April 15, 2024
The Quarry: Hackett's Quarry Massacre - Guide

The Quarry: Hackett’s Quarry Massacre – Guide

The Quarry is the new title of Supermassive Games in collaboration with 2K , the spiritual successor of Until Dawn , which takes us to a new videogame horror where our decisions will affect the unfolding of the night. Because anything can happen in one night. Today we will see how to kill all the characters, earning the Hackett’s Quarry Massacre trophy.

The following guide contains spoilers so if you are on your first run of this game, read on at your own risk.

What does not kill you makes you stronger

Starting from this assumption, every decision we make from the very first bars of the game will affect the death or survival of each individual character.

We will see together which choices and which answers will make us obtain the coveted trophy:

the quarry 5

Chapter 1 – Optional

We will start the chapter when Abigail and Emma are at the booths talking about whether to leave your bags or enter, choose the RIGHT option “BREAK DOWN”. So while Abi checks the left side of the booth for a noisy stuffed toy, choose to “KEEP”. You can check in Paths> Down the rabbit hole> 3rd image “Abi puts the forgotten toy in his bag”. We check between the van and the main gate to find Emma ‘s silver bracelet , we’ll need it later. When we have to sabotage the van to delay the tutors’ departure, we will have to steal the rotor arm. While using Abi we will have to help Emma break down the door of the shed. Entering the shed, we will have to collect the teddy bearand decide to keep it with us.

Chapter 3

After the werewolf bites Nick we will have to choose to help him as Abi . During the race with Ryan we will be able to choose, after Abi and Nick are attacked by a monster in the woods, to fail all the QTEs to make Abi become infected. This isn’t mandatory to get her killed, but it can save you from repeating more chapters later to infect everyone. While the hunter frees Jacob from the trap, we must not throw the earth in his face.

Chapter 4

Shortly after Chapter 4 begins, you will play as Ryan and return to the bonfire with the others. There will be some noise coming from the bushes and Ryan can aim and shoot with the shotgun. Here you have to shoot twice at the bushes, Ryan thinks it’s a monster in the bushes but it’s really Jacob getting shot and killed. He chooses to shoot twice. Your next choice doesn’t matter, after a short scene you will see Jacob dead in the bushes.

While playing as Emma you will automatically enter a tree house (no matter if you take the stairs or follow the path to the ground, you will end up in the tree house anyway). For the first choice in the tree house choose “OPEN HATCH” which results in a monster falling through the hatch on Emma and tearing her apart.

Chapter 5

If you followed the advice from Chapter 1 and broke into the cabins with Abi to get the stuffed animal, in Chapter 5 Dylan is automatically bitten by the monster in the radio hut. Here you have to cut off Dylan’s hand with the chainsaw. If he gets infected and you don’t cut him, that will change some things later. So to stay in line with this walkthrough, cut off his hand with the chainsaw, we’ll kill him in Chapter 9. If you don’t cut his hand the infection will spread and you won’t be able to kill him.

In the next few chapters of  The Quarry  , the choices will become more frequent and incisive for the Hackett’s Quarry Massacre trophy, so keep reading our guide in which everyone survives the night.

Chapter 6

In the pool house where you play Abigail, after talking to Nick he will get angry and throw Abi against the wall (dialogue choices don’t matter). She will then point the shotgun at him. DO NOT shoot Nick (do not press the button). Then he will turn into a monster and tear off Abigail’s head.

the quarry 1

Chapter 7

When Laura can roam freely in the police station, go back to bed immediately and go to sleep (DO NOT pick up the syringe from the upstairs locker). The next day she will pretend to be in pain to lure Travis into her cell. Here you have to SHOOT TRAVIS in the prison cell with his gun

Chapter 8

As Laura and Ryan you will arrive in a red light tunnel where you will find a monster in a cage and you will hear the policeman arguing with an old woman upstairs. Laura will point her gun at the monster in the cage, DO NOT stop her.

Chapter 9

At the junkyard while using the crane as Dylan, you choose to fail the QTE to cause Dylan’s death.

Later, after Laura and Ryan find a monster in the attic, they will fall to the ground. The monster then attacks Ryan and takes the shotgun. SHOOT the monster. When Travis attacks Ryan, you choose to fail the QTE. Travis shoots Ryan in the face with a shotgun, killing him.

Laura’s death occurs in the same scene as Ryan’s. If Laura shot Travis in the Chapter 7 prison cell, Travis will stab her to death right after Ryan shoots the monster (the monster was Chris).

Chapter 10

If you followed the above steps as suggested, Ryan shot Monster Chris at the end of Chapter 9. This will have lifted Max’s curse and you will start Chapter 10 to play him. While Max is walking towards the end of the island, during the cutscene at the pier choose “SWIM to SHORE”.

When the monster attacks in the lodge, on the first choice choose “WAIT” (do not run), then DO NOT shoot the monster. This results in the monster smashing Kaitlyn to the floor until she dies of blunt trauma, then she eats her body.

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