April 15, 2024


El Solirio is a plant from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that has a very interesting property and for this reason it seemed to me that it was worth making a guide for it, since also a bit to filly I found a quite area hidden in which you can get a few without major problems and I already tell you that they are going to be great for you.

Why is this plant so useful? Well, I don’t want to get too far ahead since I will explain it to you in full detail below, but I will give you a hint: it will make it much easier for us to explore the Subsoil. This is an area that, as you surely know, is quite dangerous because if we receive damage from «Evil Aura», the hearts we lose cannot be healed… can we?

Anyway, in this post I will tell you how you can get a few Solirios in a simple way and why this plant is so valuable for this new adventure for Link. Let’s go there!


The Solirio is a plant that I imagine you can find in many places, but since I found an area where it is abundant, I have decided to make a post to tell you about it.

Watchtower of Mount Labla in Tears of the Kingdom

Ok, the first step will be to go to the Watchtower of Mount Labla , which is the Watchtower of the area that is west of Hyrule Castle (where you find the first Dragon Tear in the main story mission when you meet Impa) .

If you’ve gotten there but you don’t know how to unlock it (it’s in an elevated area and inaccessible a priori), notice that around you you have one of those areas full of construction elements (wooden planks and that); you will have to unite them to create a huge bridge that allows you to reach the Watchtower.

Once you have the Watchtower unlocked, activate it to fly up to the sky, release the Paraglider and with the Binoculars (whatever they are called, I don’t remember now) you must look for the flying island that you have in the photo below. As you regain control of Link by launching yourself into the air, you’ll find her if you look to the left and down.

Island with Abundant Solirio in Tears of the Kingdom

If you’ve gotten a stamina upgrade you’ll get there with no problem, otherwise you’ll go a fair bit to get there; anyway i tried it and it can. If you have problems, pay attention to the fact that on the way you will find 3 small floating stones that you can use to recover resistance so that you can arrive even without having any resistance improvement. If you don’t see them, look at the minimap because they will be marked. In bad times you can always resort to taking a recipe that recovers resistance.

In this area you will find a few Solirios (about 10 maybe?), search well because they are a bit camouflaged. On the same island, you will see that there is one of those mechanisms to activate a Sanctuary, when doing so they will take you to an area where you will have to jump into the void to go through several hoops; this will take you to a new island where you can find some more Solirios (although there aren’t that many here).


This new island is also interesting because you will find there the Sanctuary that you activated above (it is called the Sanctuary of Taun’ilo), you will also be able to get “Vigor Plant” (which is an object that when cooked recovers resistance, which is always great) and if you talk to the robot in the area you can get the « Aerodynamic Tunic » (he will give it to you even if you do not pass the 20 second challenge, if you pass it he will give you a «Great Zonnan Energy Sphere»), a rather interesting armor for the torso since it will increase our mobility while we plan.


As I already told you, the Solirio will be great for our forays through the ground to deal with the “Evil Aura” since if we cook the plant we can obtain the following recipe:

  • Radiant Mountain Sauté: Deals with the damage caused by the «Evil Aura» .

For each Solirio that you add to the recipe you will be able to heal 3 hearts that you have lost due to the «Evil Aura»:

  • 1 Solirio: 3 Hearts.
  • 2 Solirios: 6 Hearts.
  • 3 Solirios: 9 Hearts.
  • 4 Soliriums: 12 Hearts.
  • 5 Solirios: 15 Hearts.

Keep in mind that what we will do is remove the “Cursed Aura” from said hearts, so they can be healed again, but we will not heal them as such. After eating the dish you will have to resort to a vitality recovery recipe to heal yourself.

So now you know, never forget to take a few Radiant Mountain Stir-fries with you whenever you intend to venture into the Underground, we all know how horrible the “Evil Aura” mechanic is. I already told you that this plant was very worth it!

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