April 15, 2024
Cult Of The Lamb: The trending indie video game you must try

Cult Of The Lamb: The trending indie video game you must try

A few days ago a curious and very addictive indie game went on sale that offers us something very simple and bizarre at the same time: Create your own sect! Yes, I know, at first it may seem very strange that a video game that is mainly about forming a religious cult led by a sheep is so addictive. But I promise you it is.

Cult of the Lamb is the new Devolver Digital , and it is a video game that perfectly mixes the rogue-like genre and that of strategy and resource management. On the one hand, we have this part of the game that consists of creating a pagan cult and gradually improving the village, but there will also be times when we will have to go through various dungeons in which we will face various enemies and recruit new members to the sect.

Surely you have read or seen something related to Cult of the Lamb in recent days, and it is becoming the new fashion game, especially among the community of youtubers and streamers. And since Cult of the Lamb is now on everyone’s lips, and it is an amazingly addictive game, today I will give you 5 reasons why you should play this new video game. Let’s go there!

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1. Creating your own sect has never been so much fun!

Your main goal in Cult of the Lamb is to create your own sect. And for this you will have to recruit new members, grow food, cook, perform rituals, collect materials, clean the village and create all kinds of buildings. All of this, and much more, is part of that more strategic and resource management part, and I promise you that it’s so addictive that you won’t be able to stop playing.

It is incredible how there is always something to do in the village, no matter how silly the task you are going to do, there will always be something to do. And it is that the other members of the sect can help you with all kinds of tasks, which means that it is very important to know how to manage both the resources well, as well as the members of the sect who are going to be working or praying.

By the way, creating your own sect is relatively simple. But that’s not bad, quite the opposite. The game isn’t very complicated and it doesn’t try to bore you with lots of complicated mechanics either, so you’ll never get overwhelmed. Of course, there are lots of things to do and unlock.

cult of the lamb 5720858
Build the cult of your dreams in Cult of the Lamb

2. Why not add your friends to the cult?

And if being able to create your own pagan cult in a video game isn’t reason enough for you to pick up the Cult of the Lamb, wait until you know this: You can get your friends to join the cult! Well, it must be said that you will not be able to do it literally, since Cult of the Lamb is not a multiplayer video game, but what you will be able to do is put the names of your friends to the different animals that will join your own sect, and you can also change their physical appearance.

In Cult of the Lamb, the members of the sect are everything, and it is your duty to keep them alive and happy. That’s why it’s much more fun to imagine that this sect is made up of you and your group of friends. That’s what I’ve done in my game, and there have been all kinds of fun situations: duels to the death between members of the sect, sacrifices, banquets… You can even get the members of the sect to become friends with each other. Or you can marry one of them, that too.

cult of the lamb friends 2
You can sneak your friends into your sect

3. The perfect mix between cute and macabre

And another reason why you should get Cult of the Lamb is because of its quirky art style and macabre tone. Because it’s amazing how much the cartoon art style contrasts with the cult theme and all the elements of Satanism that appear in the game.

In this sense it resembles The Binding of Isaac , another rogue-like that had a quite nice art style, but was full of biblical and demonic monsters, blood and gore. I don’t know what these types of games have and their tone is so macabre that it catches my attention.

cult of the lamb rituals
Rituals, sacrifices, in this sect everything is done

4. The perfect rogue-like for those who want to get into this genre

The rogue-like genre isn’t for everyone, so it’s nice that Cult of the Lamb has a slightly more streamlined dungeon quest system. And precisely because of this detail, I think it’s the perfect video game for those players who want to get into the world of rogue-like games.

Because while other games in this genre, such as the Binding of Isaac or Hades , are somewhat more difficult and with various mechanics that are somewhat more complicated to master, Cult of the Lamb does an excellent job of attracting those players who are not yet ready to give the jump to the more complicated rogue-like.

cult of the lamb screen 4
That bug doesn’t look very friendly.

5. If you are a streamer and you like to interact with your community, this is your game!

And finally, a reason why, in case you are a streamer, you should definitely play Cult of the Lamb. And it is that this game allows your followers to actively help you to make your sect grow, either by filling the soul bar that the central totem of your sect has, or by joining the cult.

That’s right, when you recruit a pet to join your cult, if you’re playing the game live on Twitch, the game will be able to do a giveaway among all your viewers so they can join your cult and create their own avatar in the form of of animal. This is what the streamer JUJALAG has done on his Twitch channel, among many other creators who are contributing to the success of the video game. Cool, right?

streamers cult of the lamb
Streamer Jujalag playing Cult of the Lamb and using the option to let a chat user join his cult

Well, have I convinced you to try Cult of the Lamb or what? If after reading this article you have been a little more interested in this curious video game, I remind you that it is already available for PC , Nintendo Switch , Xbox consoles and Playstation consoles .

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