April 16, 2024
Tips and tricks to defend in FIFA 22

Tips and tricks to defend in FIFA 22

Tricks to defend during FIFA 22 matches

In FIFA 22  during the matches we will have to try by all means that the rivals score a goal for us , since this will facilitate the matches by not requiring us to score another goal . That is why defense is vital when it  comes to winning games, especially because if you don’t concede any of them, the worst that can happen is that you draw. 

Knowing this and in order for you to have a better performance  in the football matches that you are going to play in the title, below you will have a series of tips and tricks  that you must follow when defending in FIFA 22 : 

Defending from midfield

It may seem that having players occupy the  defensive position,  you do not need to do anything else with the rest, but the truth is that this could be a huge mistake , since this position is the last defensive line before the goalkeeper , so that, if an opponent passes it, only the goalkeeper will be there . 

That is why from the outset you must prevent the opponent from crossing the ball   in the center of the field, using the L1 Button, LB Button or similar depending on your console or PC, as well as the right joystick to block the opponent . 

Don’t make hard tackles

Most of the time, instinct will make you launch yourself against the opponent with the ball, when, on the contrary, it is best to approach him and push him , using L2, LT or the equivalent button, thus achieving that we can recover the ball without too many risks . 

These same risks mean that either we can lose a player because he is left behind on the field, or what is worse, that the tackle is so hard that we end up with an expulsion , this being something that can greatly affect the course of the game. 

Do not let them enter the area

The final touch comes with the fact that the enemy has broken through all the previous lines, thus giving rise to only the area remaining . Given this, if your rival wants to score, let him earn it , so press and avoid by all means (regulatory) that they enter the area. 

Be very careful here with the possible crosses  from the wings, since these can make other players from the other team uncovered, which means that when they receive the ball they only have to shoot to score and that’s it. 

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