April 14, 2024


We have finally reached Avalugg Manorial , the last of the Manorial Pokémon that we must appease based on a good handful of Calmspheres in Arceus Pokémon Legends .

It is a boss that has a colossal size and if you look at the photo it has an imposing appearance (when you see it you say, it will give me a tremendous beating). The peculiarity of this encounter is that we will have a very small area to move on, so we will have to be rolling all the time to avoid their attacks.


As I mentioned before, in this encounter we will have very limited mobility because we will fight from an ice platform (Avalugg is as big as a mountain, so nothing else could be managed to fight it).

But don’t worry because his attack sequences are quite easy to read and we can put a few Calmspheres between his movements without problems. In addition, it is a very entertaining boss to do (and it is not that complex despite being the last one, in fact Electrode Señorial still seems worse to me).

In order to access it you have to have obtained Mission number 12 “The Sleeping Snow Lord” and to do so have obviously previously defeated Kleavor , Lilligant and Electrode Señoriales.

Lordly Avalugg is located in the Dawn Tundra and his encounter will take place in the Glacier Arena ; In order to get to him we will need the help of Braviary and have won the favor of his guardian named Wasabi.


To be the last Lordly Pokémon, it’s not bad at all and it’s a pretty fun fight, but for me, for example, the Lordship Electrode fight was much harder than Avalugg’s, let’s take a look at his attacks:

  • Frost Breath : Attacks us with a kind of icy vapor making zigzag waves towards us; to confront it we have to roll at the right moment to become invulnerable to the attack until it stops.
  • Icicle Burst : Avalugg summons several icy icicles that appear on the ground as if they were stalagmites, this attack is done about three or four times and it is always creating a straight line of icicles.
  • Glacial Projectile : Summons about four or five frozen projectiles that will quickly go to annihilate us; all you have to do is roll from side to side.
  • Arctic Cannon : Launches a beam of ice that combs the entire area in which we are, the trick is to roll at the right time so that it does not hurt us. After this, he will be left vulnerable and it will be time to take him down with a Pokémon.

Lowering his life to half changes the combat style a bit: Increases the speed of his movements (especially that of the glacial projectiles), the icicles start to come out when they feel like it and mix with the zigzag attack and In addition, they will leave us residues that if we step on them, they will harm us.


In the previous installments of Pokémon, Avalugg has always been an Ice-type but in its Hisui form it happens to also have a Rock-type . Therefore, its resistances and weaknesses are as follows:

  • It is  weak to Water, Rock, Earth and Grass.
  • It is very weak to Steel and Fighting .
  • It is resistant to Normal, Poison, Fairy and Flying.

The truth is that the combination they have made is a chestnut because Ice and Rock are some of the Pokémon Types with the most weaknesses in the game; Due to this, we can attack it with many different tricks, but it is best to opt for Steel Type or Fighting Type.

  • Bronzor/Bronzong : It has resistance to both Ice-Type and Rock-Type and apart from taking hits well, it will cover Avalugg’s weakness to Steel-Type (it’s also a very affordable Pokémon to get).
  • Croagunk/Toxicroak : We can find it both in the Crimson Pantanal and in the Ladera Corona ; this will provide us with powerful Fighting-Type attacks to defeat Lordly Avalugg without problems and also has resistances against both types of it.
  • Buizel/Floatzel : We’ve had this Pokémon practically from the beginning and it’s great to attack because Avalugg Señorial also has a weakness against the Water Type, although not as much as Steel or Fight. But we will still do a lot of damage to it and it also has resistance to the Ice Type.
  • Steelix : It is a very tough Pokémon and it hits quite well besides that with it we cover the weakness to the Steel Type and on top of that it is super resistant to the Rock Type. We can find a good Alpha specimen on the Corona Slope that will come in handy.

In any case, don’t get too complicated with the part of taking him down with a Pokémon because it’s really simple; yes, do not take Grass-Type or Ground-Type Pokémon because it can cost you the move.

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