April 14, 2024


” Something Irreplaceable ” is a 5-star Honkai Star Rail Cone of Light for characters on the Path of Destruction and the truth is that in my opinion it is a very good cone for the vast majority of characters on this path.

That Clara appears in the photo is no coincidence, because if there is a character who takes advantage of this Cone of Light above all the others… that is her. This is because despite having 100% passive buffs, the greatest potential of this cone is activated when the character in question is attacked. In case you don’t know Clara’s kit, her mechanics consist of being the one she takes the hits for Svarog to start dishing out firewood to those who have laid a hand on her human.

But of course, not only Clara can take advantage of it, so we’ll look at its effects in more detail below and all those characters that can take advantage of it besides her, who would be the best candidate.


Let’s start looking at its basic attributes, keep in mind that we will give you the data it has at level 80 (the maximum):

  • HP : 1164.
  • ATK : 635
  • DEF : 330

Now we go with the passive, which is what really interests us (taking into account that we do not make any Overlay, that is, in S1):

  • +24% ATK and when taking damage or eliminating an enemy we will heal 8% of ATK as Life and increase Damage by +24% until the end of his next turn (only 1 time per turn).

As you can see, it is a very interesting Cone of Light since, in addition to notably improving the character’s damage (due to the ATK and the extra damage when they hit us), it will also provide us with some additional survival, which is something that always comes in handy. It is quite common for characters in the path of Destruction to have effects of this style that make survival a little easier, something that is always appreciated.

In any case, it is true that the part of the passive that activates when we take damage could be wasted depending on the situation; specifically if the character carrying said Cone of Light is not hit. The normal thing is that they more or less hit all the characters, but of course, in the end it is a matter of chance except for battles against enemies that have area damage, which would be one of the best situations in which to equip this Cone to any road character to get the most out of it.


The truth is that it is a very good Cone of Light, so you could equip it to practically any character of the Way of Destruction and it would take very good advantage of it even in the event that due to bad luck it received almost no attacks during a battle , which is unlikely. Anyway and as always, we will highlight those characters that can make the most of it:

Clara on Honkai Star Rail

Clara is without a doubt the character that can best take advantage of this Cone of Light since its main mechanics consist of provoking enemies so that they hit her and Svarog is in charge of counterattacking those who dare to harm her human. favorite, so this character will be able to take full advantage of the passive that it provides us. As strange as she sounds (especially considering that she is from the Destruction track, not the Preservation track), she is a character who is interested in being the center of attention and being the one who receives the attacks.

In addition, Clara has a lot of damage reducers to be able to withstand incoming damage very well, so that would be another great point to equip her with Something Irreplaceable. But she remembers that you must accompany her with a Healer or Tank just in case.

In the face of other characters to whom you can equip it, what has been said, really any character on this route can take advantage of it; simply Clara, due to mechanics, is the most. Of course, it is not convenient for Arlan at all, since she is not interested in healing, it would be counterproductive for him. Let’s see the other characters then:

  • Physical Pathfinder : Both the ATK and the increased damage will come in handy despite not having a taunt mechanic (provocation) like Clara does; it is most likely that she will receive a hit and the effect will activate.
  • Hook : For exactly the same reasons as the Physical Pathfinder as both are relatively similar characters.

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