on the map, and if hit they will explode. Make sure to detonate one when there are several enemies around (base level Visitors are almost always defeated on the spot).
  • Silent Execution – Defeat a total of 200 Visitors with instant cleansing. | This is the equivalent of stealth attacks in most action games. Go behind him silently and press L2.
  • Raining Arrows – Defeat a total of 50 Visitors with the bow. | You will get the bow in Chapter 2 of the game. You can easily equip it during combat and use it to take down enemies. Aim for the head to get the dedicated bronze trophy (“ Aim for the eyes “) in combo.
  • Aim for the Eyes – Defeat a total of 20 Visitors by hitting them in the head. | Trophy shown in the description.
  • Sniper – Defeat a visitor with a headshot from a distance of at least 40 meters. | Trophy shown in the description. It might be slightly complicated. We recommend that you find a visitor who does not move too much, and place yourself about forty meters away. Savings, to try again and again, can help you. ATTENTION: remember that the arrows, with the distance, tend to draw a descending arc, so it would be preferable to try from an elevated position.
  • Stop where you are! – Defeat a total of 10 Visitors hit by a Stun Talisman with instant cleansing. | Trophy shown in the description.
  • Ambush! – Defeat 3 Visitors with instant cleansing from behind the Bushes of the Lush Talisman. | Trophy accurately described, however kills may sometimes not be counted. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on talismans (they cost 1,000 meika), use a save and reload. Progress will be calculated even if you load the save.
  • A Swipe of Acid – Defeat a total of 10 Visitors by extracting their exposed core with a corrosive talisman. | Trophy shown in the description. Again, as in “Ambush!” in order not to spend too many meikas, you could use the saves to reload the game.
  • Blocker – Perform a total of 30 perfect blocks. | Press L1 with perfect timing while a Visitor is attacking you to perform a perfect block, you need to do it 30 times. If you are used to parrying, it will come automatically to you during the adventure.
  • Synchronization successful – Log in a total of 10 times. | You will unlock the ability in Chapter 2, and pressing L3 and R3 will create a jolt capable of hitting nearby Visitors and making their cores more vulnerable to discovery. Use the skill 10 times to get the trophy.
  • With wings on your feet – Use the hook and then fly in the air for at least 10 seconds. | Trophy shown in the description. You may need to unlock some of the attached skills before you can succeed.
  • Big Spender – Spend a total of 1,000,000 meika. | As mentioned, this is the in-game currency, and is used to buy many things that will come in handy. You’ll find them around, but you’ll also earn them by defeating Powerful Visitors, transferring spirits, completing quests, and so on. It shouldn’t be a problem to spend that much, as you’ll need a lot of stuff for the rest of the trophies.
  • Generosity – Donate a total of 10,000 meika in offering boxes. | Different temples of the game will give you the possibility to offer 100 or 500 meika in the cassettes. When you have bid a total of 10,000 meika the trophy will be awarded. We recommend always offering 500, because you can also get help to find the Tanuki and Jizo statues.
  • O pretty moon – Spend at least 30 seconds observing the moon. | Romantic…

Silver trophies

  • Everyone’s Salvation – Transfer 100% of the spirits found in the city. | Trophy explained in the description. Within the game you will soon learn to collect people’s spirits, which you will then have to transfer via the phone booths. You will have a counter that will inform you how many you have transferred and how many you are missing. Sharpen your eyes on the streets, and unleash the trees of corruption , which often contain some of them. Other spirits will be the reward of some side missions , Hyakki Yako events , and containment cubes. Also increase the number of dolls at your disposal to be able to carry more dolls with you at the same time. In addition, there are several skills or rosaries in the game that will greatly increase your ability to locate them, so always keep an eye on them and make the most of them.
  • Genie of the Lamp – Complete all side missions. | Ghostwire Tokyo includes a total of 42 side missions, many of which will unlock after you have purified Torii Portals which makes the trophies connected. Don’t worry, none are missing, and you can complete them whenever you want. However, if you complete Chapter 4 and get on the bike, you will only be able to complete them again after you have completed the game and you will be taken back to the point of no return.
  • Collector – Collect all relics. | Trophy explained in the description. To get it you will need to collect all 123 relics in the game. Don’t be too scared, as the game itself in the Neko shops will allow you to track them in the required areas of the map.
  • Uncontainable Power – Collect all rosaries. | Rosaries are equipable items to give power-ups, and there are 33 in total in the game. You can obtain them in shrines after purifying them, or by completing the Neko requests, and completing the game with 100% of the transferred spirits.

Gold Trophies

  • Hero of Shibuya – Complete the main story after completing the transfer of 100% of the spirits found in the city. | Trophy explained in the description. Within the game you will soon learn to collect people’s spirits, which you will then have to transfer via the phone booths. You will have a counter that will inform you how many you have transferred and how many you are missing. Sharp your eyes on the streets, and liberate the corrupt zones, which often contain some of them. Also increase the number of dolls at your disposal to be able to carry more dolls with you at the same time. Once you’ve collected all of them, replay Chapters 5 and 6.
  • Fashionist – Collect all items from the clothing menu (bonus content excluded). | To get it, you will need to get all the clothes present in the city. There are 50 of them in total, and they can be unlocked by completing side missions, purchasing them from Nekos, or completing requests. If you aim to complete the game 100%, the trophy will be a direct consequence without additional effort.

Platinum Trophy

  • Supreme Ghost Hunter – Obtained all trophies. | As always in these cases, you will get it after getting all the other trophies in the game.

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