April 21, 2024


From Red and Blue each generation brings us a rodent Pokémon that is rarely relevant in Competitive Pokémon ; Rattata was the first, though Pokemon like Diggersby have some good potential. But today we bring you one capable of killing many Pokémon in one turn, with good support moves for Doubles, very good damage, and a great design. Today we bring you the Maushold strategy .

Its combination of ability and its exclusive movement gives it a damage worthy of a Legendary, here we explain everything about the friendly family of rodents.


    Its statistics add up to a total of 470 points , it is the worst of this Pokémon, although we see its distribution that is not bad at all:

    • Health: 74.
    • Attack: 75.
    • Defense: 70.
    • Special Attack: 65.
    • Special Defense: 75.
    • Speed: 111.

    Although we are dealing with a somewhat mediocre Pokémon statistically speaking, it has a great Speed ​​of 111. The rest of its statistics are very low, especially its defensive side. 74 Health, along with 70 and 75 Defense and Special Defense respectively make Maushold a very easy Pokémon to take down. Those 75 points in Attack are low, but we will see that the little mouse is not lacking in damage .


    Maushold is a Normal Type , which gives it the following weaknesses and resistances:

    • He is immune to Ghost.
    • It is weak to Fight.

    The Normal type does not have major weaknesses and the immunity to Ghost will be very useful to protect our Pokémon.

    Remember that it is a Pokémon that is not very resistant, so a very hard blow, even when it is neutral, can weaken us.

    Only one weakness:

    • Fight : Be very careful with the coverages of many Pokémon, those Point Blank are very common. When it comes to STAB damage, keep an eye out for Quaquaval and the great Annihilape .


    Very good abilities for the mouse, depending on what we want it for:


    This ability reduces the damage dealt to partner Pokémon in double battles by 25%. In Singles it is useless, but in VGC it is very very good.


    After consuming a Berry, the Pokémon restores 1/3 of its maximum Health. This is the worst of Maushold’s abilities, as it’s not worth it on a Pokémon with low health.


    This fantastic ability multiplies the power of moves with a power of 60 or less by 1.5. This ability will give us massive damage; keep reading below.


    The perfect Iv’s, and we will see that we will use classic EV’s for an attacker:

    • EV’s : The already standard 252 in Attack, 252 in Speed ​​and 4 in Health.
    • Nature : We will carry Cheerful Nature (+Speed, -Special Attack).


    These are the objects that we recommend for Maushold:

    • Magnifying Glass : Increases movement accuracy by 10%. It is the best item for Maushold thanks to its exclusive move explained below.
    • Tricked Dice : Makes multi-attack moves (like Seeder) more likely to hit more times.


    • Type: Regular.
    • Physical.
    • Power: 20.
    • Accuracy: 90.
    • Effect: Hit between 1 and 10 times.

    This move hits really hard, being able to kill the target many times in a single turn. The damage will surprise you, because with his Expert ability those 20 power are boosted in each attack.


    These are the movements that we recommend for the mouse family:

    • Proliferation : His favorite STAB Normal as we have already seen above.
    • Bite : Dark, Physical, 60 Power, 100% Accuracy, and has a 10% chance to Frighten the opponent. Very effective against Ghost and Psychic. Our very effective damage against Pokemon like Skeledirge , Hatterene , or Chandelure .
    • Round Trip : Bug, Physical, 70 power and 100% accuracy. The Pokémon returns to the Poké Ball after attacking. It is a way to pivot our Pokémon doing some damage. It is very effective against Grass, Psychic and Dark. It gives us an answer for Pokemon like Meowscarade .
    • General Cleanliness : Normal, State. Increases the Pokémon’s Attack and Speed ​​by one stage. Removes Trap Rocks, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Slimy Web, and Substitute. Tremendous in Singles.
    • Lure : Normal, State. Priority move that makes the Pokémon the target of opposing moves this turn. It’s a great way to protect our Pokémon in Doubles.
    • Again : Normal, State, forces the opponent to use the last movement used again. It is our answer to Tricky Space or Tailwind.
    • Reinforcement: It is a movement with priority +5 that increases the power of the chosen partner’s movements by 50%, so we will only use it in doubles.
    • Protection : Normal, Status, and 100% Accuracy (but can fail if used consecutively). Prevents all damage or status moves to the Pokémon using it.


    This mouse is capable of breaking the opponent with tremendous damage, as well as having good support options:


    • IVs: Perfect.
    • EVs: 252 Attack, 4 Defense, 252 Speed.
    • Nature: Cheerful.
    • Object: magnifying glass.
    • Skill: Expert.
    • Movements:
      • Proliferation.
      • General cleaning.
      • Nibble.
      • Round trip.

    Its main function is very simple: thanks to Proliferation we will be able to kill many Pokémon in a single movement . Using Magnifying Glass affects every Proliferation Attack, thus ensuring it doesn’t miss. Thanks to General Cleanup we can remove those annoying traps in Singles and with Bite we can hit Ghost-types that are immune to our exclusive attack. Round trip use it only if we are faster than the opponent and we want to hit before switching to the mouse.


    • IVs: Perfect.
    • EVs: 252 Attack, 252 Speed, and 4 Health.
    • Nature: Cheerful.
    • Object: magnifying glass.
    • Skill: Expert/Sideguard.
    • Movements:
      • Proliferation.
      • Lure.
      • Again / Reinforcement.
      • Protection.

    Although in Doubles we use Maushold as a support Pokémon, it can still wear down single Proliferation Pokémon and for that alone it is worth running Magnifying Glass and Expert . But if you are doing well with damage, with Compiescolta we will protect our partner and we will be able to give him a lot of damage with Reinforcement. Lure is fantastic, especially to prevent Pokémon like Gholdengo from being able to throw its Shadow Ball at our Pokémon (Thanks to Maushold’s immunity to Ghost).

    Finally with Otra Vez we can counteract Rare Space strategies.

    If we place Tailwind, making sure to hit almost everything first, our mouse will be almost unstoppable. We recommend using Kilowattrel , Talonflame or Hydreigon for this.


    • Normal teracrystallization.

    If we add Expert, Proliferation and the STAB x2 that teracrystallize gives us to Normal, the damage will be very high, capable of debilitating almost any Pokémon if we hit more than 3/4 times.


    Annihilape in Pokémon

    Let’s see how you can kill the mouse Pokémon before it becomes a plague:

    • The Ghost-Type : Proliferation Immunity is the only way to sustain this move. We have already mentioned several such as Annihilape or Gholdengo, although Gengar is also faster than the mouse.
    • Burned : Burning Maushold will greatly reduce his damage, making it easier to take his damage. Wisp Fire with Pokémon like Sableye will give us many games.
    • Trick : If we remove the Magnifying Glass, it will be more likely that one of the Proliferation attacks will fail, in addition to being able to lock him in it with an object of choice (such as glasses) and placing a Ghost on it, he will be unable to hit us. Disarm would also do.

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