April 21, 2024


Our avatar is called The Warden and is an alchemist . We look for ingredients and brew various magical drinks that will help us on our journey into the unknown. The evil powers have settled in Mount Morbus and now it is up to us to save our world.

Photo: © 2022 - Team17 - The Serpent Rogue - The Birds
Photo: © 2022 – Team17

The Serpent Rogue is actually the first game I review that is only released for the Next Gen versions of Playstation and Xbox (as well as Switch then, which has not yet received a next gen upgrade) so there will be impressions from the Xbox Series S version here also, shortly.

The Serpent Rogue is based on the fact that you will find lots of ingredients so that you can create drinks that you can take with you on your adventure. But even before the first mission, I felt bored running around and chasing worms and petals. There is too little information in the game about how much I need, WHAT I need and WHY . I have not even come out and seen the world before I run around like crazy and hunt for ingredients. You are not even allowed to go on assignments without having the right number of things with you. Which is insanely annoying because I want to see what the threat is so I can protect myself from it. Extreme moment 22.

Photo: © 2022 - Team17 - The Serpent Rogue - The Dogs
Photo: © 2022 – Team17

The graphics are nice and clean, with good animations. The Serpent Rogue flows well on the Nintendo Switch in both portable and docked mode. The only problem is that texts and what you are going to find are extremely small and thus very difficult to see on the built-in screen. I started playing the game in portable mode, but had to interrupt and run it on the TV instead.

Photo: © 2022 - Team17 - The Serpent Rogue - The inventory
Photo: © 2022 – Team17

After a lot of ifs and buts and that I replayed the game a couple of times to be absolutely sure that I had not missed anything before I arrived at the village, I managed to collect enough stuff to finally get into the game.

Every time you come out, the map is the same, but enemies and everything else is randomly moved. Once I got into the game itself, it was really entertaining and advanced! The Warden can change his body into different animals to be able to complete the mission. All one’s actions affect the end and it is a nice balancing act to go between being the hero or becoming the villain.

Photo: © 2022 - Team17 - The Serpent Rogue - The Ship
Photo: © 2022 – Team17

In summary, it’s a shame that The Serpent Rogue is so terribly frustrating at first – and honestly quite boring – but that once you get to meet the world outside the village, it opens up and becomes very interesting. It is also difficult to play on the Switch in portable mode due to the details, so overall I have to stay with the rating well – it is not enough up to a recommendation.

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