April 15, 2024


Blood Moon Festival is a limited-time Cult of the Lamb event that has been recently introduced to commemorate Halloween, introducing some new features that I will tell you about in this post.

The truth is that there are not too many races and the event as such you can “pass” in a few minutes, but it is always cool that they do this type of temporary events and in the process you will get some objects and Forms for Adepts only obtainable through this event, so it’s worth catching them… we don’t know if they’ll come back one day. I understand that every Halloween they will do this, but perhaps the objects change, who knows.

The case, keep in mind that the Blood Moon event will end this November 10 . That said, let’s go with all the news that this event brings.


To activate the Blood Moon Festival we will have to perform a new ritual conveniently called “Blood Moon Ritual” that we will have at our disposal simply for playing on the relevant dates and that will only ask for 20 Pumpkins (yes, for what if you don’t have, you can easily find them in Anura ).

By the way, you will see that an Adept will ask you for a mission (the one that notifies you that this event is happening and others) and it will be much heavier than normal; This is because I think most players end up spending a bit of their quests and they have purposely made it a lot heavier for us to pay attention to.

When doing the ritual we will invoke a Blood Moon (a red moon come on) that will make it always night in our sect (which does not mean that there will continue to be a day and night cycle) with touches of reddish lighting (the truth is quite cool) . This will last 3 game days, so you will have plenty of time to get all the things; Too bad… well, you do the ritual again and that’s it.


Phantom Adept in Cult of the Lamb

With the active Blood Moon, ghosts of our Adepts who passed away will begin to appear ; they will appear everywhere (in our sect’s camp). The idea is to interact with them since by doing so we will obtain new Adept Forms and also new decorative objects ; we will list both below.

You will know that you have obtained all the objects of the event because these ghosts will begin to give you Divine Inspiration (upgrading our statue), at which point you can finish the event since you will have unlocked everything.


Blood Moon Adept Forms

These are the 3 new skins that you can get during this event (you can get them all, you just farm a lot of ghosts), as you can see we have the following:

  • Raven Adept.
  • Red Demon Adept.
  • Skull Adept.

What is your favorite? I think I’ll stick with the skull, although the raven is also quite handsome.


Blood Moon Decorative Items

And to finish with the things that we can get in the Blood Moon Festival we have these 4 decorative objects (they are also obtained by interacting with the ghosts of our Adepts that roam our camp):

  • Blood Moon Candle : 3x Stone and 1x Grass.
  • Blood Moon Skull : 2x Bone and 2x Camellia (the red flower from Dark Forest that we use to cure sick Adepts ).
  • Blood Moon Tree : 8x Wood.
  • Blood Moon Pumpkin : 3x Pumpkin and 2x Wood.

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