April 21, 2024


You have to survive for ten seconds on each level and each floor has ten levels. Collect coins and buy upgrades. Every time you die, you know what not to do next time. If you’ve ever thought about how long ten seconds is, you’ll really notice it when you play this game!

Photo: © 2022 - Ratalaika Games - Ten - Deathtrap in water.
Photo: 22 2022 – Ratalaika Games

Ten is truly a perfect little game, which is both fun and really challenging. When I saw the trailer, I thought “How hard can it be to survive for ten seconds, really?”. The answer I can say is that it is really difficult! Each lane or room is designed for the highest possible stress level. You must be alert to be able to move on. Collect all the coins you see, because you will need them later so you can upgrade your avatar.

Foto: © 2022 - Ratalaika Games - Ten - Death from above.
Photo: 22 2022 – Ratalaika Games

The graphics are super simple, but nicely retro-inspired, the speed and animations feel modern. So it’s a nice mix of old and new. Every time you die, you are taken back to the beginning and the first room, so you have to go through the whole floor in a single life. and it’s not easy I can say.

Even though Ten is really challenging and difficult, it is always extremely fun. The game creates a fire in the chest to cope with each challenge. The one-time- only factor is sky high and the game is as easy to get into as it is hard to put down.

Foto: © 2022 - Ratalaika Games - Ten - Death by saw blade.
Photo: 22 2022 – Ratalaika Games

I tested Ten on the Nintendo Switch and it’s a match made in heaven. Even if it gets quite small on the built-in screen, it is no problem at all to keep up with the game and see all the dangers lurking as these glow red. The music is also good and well-sounding.

I really do not find any flaws in this fun platform game and since the price tag is crazy low, there is only one rating Ten can get and it is ten and thus a full pot!

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