April 21, 2024


Super Contests are a minigame for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl that will test your Pokémon’s style, dance, and movement levels.

We initially have five types of Super Contests, one for each quality a Pokémon possesses: Beauty, Charisma, Toughness, Wit, and Sweetness .

That said, let’s see how to get the highest scores in each section and thus get the ribbons in each category.


When evaluating the style of our Pokémon, multiple factors are taken into account, such as how developed our Pokémon is in the parameter corresponding to the type of contest and that the customization of its capsule is favorable for the contest in question.


So that we can scratch all the possible points in a Super Contest gala, the first thing we have to do is get many berries (either by picking them little by little or by planting them and watering them with the Psydugadera) and get involved in cooking Pokochos .

You must bear in mind that depending on the Nature of the Pokémon they will like one flavor or another (you can see this in the data in the qualities section), since if you give them a Pokocho that they don’t like, the quality in question will barely will unfold.

My advice is to cook Pokochos of two flavors that always include your Pokémon’s favorite (although there are also Pokémon that like everything, in that case you won’t have any problem).

Finally, our Pokémon has a brightness bar and when it fills up it will not eat any Pokochos anymore (just like with EVs), so you should focus on the qualities that you really want to increase, avoid feeding it with Pokochos that it dislikes and try to make the Pokochos level as high as possible.


Fist Boy in Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl

If we have already maximized one or more of the qualities of one of our Pokémon, we can go to Prairie City and visit the Handkerchief Boy.

We can find his house to the right of the Great Swamp Pokémon Safari and when you talk to him, make sure you have the Pokémon with the maxed quality first in your party.

Once we have taught our Pokémon, it will give us a Contest Scarf of the same type as the quality that we have maximized with Pokochos (For example, I maximized my Milotic ‘s beauty and toughness; when teaching Milotic for the first time it gave me a Blue Scarf and when I showed him again, he gave me the Yellow Scarf).

The Contest Scarf will help us increase our Style points even more, but keep in mind that it is only possible to get one of each type of scarf in this way.


The stamps are decorative objects that we can use to decorate our Pokémon’s Poké Ball, so that when it comes to taking it out in combat it has a kind of special effects.

But its function is not merely aesthetic, to get a decent score in the style section we will need to decorate the Poké Ball of our contestant Pokémon with the corresponding kind of stamps, here I leave you a list so you know what quality each one encourages us.

  • Beauty Seals : Party, Floral, Fresh and Beauty.
  • Charisma Seals : Line, Electro, Burning, Sky, Spark, and Charisma.
  • Sweetness Seals : Heart, Astro, Bonito and Sweetness.
  • Ingenuity Seals : Foam, Lyrical, Dark, and Ingenuity.
  • Toughness Seals : Smoke, Fire, Steadfast, Leaf, and Toughness.

Some of the ways to get stamps are challenging Gym Leaders (after the League you will be able to defeat them again), talking to some NPCs (in this game it is very important to talk to everything you meet), in the Market of Ciudad Marina, exchanging berries at the Arco Iris flower shop in Pueblo Aromaflor and of course winning Super Contests.


Although everything is relevant when making a Super Contest, the dance seems to me one of the most key parts because everything will depend on how well we are good at rhythm games (if you have played titles like Love Live, Project Diva and similar, you will have it very easy).

All we have to do is press the A button just in time to hit the notes in time with the music; therefore there is no catch here, everything depends exclusively on how well you are at it.

By pressing the notes we will receive ratings of “Very soon”, “Very late”, “Good”, “Great” and “Brilliant”. If we maintain these last two ratings during our contest, it will raise the fervor bar so that we will get more hearts.


In the original edition of the game, each movement belonged to a specific type of contest and you could deduct points if it was not the right one, but fortunately that has changed and any movement is valid for all types of contest. However, the following details must be taken into account:

  1. Always look for a move that gives you maximum hearts (Examples: Sword Dance, Earthquake, Hypnosis, Point Blank, Meteor Fist).
  2.  If you miss a lot of notes or have a particularly hard time with a part of the contest, use your dress move at that time.
  3. One of the things that will give you the most points will be chaining your gala movement with those of the other participants, so I recommend saving your movement for when you see that the others start using it to make a chain.
  4. Another thing that gives a lot of points is to use movements of the same type (for example: Fairy Type), unfortunately you cannot control the movements of the other participants unless you play online with your friends and organize yourselves.


Always choose, if possible, a movement with a favorable effect (you must take into account, depending on your abilities, which bonus is the one that can help you the most); the possible effects are as follows:

  • If the Pokémon is excited, an additional 1/2/3 points are added to the gala points you get.
  • If the Pokémon isn’t enthusiastic, an extra 1/2/3 points are added to the Gala Points you get.
  • For 5/10/15 seconds, Enthusiasm is not reduced.
  • For 5/10/15 seconds, missed notes are ignored.
  • Depending on the Pokémon’s enthusiasm, you get between one and five gala points.
  • For 10 seconds it’s a little easier/easier/much easier to refill the heart meter.


When participating in a Super Contest we find four levels of difficulty: normal level, difficult level, superior level and expert level.

At first we can only participate in the normal level, once we get past this level we can access the next level and so on until we reach the expert level.

The changes that we will notice when increasing the difficulty will be that when judging the style they will be more demanding and the rhythm game will be more complex (it must be said that some contests are harder than others, the beauty game is simpler than the of hardness).


It doesn’t have much of a story, by beating Super Contest galas we’ll fill up the Scenic Rank bar; the only thing that will do is that when filling it we will notice how the scenery changes and becomes more beautiful.

But it is simply an aesthetic change and little else; the Scenic Range bar has a maximum of four levels.

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