April 15, 2024


The Sword of Favonius is perhaps the most well-known four-star weapon in all of Genshin Impact , as no player has been spared having multiple copies, and it’s usually one of the swords we have equipped at the start of the game.

Certainly it does not stand out for its Base Attack and it is so low that many people discard it as an option to equip, but as far as Energy Recharge is concerned, it is one of the best swords in this field.

There aren’t many character options that he can really perform on and his few options are dwarfed by other weapons like the Sword of Sacrifice; but do not worry that even so it is a weapon that can still be used and will help us recharge the Ultimate Abilities of our team.


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 41.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 454.

Within the four-star swords it is in one of the lowest positions in terms of Base Attack, it has the same as the Cinnabar Spindle and the Twin Amenoma Sword .

  • Energy Recharge Level 1: 13.3%.
  • Energy Recharge Level 90: 61.3%.

Its secondary stat will give the character we equip it to a total of 61.3% Energy Recharge which is what makes it stand out. Interestingly, the Sword of Sacrifice has the same Base Attack and Energy Recharge amount as the Sword of Favonius.

Its passive effect is as follows:

  • When dealing a Critical Hit, there is a 60% (100% at R5) chance to spawn small elemental particles that will regenerate 6 Elemental Energy ; this effect can only occur once every 12 seconds (every 6 seconds if R5).

This passive will come in handy for a character to perform their battery role much better to help recharge expensive ults for their teammates or themselves.

Although honestly, if you don’t have it in a very high or maximum refinement, then it’s not worth much, since after all, the interesting thing is to ensure the particles and be able to generate them as soon as possible.


In this case, we will need a character that fulfills the role of battery in our team, since we will mainly seek to enhance the effectiveness of this role by creating additional particles for our teammates.

Jean in Genshin Impact

It can be a good sword for our dear Jean , although certainly the Celestial Sharp Blade and the Amenoma Twin Sword are better options for her (but if you don’t have them, you can throw with this one).

Jean usually has a hard time recharging her Ultimate Ability if we haven’t raised her Energy Recharge enough and with this sword we can make up for this flaw, since a Healer who doesn’t have the cure ready in time is of little use to us. It can also come in handy if we take Jean as Xiao ‘s battery , since thanks to the particles we can create with Favonius’s Sword Passive Ability we can help charge his ult.

Xingchiu in Genshin Impact

I don’t see Xingchiu carrying another Energy Recharge weapon other than the Sword of Sacrifice, but in case we don’t have it we can equip the Sword of Favonius without any problem.

If our Xingchiu has a four-piece set of Emblem of Destiny equipped, we will greatly increase the damage it deals with its Ultimate Ability since the Sword of Favonius gives us a good amount of this stat; It will also help us recharge his Ultimate Ability, which has a fairly high Elemental Energy cost, and the particles generated with the weapon’s Passive Ability will help us with this.

Other characters that also take advantage of this sword:

  • Qiqi : It can become an option for her if we take her as a Healer and Battery of some Cryo character like Ayaka or Eula , also Qiqi’s own Ultimate Ability has an Elemental Energy cost of 80 points, so this sword will help her to have it ready faster.

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