April 15, 2024
Tips and tricks to dominate matches in FIFA 22

Tips and tricks to dominate matches in FIFA 22

Tips to dominate the game during FIFA 22 matches

FIFA 22  is quite a challenge for the players, since they must keep the goal with the least number of conceded goals possible , as well as, on the other hand, score all the goals they can , being fundamental the defense  and attack  during the matches. 

That is why dominating the game is key when it  comes to winning, since you can either let the rival take the lead or force him to do or go where you want. Therefore, here is a series of tips and tricks to dominate FIFA 22 matches : 

Learn from others and your mistakes

Starting with the basics, it must be said that you will not always be the best , so many times you will lose the matches . You can see this as something negative, which is useless, or, on the contrary, use this loss to learn . 

This is because there can be two reasons for losing: either the rival does things that you don’t , so you should see what you have to improve to dominate the game so much, or the rival has taken advantage of your weaknesses , so it would be necessary to train to cover them and prevent them from happening in the future. 

However, first of all, remember that it is a video game, so enjoy it . 

Take a rest

In relation to the above, there will be times when you lose due to bad luck . This shouldn’t affect you at all, since it’s still a game, but if it does, if you find yourself upset, the best thing to do is put your console down and do something else . 

This is a hobby to have fun and enjoy, especially if you play your favorite sport. Therefore, to play sulking, it is better to leave it for another time, especially since in this state you will have less concentration , so you could lose again, which would increase that frustration. A vicious circle that you must avoid at all costs.

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