April 16, 2024


Iron is a material that we can farm very easily in New World and that only requires us to have a Mining Pick (even if it’s the crappy one from Silex). It is a very abundant resource in the game and also widely used.

Where we will use it the most will be in the Forge, especially to create Iron weapons and armor (which is class 2 equipment) but this material has many other uses in other professions since, after all, it is a metal and they will ask us for metal in many prescriptions.

The case, that in this guide I will explain in detail how to get Iron in New World and also all the uses it has. Let’s go there!


Let’s start by clarifying the prerequisites, those things that we need in order to get the Iron Ore :

  • First and obviously, we are going to need a Mining Pick, with one of Silex (the most crappy) will do, although when you collect some Iron it would be advisable to create an Iron Pick to speed things up a little more, which you will see will take time. yours in extracting the material and the Iron Pick will speed up the process somewhat; It won’t be a heart attack improvement either, but the difference is noticeable, plus this new peak lasts much longer than the Silex version, which is cool.
  • The level of Mining is not important because you can extract it even if you have this profession at zero.

Certainly it is quite easy to find the Iron Ore without the need to resort to the map with the location of all the objects that I already mentioned in the post about obtaining Hemp , so we will start with an orientation with which it will be very easy for you to find it in great abundance; Below we will leave the link of said page with the instructions for use so that it is easier to visualize the locations and others.

Anyway, go to the rocky mountains, since in most of them you will find a few Iron ores ready for you to take home. You’ll see how it won’t take too long to find some ore, it’s not like they’re everywhere, but there’s a considerable amount. In any case, what has been said, if for whatever reason you cannot find Iron in your area, follow the following instructions:

  • Go to https://www.newworld-map.com/
  • In the options menu on the left, select “Hide All”.
  • In the boxes below select “Cities and Others”, then select “Cities”.
  • Go to the search engine at the top and write “Iron” (Iron in English), a list will appear below, select “Iron Veil” and that’s it.

And to finish with this point, as always, if you do not find Iron in the marked area, first look carefully because as they appear in mountains and these have several levels of height, you may not be looking in the correct area (perhaps it is higher or below, you look very well); if you see that it doesn’t, maybe another player has already taken it, so better go to another area where it appears and so on.


The Iron Ore as such will not help us at all, we will have to create Iron Ingots . To create the Iron Ingots we will have to do the following:

  • We headed to a Foundry (there is in every major city, you know, the typical huge “furnace” typical of blacksmiths).
  • We select Iron Ingot, you will not need any level of the Foundry profession for this, but you will need that Foundry to be at least class 3 (that will depend on how advanced said city is and others). For every 4 Iron Ore we will get an Iron Ingot.

Another much less recommended way is a recipe that we will obtain at Foundry level 10 in which with 2x Steel Ingot and 3x Weak Solvent we can obtain 2 Iron Ingots; not recommended since Steel is a class 3 item, and Iron is only a class 2. Anyway, I guess if you have a lot of Steel left over and need a lot of Iron for some reason… it might become an option, but the The truth is that I would never do it.


Iron is a commodity used in multiple New World professions. We will focus this section based on the areas where each profession is carried out because it is much more practical that way (on the map of each city you will see the location of all of them).


Let’s start with the Forge, which is where we will be most asked for Iron as a primary element.

  • All Iron Melee Weapons and the Shield (class 2). Including rare weapons of that class.
  • All Iron Armor (class 2).


Let’s start with the Equipment Station. There are no items here that ask for Iron as a primary element, but they will ask for metals (just metals, you can put whatever you want) in many recipes and Iron could do the trick. Remember that in non-primary items we can put whatever we want, but the higher quality items will increase the team score that our item will get more.

  • Cloth Armor (Light) of all classes.
  • Leather Armor (Medium) of all classes.
  • Bags of all kinds.


In the Engineering Workshop:

  • Iron Musket (class 2).
  • Iron Cartridge (Musket Ammunition c2).
  • Iron Arrow (Bow Ammo c2).
  • All class 2 Gathering Tools except the Fishing Rod.
  • Lots of Furniture.
  • Hunter’s Long Weapon. A rare class 2 musket that requires 25 Engineering to craft.

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