April 21, 2024
Stray: how to get all the pins

Stray: how to get all the pins

Stray , an indie game released this week on PC and PlayStation by BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurna Interactive , is becoming popular with gamers. Extra gear for owners of PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium subscriptions who can redeem it for free from day one.

During the adventure of our tender and reckless cat , protagonist of Stray , we are given a harness in which to house the robot B-12 and, through secondary missions, we can adorn it with pins . In addition to obtaining the pins, they will allow us to unlock trophies and achievements, so let’s see where they are located and how to get them.

Stray brooches

  • Musical Pin : The musical pin is the first we can get in the early game of Stray , in the Underworld. In fact, by recovering the eight scores and given to Morusque , a nice robot musician, we will be given the brooch.
  • Brooch of the Beyond : This accessory will be given to us automatically by Seemus in chapter 6, before leaving for the sewers.
  • Floral brooch : for this brooch we have to get to Villantenna , in chapter 9. Here we have to wait for B-12 to recover and we can collect the yellow, red and purple flowers and then go to the florist who will reward us with the brooch.
  • Feline brooch : you get it as soon as you have access to the Infracittà , in the main avenue we see a shop on the street and a safe inside. By entering the code 8542 we will get the Felino Brooch.
  • Pin Neco : entered the Neco by handing Clementine a vest and a helmet, we must find a worker looking for a set of keys. To find them we must find barrels and, “at their feet” there will be the keys. Bringing them back to the worker, he will thank us with the pin.
  • Police Pin : Located well hidden in the Infracity , it is the last of the six pins obtainable in Stray . We need to find a holographic statue, take the right towards the stairs and go down. We jump on the air conditioners and arrive at the highest point where there will be a barred window. Crossing it we find the last brooch inside.

Are you already playing Stray ? Have you already found all the pins?

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