April 15, 2024
Fortnite: all the changes that the map has received with its new update 21.40

Fortnite: all the changes that the map has received with its new update 21.40

After the intense rain of news that the new collaboration between Fortnite and Dragon Ball has brought about, it seems that I am beginning to see the exit to a Tuesday full of hype, things to tell you and more coffees in the body than I am willing to admit. Be that as it may, this crossover has been coupled with update 21.40 and I still have a couple of things to highlight from it today. So… I guess as long as the body lasts.

You have already read it in the headline: in this article I am going to focus on the changes that the Fortnite map has received thanks to the aforementioned patch. The changes in question have been collected by the dataminer known as FNAssist and I proceed to leave you with all of them below:

  • The Daily Bugle has been replaced by a new Laguna Fortuna location
  • The Kame House has appeared to the east of the Fortnite map
  • Capsule Corp capsules now spawn at random points on the map each match
  • Tilted Towers has received a new Community Block
  • The reality tree has begun to spread its roots towards the island of the beginning of the games
  • The Battle Bus now has a Dragon Ball theme
  • An ice cream truck has crashed on the side of a road
fortnite map 1 4
fortnite map 2 2
fortnite map 3 3
fortnite map 4 4
anyconvcom fortnite map 5 1
anyconvcom fortnite map 6
anyconvcom fortnite map 7

Well there you have all the news that have come to the map with this Fortnite update . What do these changes look like? I read you carefully in the comments.

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