April 21, 2024


We continue with the Stray guides , today we will talk about chapter 4  (Suburbs) that will start after beating the Floor level , which is the guide I made earlier.

It all starts when we finally find “intelligent life” (they’re robots, but you know what I mean) and we’re quickly tasked with visiting Momo. In short, we will have to get 4 foreign notebooks to continue with the plot, in this post I explain in detail everything you have to do to get each of them.


Momo's Notebook in Stray

As soon as you get a bit further into chapter 4 (you’ll just have to talk to the robots and stuff), the one who seems to be the lead robot will tell you to go visit Momo, a robot who lives in a house next to a big orange sign. .

The first objective will be to get on the roofs, there are many paths to get there and you should have no problem getting there if you search a bit and you will easily find the orange sign because anyway, it is a huge orange and bright sign. You must go to him.

When you’re on the rooftops and you’re facing the cartel building, you can sneak inside using the air conditioners that stick out of the wall. Inside just talk to Momo, show her the postcard and she will give you her notebook. After this you will have to look for the other 3 outsider notebooks.


From now on you will have to look from the rooftops for houses that have the symbol of a kind of sad white face with a blue background . As you leave Momo’s apartment you will see that you have one of these symbols in front of you.

Use the bucket you have right when you leave to go down and keep moving with your cat parkour skills towards that floor to sneak through the open window, there is no loss really.

Once inside this new apartment, sneak through the broken glass of the window. After this, search the floor for a room with a computer, there, at the top you will find Clementine’s Notebook.


Exit Clementine’s flat, approach Momo’s orange cartel (always stay on the rooftops) and look in its direction. If you look to the left from there you’ll see another one of these blue outsider signs. Head there, again no loss.

Inside the house, things get a bit more complicated. First you will have to find a small room separate from what would be the big room full of books, this room is a little hidden by books, you can enter without problems. In this room you will find a note on the bed that contains a key that you will need.

Doc's Notebook on Stray

Go back to the big book room and between its corridors, run to throw away the piles of books you see because in one of them a safe is hidden where you will have to use the key to get Doc’s Notebook.


Get back in front of the orange Momo sign as it is our reference point. From there if you look to the right you will see a house that specifically has 2 blue symbols, one like inside a terrace and another hanging larger. Head over there.

This is the most elaborate, when you are in front of the building, go through the building on your left to reach the part that is close to that terrace with the sign. From there, use the protruding air conditioners to climb to the roof above the terrace with the blue sign.

Zbaltazar's Notebook in Stray

Already on the roof, look for the orange light that will emanate from a place and there will be one of those power supplies, you must remove it to deactivate the ventilation and sneak into the house there . The vent is right where the orange light comes out.

Now you are inside the house, you will see several boxes on the floor, climb on them and jump to throw them, in one of them is the notebook.


You have it, now just go back to Momo (where the orange sign, you know too well) and give him all the diaries (his own is not necessary) and he will open a path for you to continue with your catadventure.

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