April 21, 2024


The Bone is a fairly common Minecraft material and therefore easy to obtain that, despite appearances, does have some use. It’s not like it’s fundamental, but it is true that we can do several things with it, especially in terms of Agriculture… yes, as strange as it may seem.

So nothing, without getting involved much more; then I will tell you how you can get lots of Bones and all the use you can give to this object. Let’s go there!


Well, as I have already mentioned, it is in fact very easy to obtain since they are usually dropped very often by both Skeletons and Stray (a variant of the Skeleton but that appears in Snowy Biomes ).

As a reminder, clarify that these enemies only appear at night since sunlight burns and kills them; but the fact is that they are extremely common, it would be rare that you have not already come across several of them in your adventure… so simply go hunting for a night and kill everyone you see to obtain several Bones.


Although meat is far more effective at taming Wolves into adorable pets (even Rotten Meat works), you can also get it with Bones; only that you will have to use several to get it if you are not very lucky.

The point is that if you have any left over and want to tame a Wolf, you can use them to do so and keep the Meat for yourself, but don’t eat the rotten meat!

And in the same way that it works to tame Wolves, it also works to attract their attention and attract them, so here’s another useful tidbit.


And this is without a doubt the most popular use of Bone: Bone Meal. You can create it in a simple way, you will only have to put the Bone both on the Crafting Table and in your own hands (just put the bone there anywhere, you do not have to make a combination) and that’s it.

Bone Dust Recipe in Minecraft

For every unit of Bone you will get 3 units of Bone Dust. But… what is this for? Well, you see, in fact it is very useful since we can use it (with the action button, not the paste button) to make crops or trees grow in a moment . For each unit of Bone Dust they will grow a little more, so if you want to take something newly planted to its maximum growth, you will have to invest several units of Bone Dust (not many).

This is very useful both to get wood from Trees that for some reason are scarce or to obtain food very quickly through the crops in your Garden .

On top of that, Bone Dust is the White Dye, so you can use it to dye Crystal , Clay, Wool, and more white.


And we are done with the last use that we can give to the Bone, especially if we have a few on hand, the Bone Block. As the name indicates, it is a block of solid bone that we can use for constructions and others… we could simulate, for example, a fossil (since the real ones are so difficult to find…).

To create this block, we will simply have to combine 9 units of Bone Dust (it would be equivalent to 3 Bones) filling the 9 spaces of the Crafting Table. We will get a Bone Block for every 9 units of Bone Dust.

Bone Block Recipe in Minecraft

In the same way we can reverse the process, since if we put a Bone Block unit on the Crafting Table or in our hands, we will obtain the 9 Bone Powders from which the block is made. This has a utility and it is that this will allow us to store the Bone Powder in a much more compact way , since each Bone Block could later be converted into 9 units of Bone Powder, so it is a more efficient way to store large amounts.

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