April 16, 2024
Planet Zoo – Easter Eggs

Planet Zoo – Easter Eggs

You love to take care of your animals in Planet Zoo but did you know that it is possible to activate cheat codes to obtain funny effects?


If you want all visitors to your park to get a ball, just change the name of one of them to “SelenaM”. For them to release their balloons, it will be necessary to use the name “JayC”.


Usually, objects don’t react to physics. But, by changing the name of an animal to “DaveBamber”, the soccer ball will now react to the click and bounce haphazardly.

stuffed animals

Prefer to breed fluffy stuffed animals? No worries, by changing the name of one of them to “MeggieB”, they will get a soft and silky coat!


If you call one of the habitats “MontseC”, the animals will be surrounded by hearts when mating. It will be necessary to recall the “MontseC” habitat to deactivate these hearts.

Happy Easter day !

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