April 15, 2024


The first question that usually arises when we have a new Pokémon game available is precisely what initial we should choose , which is surely one of the most important decisions in any Pokémon game and of course, Brilliant Diamond and Shiny Pearl were not to be less.

In this remake of the fourth generation we will have to choose again between Turtwig, Piplup and Chimchar (as always a representative of Grass, one of Water and one of Fire) and with this post I intend to help you make that decision.

Obviously this post will be totally oriented towards the performance that these Pokémon have in battles, how good each one is and discussing which would be the best option among the 3 taking into account their advantages and disadvantages. To taste colors, we will not go into the aesthetics of these Pokémon, or anything like that. Hey, to the mess!


Empoleon in Competitive Pokémon

Piplup in its final evolutionary phase becomes Empoleon and in my opinion this is the worst choice of all despite the fact that penguins are animals that freak me out and this hurts me.

It has a very interesting combination of Types such as Water and Steel Types (both very good types and together too), which gives it an exaggerated amount of resistances (although with weaknesses to Fighting and Ground, 2 very problematic types to attack). to be weak), but in other respects it is not very interesting.

It has a fairly high Special Attack, but on the other hand a very low Speed, which makes it impossible for it to be a good offensive player (Speed ​​is key in this); This is due to the fact that it has quite a few points spread over its defenses, something that is not very useful in a Pokémon that does not pretend to be a good defensive player either, since it does not have movements or other things that can regenerate its health (beyond Leftovers). In Espacio Raro , the thing could spread a lot, but that’s too niche to take it into account. It’s like he doesn’t end up standing out too much on the offensive or defensive side (too hybrid) and therefore ends up having a poor performance.

It doesn’t have excessively interesting moves and on top of that there are so many interesting Water Pokémon that it will be easy to find another one that can have a better performance such as Milotic , or without going to one that is so difficult to get… well, we also have, for example, Gyarados .


Torterra in Competitive Pokémon

Turtwig will end up evolving into Torterra and this seems like a good choice to me because it’s a very interesting Pokémon (although the next one is better for me, which doesn’t mean that I still think Torterra is worth it).

Its combination of Grass and Ground is very interesting since having Ground as a Type is always something that is appreciated due to its high coverage and the presence of the Earthquake move (which is also a physical attacker) which is a tremendous move. Of course, the price to pay for this combination of types is to have a x4 weakness to Ice, which is a big drawback and therefore we will have to be very careful so that they do not attack us with said element so that they do not delete us. Eye also against Fire, Flying and Bug moves; Although they are not x4 weaknesses, they are still weaknesses and care must be taken.

His stats are pretty good with a pretty decent Attack and a pretty good defensive section as well; he is a jerk, yes. But… at least Torterra does have a good defensive effort since he has movements such as Drainers and Synthesis to restore his health and on the other hand, we are not short on Attack either, since we can cause good amounts of damage thanks to Earthquake and sledgehammer Come on, we have a lot of endurance and survival capacity and an offensive capacity that is not bad at all; we will be slow, but at least we will be able to resist the blows well and heal ourselves (stay away from the clear Ice).


Infernape in Competitive Pokémon

I think there was not much doubt that Chimchar was going to be the winner since its last evolutionary stage is Infernape and this is a very powerful Pokémon. It’s like a somewhat weaker version of Blaziken (which Blaziken is very broken) but is still a monster.

From the outset we have the typical combination of Fire and Fight that is amazing offensively since both types are very offensive. So between both types we can hit Ice, Plant, Steel, Rock, Normal, Bug and Sinister hard; which is already a fairly varied coverage. It is weak against Earth, Psychic, Flying and Water; You’ll have to be careful with that (especially with Ground and Water types).

But what is certain about this Pokémon is that it is very good on offense. It has a good Attack and Special Attack (you can focus it more on one of the two or do something more hybrid) with very good movements on both sides:

  • Special Side:
    • Scheming : To increase our Special Attack by 2 levels.
    • Flamethrower or Flare : There depending on whether you prefer more precision or more power, I prefer to play it safe.
    • Empty Wave : A very interesting fighting special priority move.
    • Onda Certera : Very powerful fighting move that deletes but with little precision (70%).
  • Physical Side:
    • Igneous Envite : Very powerful movement with recoil damage, yes.
    • Round Trip : Bug-Type Movement that allows us to attack while changing the Pokémon.
    • A Point Blank : Another fighting move that deletes and this time with 100% Accuracy, the drawback is that it will lower our Defense and Attack by one level when performing it (but that is solved by changing the Pokémon).

And of course it also has good moves to get more coverage. Whichever way you shoot, you have great options. It is true that I would have preferred it not to be a hybrid so that it would be more powerful on a single offensive side, but hey, this is not bad either.

And finally, his Speed, which is quite good (108); It’s not that he’s super super fast, but he’s well above average and that’s something a good offense needs a lot. Come on, we have a Pokémon with a fairly high destructive potential and that is why I consider it to be the best option of all and on top of that it is more difficult to find other Pokémon that replace it so efficiently because Fire Type is less common (in Shiny Diamond Pokémon also there are not many) and that on top of that it is Fire and Fight, which is such a good combination… well, almost better than staying with him.

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