April 21, 2024


Ok, today we are going to analyze a bad beast called Regieleki , what a blast… This Pokémon is going to be very present in competition without a doubt because it has many virtues and because it has a destructive potential that we have rarely seen in a Pokémon.

If you think I’m exaggerating wait… really, it’s not exaggerating, this Pokémon is a destruction machine and it smells like it will be banned from the Smogon OU one day (and see what happens with the official Switch battles), because like this bug is out there on the loose, the one that can be messed with.

I do not roll up anymore, let’s go with the strategy and analysis is this monstrous being.


Its base stats add up to a total of 580 points , which is very good, but what is very surprising is its peculiar distribution:

  • Health: 80.
  • Attack: 100.
  • Defense: 50.
  • Special Attack: 100.
  • Special Defense: 50.
  • Speed: 200 . WTF.

200 base speed!? It’s crazy! So that you understand me, Dragapult is a super fast Pokémon, one of the fastest there is in fact… and it has 142 speed, so imagine 200, it’s plenty hahaha.

For the rest we have 100, which is pretty good both in attack and special attack, so it’s quite a hybrid Pokémon (something that I don’t like too much in terms of offense, it’s better to focus on one than repeat it, but good). But you will see that Regieleki has interesting things to take advantage of this better.

And defensively, how could it be anything else, it’s unfortunate, but what more do you want! We will have to be careful because they will knock us down very easily, but yes, if they succeed, we will surely cause grace, it is a kamikaze-style Pokémon and that exaggerated speed will help us a lot.


The Electric type is one of my favorites, the truth is that it is a very good type despite the fact that it has a very damn weakness, now you will see why:


  • It is immune to Paralysis.
  • It is resistant to Electric, Steel and Flying.

Immunity to paralysis never hurts and it is appreciated, let’s see who is the pretty one that slows us down! And in terms of elemental resistances, it’s not rocket science either, but not bad. The Electric ones will have a greater presence from now on with Tapu-Koko and because of Regieleki himself in play, Flying is especially cool considering that this type of movement takes a lot so that the dynamax Pokémon can boost their speed and Steel well well… it’s there, without more, it’s not a resistance that is especially appreciated.


  • It is weak to Earth.

And this is why Electric-typing is so cool, because having a single weakness isn’t something many Pokémon can brag about. It is also true that what a weakness hahaha, Ground is one of the worst weaknesses you can have due to the high presence of Ground Pokémon and movements like Earthquake, which destroy.


At the moment everything is very nice, isn’t it? Well wait, it can make things even better… Transistor is Regieleki’s signature ability and oh my! basically we will cause 50% more damage with electrical attacks , whether physical or special… 50% more damage!

For you to understand me, it would be like having 150 in attack and special attack… that is, what do we have a bug with 200 base speed and 150 in physical and special attack? What a monster! I already told you that this Pokémon was very beastly and that it was not exaggerating. It only applies to electric attacks, but you get my point; It’s crazy, and on top of that, with the 50% bonus that we already get from STAB… come on, our electric attacks will cause double damage, I’m out of life.


Electrocage is a move that only Regieleki has that is quite interesting in concept but that in application as such does not seem so interesting to me, at least in this Pokémon.

It is Electric, special, 80 power, 90 accuracy and has two very interesting extra effects:

  • The first is that we will catch the rival Pokémon  (Like Gengar in Gigantamax) when hitting it, so that it will not be able to change (which is cool, but given the power and fragility of the Pokémon at the same time… well, it does not spread as much anymore since the normal thing will be that either they burst us fast or that we burst fast) and on top of that the opposing Pokémon will lose 1/8 of its total health each turn, which is added damage and can help us finish off the enemy and never hurts.

Sure, what would be cool here would be to catch the Ground-types to burst them and get rid of them, but they are immune to Electric and therefore it will not work. F.

The fact is that I think there are other Electric moves that can be better for us, but you will see that further down in the section on best moves.


Here it is very clear, we want offensive power and more speed to even be able to overcome Pokémon that wear a Choice Scarf, it is crazy because only a few Pokémon will be able to surpass us in speed (if they wear a scarf) and it is important to be the fastest because the strategy of this Pokémon It is the one to kill before dying.

  • Nature : Naive (+ speed / – special defense). We want to keep the position of the fastest on the field and in terms of special defense it’s because we don’t lose other more important stats. The defense spreads us more than the special since it will be more common for them to want to attack us with Earth, which is usually more of a physical nature (although I also tell you that the rival Pokémon will not have to be very powerful to burst us with an Earthquake hahaha).
  • EVs : All in Special Attack and Speed, the rest in attack. The special attack interests us more than the physical because we have better special type movements.


As for objects, this time I will recommend only 1, because I think it is clearly what suits you best:

  • Choice Glasses : We will cause 50% more damage with special attacks, if the damage bonus of electric attacks was already crazy, imagine with this… what a slap it will give. The pity is the usual, that we have the drawback that when hitting with a movement we will be forced to continue using that movement until we change. But practically all of Regieleki’s attacks are Electric-Type… well, we don’t care that much either, this is more annoying because it loses coverage against enemies, but in this case it’s not as noticeable.


These are the moves I recommend the most for Regieleki:

  • High Voltage : Electric STAB, 70 power, special, 100 accuracy. It’s one of the new guardian moves introduced in Gen 8 , and the good thing is that its power increases to 140 (god) if we attack Pokémon affected by Electric Field (the ones that aren’t flying or have the levitation ability, come on). I think you can already get an idea of ​​how much damage this will do with all the damage bonuses we already have + the Electric damage bonus for Electric Field and on top of that with 140 power… I’M AFRAID.
  • Lightning : STAB Electric, special, 90 power, 100 accuracy and a 10% chance to paralyze the enemy (if you don’t “grill” it first lol). What we will use when there is no Electric Field, without the field it does more damage than the previous one.
  • Voltiochange : STAB Electric, special, 70 power, 100 precision and after hitting we can change to another Pokémon. Great for kicking out and giving them a good thrashing along the way, ideal for the few Pokémon that could withstand one of our blows (very few, really) and give them a free hit on the way. I’m telling you, watch out for the blow, eh, this creature already knows how hard it hits.
  • Explosion : Normal, physical, 250 power, 100 accuracy and the “small drawback” that when using it you die. It’s the only solid option we have against a Ground-Type in the event that we have no other, so anyway, it is what it is.

I think that with this set you’ll get the idea of ​​what the problem with this Pokémon is, and it’s that against Ground Pokémon we are really… annoyed. Do not look for other interesting types of coverage moves, it does not have them and as you can see against Earth we only have a suicide attack.


I think the strategy is very clear in your Pokémon like Regieleki with which we can practically sweep any other Pokémon (and with the Electric Field we’re on our way). The problem? The Earth Types.

They are extremely common Pokémon (Landorus-Therian, Excadrill , Swampert, Garchomp …) and will be able to block our Electric attacks, so if your opponent has a Ground Pokémon (which they will) unless it’s incredibly one-armed, they’ll take it out for you. block your attacks. Your objective, therefore, will be to try by all means to leave your rival without a Ground Pokémon and when you manage to sweep the entire team with Regieleki (be careful, some very resistant loose Pokémon can withstand a hit, very few will be able to, but there is the slightest possibility).

For the rest, it will come in handy to take him with Tapu-Koko to introduce the Electric Field and thus unleash unimaginable power, Regieleki is crazy.

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