April 21, 2024


Today we will thoroughly analyze the Duel Spear , which for those who do not know, is the spear weapon of the Genshin Impact Battle Pass , weapons that precisely stand out because they are generally quite good.

And it is that having Critical Chance as a secondary stat is something that is very noticeable and is something that at least in 4-star weapons we do not usually see very often; in fact we only see it in the PB weapons, that the marketing or anything is not noticeable.

But hey, let’s not advance things, let’s go with its in-depth analysis and with the recommendations of characters that can take it to get a lot out of it. Let’s go there!


Let’s start by looking at its attributes:

  • Base Attack Level 1: 41.
  • Base Attack Level 90: 454.

We got off to a bad start because his Base Attack is the lowest value currently possible on a 4-star spear in Genshin Impact. It shares a spot in that regard with Dragon ‘s Bane and Dragonspine Spear. The good thing is that thanks to this we will obtain a rather beastly secondary stat, let’s go with that.

  • Critical Chance Level 1: 8%.
  • Critical Chance % Level 90: 36.8%.

Critical Chance is a welcome stat, and it’s not for nothing that we highly recommend weapons with Critical Chance or Critical Damage in builds! and on top of that 36.8% on a 4 star weapon is bullshit . With this alone, the Duel Spear earns a lot of points compared to its competing 4-star lances. Let’s go now with the passive.

The Passive Skill grants the following effect:

  • +24% Attack (+48% on R5) when facing a single enemy.
  • +16% Attack and +16% Defense (+32% in both cases at R5) if you face more than one enemy.

Very interesting passive since it is exaggeratedly passive (I mean, you don’t have to do anything at all, just be in combat) and that in R5 goes a long way. It is true that we only take advantage of the big Attack buff against bosses ( Regisvid Electro or Greenfeather Creeper for example; don’t let it be noticed that I’m at my best with Sumeru right now) or when we finish off the last enemy… but even having the other Attack bonus, the truth is that it is still good. Add that to his good Critical Chance and we have a perfect cocktail for a tremendous weapon.


The question should be… which character do I not put it on? Because yes, the Duel Spear is useful for practically all characters since it is good for Main DPS, for Support DPS as long as they benefit from the Attack and are not the typical ones who obtain more benefit from the Elemental Mastery and others (type Sucrose , which uses Catalyst , but is a good example).

Therefore, given that we have a very tough competitor for this spear ( The Capture ), I have decided to list as recommended those characters that do not take much advantage of that spear (mainly those that do not have a high Energy Recharge demand) and that therefore so it is preferable to put the Duel Spear on them; I will list all of them in “other recommended characters” below).

Rosaria in Genshin Impact

Rosaria is the best option because no character takes as much advantage of that good Critical Chance as she does, since the more she has of this stat, the more Critical Chance she will share with the entire group and therefore this spear scares her. Of course she will also take good advantage of that passive Attack% bonus.

Hu Tao in Genshin Impact

Hu Tao is another good candidate for the Duel Spear, obviously if you don’t have the Homa Staff. Mainly because of that juicy amount of Critical Chance. Regarding the Attack%, ​​she will get little use out of it because she has a negligible Base Attack (she is made to play with a lot of Life), but it is still a damage increase, only less. Remember that Dragon’s Bane is also a very good weapon for her.

Xiao in Genshin Impact

In the absence of the Jade Falcon, this is a tremendous option for him due to his Critical Chance and Attack %. In case anyone wonders why the capture isn’t useful to reload better and so on… well, because Xiao doesn’t take advantage of the Damage Bonuses on the Ulti, since the Ulti itself is buffing itself, it doesn’t do damage as such.

Other spearmen that can carry it (insert pretty much all spear characters from Genshin Impact not listed above):

  • Shogun Raiden : Better The Capture, but there is only one Capture.
  • Xiangling : The same as Raiden.
  • Zhongli : Very good option for him too. I have not added it to the most recommended characters because it has less damage, especially in its most common build, which is full support.
  • Thoma : It has low damage, but it’s still a good spear for him.

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