April 21, 2024
The Quarry: A Bad Night - Guide Everyone Survives

The Quarry: A Bad Night – Guide Everyone Survives

The Quarry is the new title of Supermassive Games in collaboration with 2K , the spiritual successor of Until Dawn , which takes us to a new videogame horror where our decisions will affect the unfolding of the night. Because anything can happen in one night. Today we will see how to make all the characters survive, obtaining the trophy A bad night.

The following guide contains spoilers so if you are on your first run of this game, read on at your own risk.

What does not kill you makes you stronger

Starting from this assumption, every decision we make from the very first bars of the game will affect the death or survival of each individual character.

We will see together which choices and which answers will make us obtain the coveted trophy:


During the prologue we should always be honest and honest with the policeman. When Max is attacked in the basement of Hackett’s Quarry , we have to choose to help him.

The Quarry Guide Everyone Survives A Bad Trophy Night

Chapter 1

We will start the chapter with Jacob . We check between the van and the main gate to find Emma ‘s silver bracelet , we’ll need it later.

When we have to sabotage the van to delay the tutors’ departure, we will have to steal the rotor arm.

While using Abi we will have to help Emma break down the door of the shed. Entering the shed, we will have to collect the teddy bear and decide to keep it with us.

Chapter 2

With Emma we will have to decide to take the fireworks with Jacob , as well as take the rifle.

When we use Dylan and Ryan in Mr. Hackett ‘s office , we will have to interact with the trap door and go down to the basement thereby loosening a ladder rung.

Chapter 3

After the werewolf bites Nick we will have to choose to help him as Abi . During the race with Ryan we will be able to choose any path, if we use the shortcuts and take all the QTE (quick time events) we will be able to see a hunter.

While the hunter frees Jacob from the trap, we must not throw the earth in his face.

Chapter 4

While using Nick we will hear some noises coming from the bushes near the bonfire, we MUST NOT SHOOT in the direction of the noise otherwise we will kill Jacob .

In the tree house with Emma we will have to choose to interact with the bag with Emma , ​​because if we interact with the hatch we will die.

Chapter 5

In this chapter no one will be able to die. We pay particular attention to the QTEs and we will have to cut off Dylan ‘s hand , to prevent him from turning into a werewolf.

In the next chapters of The Quarry the choices will become more frequent and incisive for the trophy A bad night, so keep reading our guide in which everyone survives the night.

Chapter 6

In the house near the pool where Kaylee Hackett died , Nick will start turning into a werewolf, we will have to choose to shoot him with Abi otherwise he will behead the poor girl .

The Quarry Trophy One Bad Night Everyone Survives Driving

Chapter 7

With Laura at a certain point in the chapter we will be able to fully explore the police station. On the second floor we will find a syringe to be used later against Travis , the policeman.

We choose to hide the syringe in the cell behind a protruding brick and then use it at the right time.

Chapter 8

In this chapter we will have to keep the two couples together: Dylan with Kaytlin and Laura with Ryan . We always give kind answers and always make the most selfless choices.

Once we reach the Hackett House prisons , we will have to stop Laura from shooting the wolf in the cell (it’s Nick ) and at the same time we will have to decide to save Jacob .

In order to save our friend we will have to pull the levers 1 + 2 and then 2 + 3 in the electrical panel .

Chapter 9

When Costance Hackett pulls us out of the hatch in the Hackett House we SHOULD NOT PRESS X otherwise we will shoot the old lady in the face.

WE DON’T HAVE TO REMOVE THE KNIFE WITH RYAN FROM THE SIDE otherwise he’ll bleed to death. Later Laura will be able to bite Ryan thus avoiding the unfortunate fate.

With Dylan and Kaytlin , every choice we make won’t kill the two boys, as long as we successfully complete all the QTEs.

When we find Chris Hackett in the attic transformed into a werewolf, the floor will give way and take us back to the hall with the members of the Hackett family . We’re going to have to shoot Chris with Ryan during the fight. This will break the curse on some members of the group including Max .

Chapter 10

With Max we decide to wait on the island as on the other side of the lake there is a werewolf ready to kill us.

With Dylan and Kaytlin we will be able to make any choice in the lodge, paying particular attention to the QTEs.

Once back on the ground floor we will have to choose to escape to the kitchen, approaching the freezer, choosing to throw the stuffed bear to trap the werewolf.

When we are with Laura , Ryan and Travis we will have to decide to shoot Silas immediately , thus avoiding further deaths and freeing everyone from the curse.

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